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Look your best at the New Year bash!
It’s time to bid adieu to 2013 and welcome 2014 with a big bang! Whether you decide to party the night away or plan a quiet dinner with family and friends, New Year’s Eve needs to be special in every way – including how you look and here’s how to get it! Check out these amazing tips for you to make heads turn at the New Year Bash:

1. What to eat
First thing’s first – let’s get rid of the extra flab you put on due to all the Christmas food you had been feasting on! At least two days before the party, increase your work out by at least 20 mins each day. Along with that, cut down on salt intake so that there’s no excess water retention in the body which might give you a bloated tummy. Go easy on carbs and include an extra bowl of salad in the meals to compensate.

2. What to drink
Drink a lot of warm water and cups and cups of green tea – a great detox for your body. For a glowing skin, have carrots and apple juice. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and apples will give you the much needed natural pink blush. And yes, stay away from alcohol.

3. What to apply on skin
Remove all the dead skin with a natural face scrub. Do not try anything new on your face just before the party but apply what works best for your skin. Papaya pulp, orange peel scrub, lemon juice with honey, multani mitti with rose water, Neem facepack, curd, tomato juice, tamarind pulp, sandal face pack, nut meg paste – whatever your skin loves, pamper it with that. However, if your skin is not sensitive, you can mix and match any of these and see the difference!

4. What to apply on hair
Two days before the party, give your hair a dose of hydration with some warm coconut and almond oil massage. Leave it over night and put juice of one lemon all over the hair 30 mins before taking a bath. Wash how you normally shampoo your hair. If lemon is not something you want to use, you can also expose your hair to some steam with a mini-steamer at home before taking a bath. And there you have it – instant hair spa at home!

5. Fix your eyes
Make your puffy eyes and dark circles vanish with brewed green–tea bags. Place the cooled tea bags on your eyes for 10 mins to let go of the tired eyes.

6. Fix your face
To lighten pimple blemishes, rub in some tea tree oil on the affected area. You can also try lavender oil for the same. It will dry away the blemish and regenerate the skin.

Most important of all, stay calm and sleep well. It will show on your face and enliven your look naturally!

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We wish you a healthy Christmas !!

Merry Christmas FB cover photoChristmas on a healthy note..
What’s Christmas without some scrumptious food to go with the silver bells and gift boxes? When friends and family are home for a get-together, you want to spend more time with them and less in the kitchen and at the same time serve something as special as Christmas itself. Let’s explore some easy-to-make, healthy Christmas recipes made of natural and nutritious ingredients, to take your festivity to a whole new level of merriment.

Red & Green Salad
You will need:
2 red apples – thinly sliced
2 pears – thinly sliced
Ginger – thinly sliced
Seeds of 1 pomegranate
2 tsp of cinnamon powder
Juice of half Orange
3 tsp of honey
1 tsp lemon juice
Directions: Dash the chopped fruits with lemon juice to prevent browning. Mix rest of the ingredients to form a sauce and pour over the fruits. Mix well and serve! It’s the most refreshing, healthy dish you will have this Christmas.

Mixed Flour Christmas Cake
Well, we all know how ‘all purpose flour’ or maida is not good for health. But that does not mean that we have to stay away from cakes and pastries this festive season!
Here’s a quick cake recipe with all the healthy flours that you can imagine. Aren’t you already excited about making this (and having it too?).
You will need:
1. 2 & 1/2 cups flour (a mix of wheat, jowar, bajra, nachni, etc)
2. 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
3. 1 tsp baking powder
4. ½ tsp salt
5. 250gms sugar
6. 5tsp ghee/unsalted butter
7. 1 tsp vanilla essence
8. 1 cup warm milk

Directions: Mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, salt in a bowl. Add warm milk and mix well. Add vanilla essence and ghee/butter and beat with a blender till all the lumps dissolve. Add nuts as per your taste and bake in the oven at 350ºF/180ºC for about half an hour or in a microwave at 650 MW for 8 mins.

You have the healthiest Christmas cake ever – indulge guilt free.

Coconut Chickpea

This one’s a filling dish that is tasty and nutritious at the same time.

You will need:

1. Chickpea – 500 gms
2. Grated coconut
3. Green chilies
4. Lemon juice
5. Salt
6. Pepper
7. Parsley for garnishing

Directions: Boil overnight soaked chickpea until it is sufficiently cooked. Drain the water and mix with grated coconut, lemon juice, finely chopped chilies, salt and some pepper. Garnish with parsley!

