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Omved Organic Bamboo tees


Omved Onesie’s was the first organic clothing that I picked up for my lil’ nephew who was then barely two months old. I was not very sure how his skin would react, so I played it safe. A month later, I went armed with all the onesies that Omved had for babies because my nephew was so comfortable in it! I also ended up buying tees for my twins and yoga pants.

They do have a line of tees for adults also, but unfortunately none that could fit me 😦 So everyone in my house, except me now own Omved clothing! The tees are super soft to the touch and these are one of the most comfortable clothing that I could find for my boys. One drawback is that the tees are very limited. You may just get one or two varied patterns. They have at least half a dozen…

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