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Farmer’s Market Season IV at Andheri, Mumbai

A banner at the Farmers Market Mumbai

I am super excited and more importantly relieved to have the Farmer’s Market move to the suburbs. If you live this side of town like I do and you love the organic lifestyle this is a market you just can’t miss. Kavita Mukhi has been consistently creating a great forum to help organic farmers, retailers (like us) and customers to come together.

As founder of Natural Mantra I can’t tell you how important it is to interact, talk, ask questions, debate and be convinced that there is no better choice that going the organic way.  Honestly there is no other way to believe.  I speak to customers everyday new and loyalists. Every conversation is similar yet unique, most of which end with either a purchase or more questions. Conversations do help but when you truly experience these magical products it’s then that you start believing. It is forums like the Farmer’s Market that give you the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and experience the true difference between commercial products that add toxic chemicals to our lives slowly everyday over many products that we consume.  Like I always say, if we can’t eliminate toxins let’s reduce them!

Quite like my past glimpses of the Farmers Market, this post is my first one in 2013. We participated at the Andheri west Farmer’s market right opposite to the 7 bungalows bus depot. This location is conveniently placed and very easy to find.  We’re going to be here a few more times before this season ends.  Catch the glimpse from my lens this year.. and tell me what you think…I’m all ears to hear your experience, doubts, questions…let’s…discuss and more importantly take a step forward and challenge the lazy Sunday morning with some organic energy… Trust me it’s very worth it!

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The first of our customers to get the ‘Surprise’ Gift 🙂 That’s me in blue 🙂


These red rice idlis were truly delicious…apart from being organic and healthy.


More conversations, explaining benefits of the healthy organic lifestyle…I love what I do!

If you haven’t been to any of the Farmers Market in Mumbai, pick the one thats most convenient and head there this Sunday…

North Mumbai

Avinash Towers, Andheri (W)
Opp 7 Bungalows Bus Depot
January 27, 2013 to March 24, 2013

Central Mumbai

Nakshatra Van at Maharashtra Nature Park
October 7, 2012 to March 24, 2013
( All Sundays except Dec 23 & Dec 30,2012 )

Do note the Farmers Market closes on Mar 24, 2013 else you’ll have to wait till Oct to attend the next season… Join us this Sunday we’ll be there at Andheri again 🙂 I look forward to meet you.


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Disclaimer:  The views expressed are that of the author alone based on my personal experience at the market.  

About the author: Tina is the mother of a beautiful, curious 5 year old girl. After having lived in San Jose, California, USA for over 5 years, she returned to India to start She strives hard to reduce, reuse and buy products that are natural, organic and more importantly sustainable.  She has worked in India’s leading advertising & digital agencies and is also a professional children’s photographer. She truly believes that every small step matters and helps us support the movement towards a sustainable future for our planet. Write to her