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Beeswax Candles: The Healthy Way to Purify Your Home

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100% Beeswax candles actually cleans the air and helps reduce the pollutant and allergen load.

Candles are present in every home for several reasons. From the banal – power outage emergency to the more luxurious idea of creating the perfect ambience for a warm water bath, aromatherapy or a candle-lit dinner with a loved one. I was once gifted a candle by my grandmother because she said it would increase my concentration if I looked at its flame for a few minutes before commencing studies. Candles can light up the decor of any house in any colour. They add warmth, cosiness and create an ambience that’s tranquil and soothes the mind.

Today, there are several varieties of candles available in the market. But the healthiest one available as scientific testing has shown over the years, are the candles made out of 100% beeswax.

So, what is beeswax?

Beeswax is a 100% natural, healthy, non-toxic wax produced by bees to make their hives after having pollinated millions of flowers over their life. Thus the natural goodness of flora that the bees put together over a lifetime is what makes up beeswax. Bees pollinate flowers. A bee uses this pollen secured from flowers and combined with its own secretions make wax. This wax is used to then cover the honey comb.

Choose Beeswax Candles and *Bee Cool*?

Burning a beeswax candle is actually healthy for your home. It cleanses the air since it emits negative ions upon burning. It burns without producing fumes. It is completely non-toxic and it has a soothing subtle scent of honey that is pleasing to the senses. Beeswax candles help in preventing allergies caused by the smoke of regular candles.

100% beeswax candles are a natural remedy to allergy, sinus, and asthma relief.  People with allergies, sinus problems, and asthma have reported improvement in their symptoms, breathing better and sleeping better after burning the 100 percent beeswax candles in their bedrooms for three to four hours before bedtime.

Some more reasons to *Bee cool*:

Although scientists still don’t know all the intricacies of the complex molecules in beeswax, there’s at least a some explanation for the healthful action of burning beeswax candles. According to entomologist Bill Reno, burning beeswax produces negative ions.  Negative ions are nature’s air purifiers, cleaning the air of dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. Moreover, the light emitted by them is consistent with the light from the sun’s spectrum and burn brighter than regular paraffin wax candles. They not only emit a brighter light but also burn at a cooler temperature!

Beeswax candles may appear to be pricier[i] because its supply is limited. Furthermore, for every 10 pounds of honey produced by a bee, only one pound of wax is obtained. On the brighter side, beeswax candles actually burn longer and drip less, leading to savings over time.

However, the biggest investment benefit is your health and the health of your family because beeswax has such multiple positive facets that bring clean, pure, natural energy into your home.

Why NOT paraffin candles?

Paraffin is procured as a by-product of the petroleum industry. Ergo, the fumes they emit upon burning are akin to those of fossil fuels used in vehicles. Imagine filling your house with vehicular exhaust when you light a paraffin candle. Moreover, a lot of aromatherapy candles use artificial fragrances mixed with paraffin which make the fumes doubly toxic and carcinogenic because artificial fragrances are harmful for us. The light emitted by paraffin candles is a dull yellow like sodium-vapour lamps. They also tend to stain the surfaces of objects with soot upon burning which ruins home decor in the long run.

Precautions to be taken before buying beeswax candles:

Beeswax is a natural and non-toxic substance. But while investing in beeswax candles, remember to ensure that they are 100% beeswax. Often, beeswax consists only 51% of the product to make it a certifiable beeswax candle. But it also means that 49% can be paraffin or other chemicals like artificial fragrances that are harmful pollutants. So insist on 100% beeswax with natural fragrances.

Our suggestion:

100% Beeswax Tea-Light Candles

If you want to try beeswax candles to make your house a healthy, clean and toxin free environment for your family, but you are unsure if you would want to go for a regular candle because of not-so-regular usage, try using the convenient tea-lights instead. Tea-lights are miniature candles about an inch in diameter and half an inch tall. Beeswax tea-lights burn for up to 3 hours.

For those who have used beeswax candles in the past and felt the difference, there are various regular size candles available in the market today.

For those who wish to cleanse their home on a regular or even daily basis, the large-glass candles make for a healthy, non-toxic purifier.

The aromas of beeswax candles are wonderfully subtle and for me, that’s the bit I love most. Of course, the cleansed air adds to my calmness to appreciate that subtlety. While there are several natural fragrances that are available today, one of my favourites is the cinnamon flavoured beeswax candle. It has the natural sweet smell of honey and the wax and the spicy earthy smell of cinnamon.


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About the Author : Ankita Gujar 

Ankita is a graduate in Sociology and Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The environmental movement has always interested her ever since she was introduced to the water cycle in the 3rd standard. She loves to travel and experience new cultures. At age 21, she first got a taste of “pristine” nature when she backpacked across the Scottish Highlands and she wants her kids to be able to experience that when they grow up to earn their trip across the world. She is also a teacher of languages – English and French. She hopes to make people aware of the advantages of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle because she wants to be able to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin when she gets the courage to pet the tiger and gets out of the house to exercise regularly at the pool in her locality and learns to swim…which is going to probably be around 5 decades from today. So help her to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin. Go Green.

[i] Only 17000 to 29000 tonnes of beeswax is obtained annually all over the world according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) of the United Nations.

Image Courtesy : Google and Crawford Market Candles.

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