Now this one you can’t resist – simple to make, healthy to eat and yummy to the taste buds!

Gooseberry Apple Mocktail
Here’s a surprise delight that is rich in vitamins.
You will need:
1. 5 gooseberries
2. Gooseberry crush
3. 2 apples
4. Honey
5. Salt
6. Pepper
Directions: Squash gooseberries, chopped apples and 2 cups of water in a blender and churn till smooth. Strain the liquid and mix with honey and salt. Add some pepper to taste.
Serve with apple pieces and you have a healthy punch for a healthy high!

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Give yourself a fresh new make-over with Natural Products!!

grooming and style tips web bannerSustainable Fashion – Err..What’s that?!

Well, well! This is the biggest question of them all! Why, at all, should you choose clothes and accessories that are of eco-friendly make over the rest?

Well, we are not the only ones talking about it. If you must know, in 2012, Copenhagen hosted the world’s largest summit on sustainable fashion with over 1000 key stakeholders attending it. The agenda: how to make the fashion industry more sustainable? Isn’t that just awesome? It only means that more and more industries (apart from food, cosmetics, et al) are going back to the roots.
You must wonder why so much hoopla over that wonderful, colorful, crease resistant, (non organic) cotton shirt of yours? Hear it here: 25% of the world’s insecticides /pesticides are used in growing cotton and over 8000 chemicals are used to transform raw material into textiles. All these chemicals, pesticides and insecticides are sitting on the clothes you so dearly adore.
Check out these facts for more reasons to turn to sustainable fashion as a practice and not an exception!
1. Dyes: Many dyes used in coloring your clothes are (no prizes for guessing) carcinogenic. Well, you often wonder how people acquire cancer? This could be one of the reasons. These toxic substances, when used on clothes, not only harm your body but also harm the environment when they are washed and drained into the water.

2. ‘Crease free’ spells more danger: Fabrics that claim to be free of creasing actually use more chemicals (of course!). Formaldehyde is a toxic substance that is used to treat the fabric before it can be called ‘crease free’.

3. Pollution: Factories where the fabrics are processed are toxic entities that are harming the workers’ health, health of the society in general and the environment. What do you think is the way to end this? By saying ‘no’ to toxicity! Is that difficult? Yes. Can we attempt to do it? The answer is, well, yes again!

4. Wools are dangerous too: In the production of wool, the sheep are exposed to a large number of toxic chemicals such as malathion and permethrin that not only harm them but also affect the farmer’s nervous system. Isn’t that absolutely cruel? These chemicals directly or indirectly affect us as well, since they get into water, air, food chain, etc

Know the difference!
A piece of clothing that claims to be made of ‘organic cotton’ is different from those which are labeled ‘organic garment’. The reason being that the former might use ‘organic cotton fabric’ along with non-eco friendly buttons, zips, chains, other fabrics, etc; while the latter is completely organic.

Burst the myth!
It’s not just cotton that can be organic. Other fabrics such as hemp, linen, jute, wool, wild silk (raw/tussah, etc), can be organic too. So you have enough choices to pick from!

By Definition

Eco fashion not only includes organic textiles but also accessories that have been made with eco-sensitivity. These accessories are made of recycled wood, seeds, coconut, bamboo fibers, vegetable ivory, wool, etc.

So, go ahead; wrap yourself up in some chic organic clothing and accessories to go with. It’s time to go bonkers on sustainable fashion.

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Smart grooming tips for a complete woman!

grooming and style tips web bannerGlamorous, chic, natural!

They are right when they say that beauty is skin deep. But a little blush on the cheeks, a slight smoke in the eyes and some shimmer on the lips don’t hurt, do they?
Let’s find out what’s it like to be eco-sensitive and glamorous at the same time. So go natural on your skin and here’s how you can do it!
1. Lips

Any makeup is incomplete without a dash of color on the lips. Most lipsticks are high on lead content which you want to avoid. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go colorless. No way! Stock up a few basic shades of organic lipsticks which are essentially made of cow-ghee and essential butters. They last longer, stay on your lips longer and nourish your lips while you are looking your pretty self!

