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Jackfruit – a wonder fruit & a recipe

Jackfruit is known as the wonder fruit because of it’s numerous uses and benefits.  Jackfruit was once, the staple food of Coorg, when paddy was not sufficient  for consumption. Jackfruit trees are commonly seen in Coorg, to provide shade to cardamom or black pepper. The coffee plantations, bordering forest areas face the problem of elephant menace due to their fondness for the fruit. In order to avoid the menace of animals, many farmers started removing immature fruits and throwing them, leading to wastage. Due to this, the department of agriculture in Bangalore has initiated ‘Jackruit Mela’ to bring together all the farmers and build awareness.

In Kerala, no fertilizer is applied and  it also has the potential to be identified as one of the promising fruits grown organically. Although there is large number of indigenous varieties of the fruit grown in the state, systematic documentation regarding the varieties is yet to be done.

The various uses of the fruit is achieved by harvesting  at different stages of maturity and converting them into various products like chips, burfee, candies, bars, halwa, peda, papads and so on. The pulp is used to flavour ice-cream and drinks or can be canned and used when not in season. The seeds can be eaten boiled, or added in curries or pulav. In south, jackfruit kebabs are made out of young or not ripe fruit which tastes like chicken and is a good substitute for non-meat eaters. Jackfruit’s wood is used to make music instruments like veena and drums mridangam. It is widely used in furniture, door and window construction and commonly used for roof construction in Coorg.

Jackfruit can be a difficult fruit to deal with and thus sometimes is neglected. The best way to deal with the fruit is to oil your hands and knife before cutting.  My personal favourite combination is jackfruit and jaggery. It is not only healthy but has a rustic taste. Jackfruit kheer or payasam is commonly prepared in Kerala, known as Chakka pradhaman. The dish is traditionally prepared in an ‘urli’.

Ingredients for kheer or payasam:

8-10 pieces jackfruit, de-seeded, chopped and washed

1/2 cup jaggery

milk or coconut milk or coconut cream

a pinch of cardamon powder

1tbs mixed cashew & raisins

1tsp ghee for roasting nuts

Pressure cook the jackfruit. Once cool, grind the boiled fruit to achieve a fine pulp.
Heat the pulp with jaggery on medium flame.
Bring it to a boil. Add milk and bring it to a light boil.
Turn off the stove and flavour it with cardamon and garnished with some dried nuts.
Serve hot or cold. I personally prefer it cold or chilled. Serves 4.

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How to participate in the ‘My Message For Mom’ Contest?

With just a little over a week left for Mother’s Day, we’re all searching for the perfect gift for our mom.  Natural Mantra offers a variety of non-toxic, high quality gifting options for mom, from bath & body products to home decor, green cleaning, delicious natural and organic food products and a lot more.

Moms make our lives SO special, standing beside us every step or the way.  This time we want to make Mother’s Day truly special for every mom we know. To make this possible, we’re providing a platform for everyone to share a message for their moms (or a mom from your friend’s circle).  Loving the thought already? Read on to know how you can participate.

This contest is open to our Facebook fans onlyTo participate you must “Like” the page first. Follow these 3 easy steps to enter the contest.

Step 1: Visit the ‘Mother’s Day Special‘ page on

Click the “Gifts” Menu and select “MothersDay” to go to the page from where you can select the product of your choice.

Please note: For the purpose of this contest, only products on the Mother’s Day page will qualify as gifts that can be shared. The price of the product cannot exceed Rs. 500.  Please refer to the rules for participation

Step 2:  As you hover on the “Share this product” button a menu will pop up. Select “Facebook”  and you are ready to share on your profile.

For the entry to be valid you must share from the product page on your own wall, and TAG our page — “@NaturalMantra

Step 3:  TAG us so we can find you.  This is crucial. Add a message and click ‘Share link’. That’s it!

Our team will go through the nominations and select 2 winners basis the most creative entry we received.

A Handy Tip :

Share more and boost your chances: This contest is about the celebration of Motherhood.  Reach out to all the moms you know… maybe a friend, your sister, a neighbour, a co-worker, or someone who is a Mom-to-Be? Go ahead nominate them right away.  Select a gift and take this chance to tell them how special they are.  Go ahead and tag them. The more you share the more you increase your chances to win.  More importantly you’re taking the step to make their day special instantly.

For the fine print.  Please click to read the rules & regulations. Contest ends May 8th, 2012 midnight. This contest is open to the residents of India, who are registered fans of Natural Mantra on Facebook.

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