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5 Easy-To-Do DIY Ideas for Diwali

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The ‘festival of lights’ is just around the corner and we will soon be busy preparing our homes for the festivities to come! While we shuffle between work, home, kids and the multitude of chores, why not involve our little ones in the festive spirit?

Try these fun and easy DIY ideas with your children, spend some quality time with them and what more, you can also save some money on home decorations while you are at it!

1. Table Lantern

Get some old glasses, wrap them in tissue paper and secure tissue paper with tape. Make sure the colored paper is taller and wider than the glass measurement. Fold the coloured paper in half and make cuts along the fold. Wrap it around the glass with the fold with cuts protruding outwards. Before pasting the coloured paper, let your kids design it with paint or glitter to make it even more fun for them! Now, just place a lit candle inside the glass and you will have a soft festive glow around the house. Our beautiful Tea Light Lamps work the same magic.

2. Door Hanging

Cut some red coloured felt into mango leaf shapes, as many as you need to cover the width of your door way, and the red felt into the same number of small heart shapes. Paste the heart-shaped cutouts on the mango-leaf shaped ones. Border the green hearts with glitter and glue a sequin in the centre. The traditional betel leaf and nut is symbolized here! Turn over the red cutouts and fold a small section of the rectangular top such that you can slip a string through them & secure it to your doorway! Makes for a warm and festive welcome! Don’t forget to stock up on incense and room fresheners to add the welcoming touch!

3. Kundan Rangoli

Your kids are sure to enjoy this and you will save time and effort in making a traditional rangoli! Take a thick transparent sheet of plastic (please do not buy a sheet, instead, find a plastic wrapper on one of your newly bought items, for example) and cut out a 12”x12” square. Apply glue in a desired design and apply kundan stones or sequins over it. Do this is parts so that the glue does not dry. You can also make these in smaller sizes and designs which can be rearranged. This is a no-mess rangoli which can be reused anytime. What more? It’s extremely simple for kids to make!

4. Diya and Thali Set

Take an old plate and some diyas. Decorate the diyas with sparkes or sequins in an intricate design and bright, festive colours. Similarly, design the plate in intricate, traditional motifs. Once dry, glue the diyas in place around the plate’s inner edge. It makes for a beautiful pooja thali and can also be used as a coffee table centre piece. Also, a fun activity for kids and a money-saver for you! For the pooja ceremony, the Kansa Pooja Set made of pure bronze is a more traditional choice.

5. Homemade Diwali Card

Fold an A4 size colored paper in half. Get some textured paper or fabric, cut it in a size a bit smaller than the front of the card and glue it in place. Cut 3 diyas from different types of paper and flames from yellow or gold paper and glue them on the card. You can also ask the kids to embellish the cards with sparkles or sequins! It is such a quick fun activity and makes for a very personal and lovely gift from the kids, especially to their grandparents! If your kids simply love craft, they will be thrilled to receive these Activity Kits as Diwali gifts!

Hope you enjoy making some of these with your kids, decorating your home and preparing it to welcome the festive occasion. We would love see some pictures and hear ideas on how we can make our homes even more joyous and welcoming! Do join us on Pinterest for more DIY ideas!


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