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Bid an eco-farewell to Lord Ganesha this year

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Say ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya,

Ya Varshi Eco-Visarjan Ghya!’

Many of us welcome Lord Ganesha in our homes every year. For the days that He stays with us, we observe strict rules and make sure that our revered guest gets all our attention, best of food and a pure and clean environment.

Then comes the day of Visarjan! Every small bit of detail that we take care of and every way we protect the Ganesha idol…all of it just disappears in the noise and water pollution that we cause.

When we chant – Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya, do you think Lord Ganesha would really want to come back to a world so polluted and a visarjan so chaotic?

That is the bad part. The good part is that we can change it, starting from this year.

The first step in this direction would be to choose an eco-friendly Ganesha idol. . The idols made from clay, stone, metal or bio-degradable materials like coconut can be immersed in a bucket of water at home. This way, we don’t pollute the water or create traffic, thus restricting noise and air pollution. You can buy it from Natural Mantra

Even when you want to give Ganesha a traditional farewell, idols made of clay dissolve in water soon after immersion; but idols made of non-biodegradable POP don’t dissolve. This leaves parts of our revered deity strewn on the shores or floating in the water.

That is not all; here are a few more reasons:



-Regular Ganesha idols in the market are made from Plaster of Paris which takes several months to dissolve. In the process, it poisons the water bodies that the idols are immersed in.
-The chemical paints used to decorate the Ganesh idol contain mercury, lead, cadmium and carbon. This increases the acidity and heavy metal content in water.
-The Ganesha Idols that are carelessly dumped in water bodies block the natural flow of water which results in stagnation and breeding of harmful pests and mosquitoes.
-The polluted water causes skin diseases to people who come in contact with it.
-It also kills the marine life and damages the eco-system.
-The same polluted water often finds its way to your tap without being treated.

Be a responsible citizen and an ardent devotee by choosing an eco-friendly Ganesha Idol from Natural Mantra for an eco-friendly visarjan! This way, we don’t pollute the water or create traffic, thus restricting noise and air pollution.


-Do not immerse any plastic waste along with your Ganesha Idol made from clay and natural colors.

-Opt for a symbolic immersion.

-Avoid using thermocol and plastic decorations.
-Alternatively sprinkle water on the Ganesha Idol instead of immersing it in the main water bodies of the city.
-You can also immerse the Ganesha Idol in a bucket of water and then use it to water the plants.
-If you want a cost-effective as well as eco-friendly option, get yourself a Ganesha Idol made from stone or metal which you can re-use every year.
Take the first step by ordering an eco-friendly Ganesha Idol from Natural Mantra!




Along with the idol, there are several accessories used during the worship which are collectively referred to as ‘nirmalya’. These include flowers, fruits, coconuts, cloth, incense, camphor etc. Further, many people create elaborate temples out of thermocol to houwe their idols. Until some years ago, all these were also immersed along with the idols. 

In Pune, the municipal corporation has successfully convinced people not to immerse the ‘nirmalya’ into the water. Instead, they have installed large bins shaped as traditional pots or ‘kalashes’ to receive this nirmalya. While this is a good first step, the appropriate management of the nirmalya is still crucial considering the volumes that are collected every year.

Create a world where Lord Ganesha will be pleased to visit over and over again. Lets strive together to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav this year. Ganpati Bappa Morya!


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