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Have you Broken Up with your Make Up yet?

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ImageDear lover of healthy, happy skin!

You must have realized by now that the chemicals used in cosmetics are damaging your skin and body.  Do get over your past relationship with harmful cosmetics immediately. And don’t delay, now is the time. Act now!

Recent studies have shown that chemical usage in cosmetics is increasing every day! And to make matters worse, cosmetics manufacturers don’t disclose the chemical ingredients of their products, citing trademark confidentiality!

These companies keep you in the dark and they apparently are very ‘shy’ to disclose their secret ingredients. Let us expose the truth, the secret ingredient is chemical X and here, X = limitless harmful chemicals! So it does not really matter what chemicals are used in your make up products, they are all harmful to your skin. But there is a safe, natural way to healthy, glowing skin.

In India, women have traditionally used many age-old natural products for skin and beauty care:

  1. Coconut Oil: You must’ve heard of those expensive anti-ageing products, but do you know that common coconut oil has great age defying properties?! It penetrates through the skin, prevents wrinkles and is also full of anti-bacterial elements!
  2. Lemon and milk: Conditioners are meant to make your hair smooth, soft and shiny, but do you know that the toxic ingredients in conditioners can damage your hair and result in breakage! The natural alternative for a conditioner is the combination of lemon and milk which keeps your hair silky and nourishes your scalp to make for a healthier head of hair.
  3. Turmeric and curd: There’s no chemical available which can cleanse your skin better than turmeric and curd paste. The curd washes away all the dirt in your skin and turmeric gives a glowing effect to it.
  4. Fruit facial: Fruits such as papaya and banana are great for your skin! Applying papaya on your face makes your skin clear, while banana paste can cure sun burn pretty effectively!

Natural Mantra products incorporate organic & natural materials in a wide range of very effective natural and organic alternatives to cosmetics. You can click here to browse through them on our website, and take your pick.

Before we sign off, all we would like to say is that it’s never too late to rectify the damage that has been done to your skin already. Go natural and stay that way forever!

Do tell us if you found the information above interesting and useful!

Best wishes.
Team Natural Mantra


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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