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Our Facebook store is now live!


Now you can shop directly from our facebook page 🙂

The team at is thrilled to take our first step towards making eco-friendly living easy, accessible and affordable. Our Facebook store is now live, just in time for any last minute Diwali shopping.  We are privileged to launch this store with high quality products from Omved and Ecorico.

At this time, we’re starting with Mumbai and will be offering ‘cash on delivery’ for all orders within the city of Mumbai. As we gear up to launch our website we’ll be sure to ship all over India.

We’re making last minute Diwali shopping easy.  We can be reached on phone on 022-6555-5553 or by emailing your order and contact details to To order and pay directly through our Facebook store, here’s how to order:

Step 1. “Like” us on

Step 2. Click “Shop”

Click the bright orange shopping cart

Step 3: Click a product to view details and start shopping

Click a product to view details and start shopping.

Step 4 : Add your favorite items to the cart and check out.

Diwali shopping can truly be overwhelming. We’ll help you save those last minute crowded store trips so you can achieve more, out of the little time you have. We’re just getting started to get some great natural and organic products directly to your door-step.

Have fun shopping this Diwali for some great natural and organic products!  🙂

Author: Natural Mantra

About Natural Mantra: is an e-commerce portal that provides parents and eco-conscious shoppers with the widest selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products. We believe that everyone should have access to safe, healthy, eco-friendly products. It is here that you will find some really amazing earth-friendly products that are of the highest quality. More importantly, this is your one-stop-shop for sustainable products that come from passionate sellers for thoughtful shoppers like you. Our blog is aimed to provide our eco-conscious readers with all the information, support and tools they require to live a safer, healthier and sustainable natural lifestyle. Here, we will take you through an exciting and holistic world of pure, natural living. In good health and green living, Natural Mantra.

2 thoughts on “Our Facebook store is now live!

  1. Wow ! Congratulations ! Can’t wait to see you guys all over India.

    Mystickal blessings,


    • Hello Taantraa Cakes,

      Thank you..:) 🙂 🙂
      We can’t wait to spread the goodness of sustainable natural living everywhere.

      Sending across Mystickal bessings to you too 🙂

      from the team @NaturalMantra


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