Are you still pondering over a lip color that suits you best? Well, here’s something to help you can decide:

If you have a fair complexion; go for peach, mocha or nude shades. For wheat-ish complexion, copper colors work wonders. For those with dusky or dark complexion, subtle brown or burgundy looks great. A safe way to decide is to choose a lip color that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin color. That way, you will never go wrong.

Tip: Apply a natural, non greasy lip balm on your lips before applying the lipstick. This will give your lips a charming texture.

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2. Cheeks

What’s makeup without some touch-up on those cheeks? Aim for an even tone complexion with a natural foundation that consists of essential oils, clarified butter and along with natural waxes that protect your skin while making it blemish free. Apply it all over your face and neck in small spots and then evenly spread it out in a circular motion. And there you have it – a perfectly lit up face that is ready to make heads turn.

Tip: Cleanse your face with a natural face wash and let it soak in your favorite moisturizer. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then apply foundation. This will help you put the foundation evenly and smoothly.

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3. Eyes

They say the eyes say it all. Make sure yours say the right thing! Since eyes are so sensitive and invaluable, they need to be protected from any sort of harm that chemical products can cause. Thus, say no to unsafe eye makeup. Go for a colored kohl / kajal that is made of natural ingredients. Choose a color that goes with your over all look. You want your eyes to look expressive but not gaudy. For a day-time look, stick to a black or brown shade; for an evening or night occasion, you are allowed to be a little wild and match it up with your attire. A shimmering blue or a dash of sea green can add volumes to what your eyes might want to say that night 😉

TIP: If you are going for a loud color on your lips, keep your eye makeup minimal and vice versa. You call for disaster by over doing both at the same time.

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4. Fragrance

What’s glam without some fragrance that defines your personality? Well, do just that! Go for essential oil-based fragrances that speak of your spirit. As a popular saying goes, you look more attractive when you smell good. And well, we couldn’t agree more.

So go for a funky Cypress or a sensuous citrus fragrance, a romantic floral or a sweet vanilla, a fruity grapefruit or quite simply, everyday wear lavender! You have one for all tastes, moods and settings. Choose from mild, soothing, average and strong fragrances that suit you. Some of these fragrances, since they are linked with aromatherapy, can even enhance your mood and of those around you. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Tip: You could add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a bucket of warm water and take a bath with that. Nothing is as refreshing as that!

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Hello winter, bye-bye winter problems!

blogWe had earlier posted some amazing winter skin care tips to make your skin glow and nourished this season. But just having an enviable skin is not enough, right? Let’s explore some winter care tips for your lovely lips, beautiful eyes, happy feet, smooth hands and naughty nails!

Are you ready to get irresistible this winter? If yes, read on!

1.       Lips

Come winter and you have chapped lips that constantly need your attention. The first and foremost necessity in this case is to drink enough water to keep your lips hydrated. But that alone would not suffice. Pick a lip balm that is made of nourishing oils, honey, glycerin, etc. If you are looking for a homemade option, mix a few drops of lemon juice with a few drops of honey and castor oils. Apply this paste once every day and it will not only smoothen out your lips but also give them their original pink shade! Now that’s a magic tip, isn’t it?

Apply only cow-ghee based lip sticks that contain honey. Chemical based lipsticks cause a lot of harm to your otherwise luscious lips.

 2.       Eyes

Surprise, surprise! Sun glasses are not just for summers. Use them when stepping out during the day even in winter months. The idea is to prevent excessive dryness in the eyes due to the climatic conditions. If not sun glasses, try covering your eyes with a hat, scarf or hood.  If eyes still feel dry or irritable, the good ol’ rose water comes to the rescue! Dab it in a cotton patch and put on your eyes. Make sure you use a natural rose water which is free of artificial rose essence.

Always go for natural kajal (kohl) made of almond oil and free of lead and parabens. This goes a long way in keep your eyes naturally healthy.

 3.       Feet

Winter = cracked heels? Well, not anymore! The best way to keep your feet free of cracking is to wear socks for as much time during the day as you can. After the morning bath, put a good nourishing oils based moisturizer on your entire feet and lock it up with a pair of cotton or wool socks. Nourishing oils such as that of coconut, olive or castor can be directly massaged into your feet if moisturizers are not enough.  Doing this, there’s no chance that you would get cracked heels. If you get frost bite, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes right before you go to bed.

