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Some iced coffee please……

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For a coffee lover like me summer days are difficult for hot coffee . How about some iced coffee?! My new found recipe for my love of coffee 🙂

Iced coffee is made in different ways. Personally I like using pure coffee decoction rather than an instant one.  A lot of cafes use cream and ice-cream to enhance taste. I have found most of them lacking in basic coffee flavour. Did you know that using a good coffee powder and easily available ingredients in your kitchen, can help you make that “perfect iced coffee”!

There are two ways of making the coffee decoction –

  1. To soak coffee powder with water, overnight and strain it the next day.
  2. Make the decoction first in the percolator and allow it to cool. Once cooled, let it stand for couple of hours in the fridge. You can also use your left over decoction from the previous day.

When I follow the first option, I find that it is not only flavored but also the simplest way of making iced coffee without the use of gas or even a blender. The only important thing apart from coffee is to stock up lots and lots of ice.

Makes 4 glasses & Vegan

50gms of coffee powder

100-150ml cold water

lots of ice cubes

milk, condensed milk or soy milk and sugar as per taste

Soak coffee powder with water in a container.  Close and allow it to stand in a cool place at room temperature for eight hours or overnight.

Strain the coffee liquid the next day. Discard ground.

Fill ice cubes till the top of a tall glass. Pour 2/3 of the glass with coffee decoction. Add 3-4tbs of plain milk or condensed milk. Add sugar as per your taste. Mix well and adjust sugar or milk accordingly. Serve immediately chilled.

Natural Mantra has got a good range of organic coffee, which can be purchased online.


Who am I?
My name is Megha from ‘i2cook’. Yup I’m the one who makes peanut butter and other organic products. You can buy my products online. I’m a guest author on Natural Mantra and will be posting all things healthy. I don’t mind being assertive when it comes to talking about all things healthy/organic that are good for you. Feel free to share your thoughts. There’s always room for a little improvement…..what say ;)

Author: i2cook

i2cook Organic Foods LLP is a company formed in 2014 at Bangalore to create and promote organic food products that are both healthy and tasty!

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