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What is Organic?

Understanding “Organic”
Organic farming is a technique that uses renewable resources and conserves water and soil to enhance environmental quality. Organic foods are grown, processed and packaged without the use of any chemicals. This farming method strictly uses organic seeds, fertilizers, compost, root simulators and organic pest control. Food processing practices protect the integrity of the organic product and disallow irradiation, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or synthetic preservatives.
The biggest benefits of Organic food consumption include but are not limited to:

Benefits for your family
• Higher nutrient value compared to its non-organic counterparts. Hence you derive more out of your organic food intake than you would from non-organic foods.
• Your body’s immunity increases thereby helping you fight off infection.
• Rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers and also retains its nutrients for a longer period of time.
• Better tasting food instantly.
• Free of toxins and chemicals, therefore a great source of energy.
• It minimizes the risk of several health problems. The phenolic compounds present in certain organic foods provide increased health benefits such as increased anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties helping in cardio-vascular diseases and aids blood flow thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
• Consuming plenty of raw organic food acts as a proper remedy for the general improvement of health and aids improved digestion.

Benefits for the environment
• Organic farming meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
• Growing organically supports a biologically diverse, healthy environment.
• Organic farming practices help protect our water resources.
• Organic agriculture increases the land’s productivity.
• Supports small, independent family farms.
• Organic farmers are less reliant on non-renewable fossil fuels.
• Organic products meet stringent USDA standards (USA) or NOCA in India.
• Buying organic is a direct investment in the long-term future of our planet.
• Organic farmers preserve diversity of plant species.