 4.       Hands

Who doesn’t love hot, steamy showers during winter? The answer: your skin. And why not, excessive hot showering results in dryer skin for your hands too! Thus, limit the duration of hot baths and also avoid washing hands over and over during winter season. Massage in a good nourishing oils based moisturizer into your hands before going to bed so that your hands can stay supple through the next day. Here’s a secret tip: mix some sugar into your moisturizer and scrub this mixture on your hands till sugar dissolves.  Now wash off your hands, rub in your regular moisturizer and there you have it – hands so soft that nobody would want to let go 😉

 5.       Nails

Hands and nails literally go, well, hand-in hand. The best way to keep your nails looking nice and shiny is to apply olive oil on them before going to bed. Massage gently on and around the nails so that the oil is sufficiently absorbed. Also, scrub a lemon peel on your nails once every 10 days to keep them from getting discolored. It helps to avoid nail polishes that have alcohol in them as they tend to dehydrate your nails. If you are planning to wash dishes or clothes, the harsh detergents can over dry your hands and nails. Hence, make sure you follow it up with enough pampering of your cuticles.

Note: Nourishing oils based moisturizer implies lotions that contain any or all of the these ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, etc.

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6 Nifty Tips for Winter Vacation Happiness

blogTips for skin/hair & health care while on vacation

It’s that time of the year again when you want to take a break from the usual and indulge in some quality family time. Don’t you agree that Christmassy spirit touches everyone alike? It’s time to pack the bags, explore a new place or go back to the family-favourite annual holiday destination! While the mind loves a break from the usual, the body detests it as much! And rightly so, in this dry weather, one can’t afford to overlook the need for extra nourishment and care that the physical self demands.

Wondering how would you maintain the look and general well being of your skin, hair and body, while you’re on the go? We will tell you how! It’s simple, practical and essential. Here are a few must-do’s during travelling to keep you glowing

1.     Consider the climate of the place where you are travelling

 Going to colder climates and not carrying a heavy moisturizer is a recipe for disaster! If you don’t know how the weather will be at your travel destination, go online and read up! It makes sense to stock up on appropriate lotions such as sun screen (You can’t go sun bathing without one!), foot care (dry heals – ouch!), face and hands! So depending on hot, humid, rainy or dry – keep the lotions that suit you the best!

As for your hair, apart from your regular hair care regime, carry something that helps you recover from sun-and-sea damage, adventure sports, etc. Why not apply an ‘extra’ hydrating shampoo or conditioner when you are going to have some ‘extra’ fun! By the way, nothing works better than soaking your hair in nourishing coconut or almond oil over night. The tresses love those massages!

If you are not planning to be too adventurous in the outdoor, wear a hat! Nothing saves the day like a good hat that protects your hair and skin from excessive sun exposure, you’d agree.

2.     Mind your stomach!

 Holiday time directly translates to binge eating (and drinking!) time. First things first – keep yourself hydrated at all times. Fruit juices, lemon juice and water will see you though that! It might be practical to keep a Bisphenol A  free water bottle handy and fill it up with a liquid of your choice (no, not alcoholic drinks!). Lemon juice also helps in digestion – so count on it in case you sense something wrong with your stomach. Apart from that, a digestive pill can come to your rescue in a moment of tummy-disaster. What’s more, a happy stomach keeps your skin happy too!

If you have had one too many alcoholic drinks the previous night, wake up and have green tea / lemon tea with honey, follow it up with a light breakfast and you should be good to go!

3.   Avoid touching your face

Don’t be surprised. You really have to avoid touching your face, literally! All the public places are full of bacteria and germs which you invariably pick up in your hands while travelling, using public wash rooms, restaurants, tourist places, et al. Just carry natural paper soap or a medicated sanitizer before you touch your face, eyes or before you eat something.

4.     Soothe your skin

 Despite being careful and sensitive to your skin’s needs, you may be surprised with a skin inflammation / allergy from an unknown source. A cooling, natural Aloe Vera gel that suits you comes in handy in such situations. Apply on the affected areas immediately when you begin to feel the discomfort. Alternately, you could softly rub ice on your skin. This keeps the skin firm and fresh if used otherwise too! Natural rose water can also be applied directly on the affected area. Rose water not only soothes skin and eyes, it can also be used as a wonderful mixer for face packs.

5.     Essential Oils

 Natural perfumes based on essential oils are your secret ingredient to always feeling fresh (and attractive!). Carry a small roll-on of essential oil perfume and dab it on your pulse points whenever necessary. You will be surprised at how convenient they are to use and carry, plus everyone loves that exotic aroma. Most preferred essential oil fragrances are Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Jasmine, Sandal and Rose. Go pick one and let others wonder what’s making you smell so amazing!

6.    Must-carry

Make a list of things that are necessary for your daily skin and hair care regime. Your daily after-bath lotion, your night crème/gel, hair conditioner, shampoo, etc.

Also carry citronella oil to apply on skin to keep mosquitoes, fleas away (Mosquitoes can potentially be a major spoilsport!), herbal massage oil to relieve muscle pain or joint pain, eucalyptus essential oil to sooth a congested chest or nasal passage. If you start coughing, gulp down some honey to get instant and permanent relief. Also keep a natural lip moisturizer handy (chapped lips are a big turn off).

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond This Winter !!

NM winter care web bannerWinter Season
Like any other season, winter has its own charms. Seasonal fruits, warm soups, foggy mornings, cozy days and even cozier nights make winter a unique experience. It is also the time when your cheeks look a shade pinker and, thanks to increased metabolism, you can indulge in some binge eating too.
However, the low temperature brings with it dryness, possible ill-health and the need to wear heavy jerseys and jackets that can play a spoilsport to an otherwise perfect season. Nothing ruins a Christmas and New Year break like problematic health and body.
With simple pro-active measures, you can beat all the seasonal blues and bloom like a winter flower. In this 5 part series, we will explore how you can best take care of your skin, hair, nails & lips, feet & hands and health in general – naturally.
Skin Care During Winter
Your skin is your biggest organ and also the most visible one too! When the temperature falls, the skin starts to respond in an unpleasant way. It might turn itchy, flaky and look dry and stretchy. With these simple measures below, you can get rid of these skin-problems and welcome winter with open arms!
1. Coconut Oil

It’s the sure shot way of getting a perfectly moisturized skin during winter. It keeps skin soft and supple and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial properties so it keeps away infections too. It heals the skin and makes it look more even toned and healthy. Just take a few drops of pure coconut oil and massage gently on your face and body before going to bed. Move fingers in circular motion till the oil is sufficiently absorbed by the skin. Wake up to a fresh, younger looking skin!
2. Olive Oil

It can also be called a wonder-oil, given that it cures so many skin problems. Olive oil should be applied right after a shower when the skin is still a little damp and chances of relishing a perfectly moisturized skin all through the day is high. No scratchy, stretchy, flaky skin patches as long as you have Olive Oil by your side! It is also a great blemish remover, so soak it up for a skin that glows. TIP: Use only the extra virgin olive oil so you could apply only the purest form of this oil, without any adulterants.

3. Yogurt
Give your bathing bars a break this winter as they could cause extra skin dryness and, instead, go for natural bathing ingredients. Yogurt is a great skin cleanser and moisturizer which gives you a glowing skin that needs very little maintenance. Apply yogurt on your body and face and let it dry. Wash off with luke-warm water. Alternately, you could mix gram flour (besan), lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in yogurt and cover yourself up in it. Rub gently and let it dry before rinsing it. With all these wonderful ingredients, your skin is bound to get a natural blush!
4. Almond Oil
If you’re aiming for a feather soft skin this winter, almond oil is your magic potion. Apart from making the skin smooth and attractive, almond oil also improves complexion, giving it a natural glow while diminishing all the marks, soreness and skin irritation. Apply a few drops on your face before going to bed and see the difference. You could also soak almonds overnight and make a smooth paste of it the next morning. Apply this paste as a face pack and wash when dry. Trust us, it works wonders!

5. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is the ultimate skincare ingredient for all seasons. Especially during winter it helps to not just apply the gel on to the skin but also to drink it. Drinking Aloe Vera juice during winter keeps your skin well hydrated at all times, keeping it more elastic. You could also mix pure Aloe gel with Olive Oil and massage it unto your skin to reduce dark spots and keep it glowing during the dry weather. Alternately, mix Aloe Gel with soaked almonds paste and use as a face pack to keep it moisturized and younger-looking.

6. Honey
Honey is a great skin polisher. Skin becomes radiant when treated with honey. Mix honey with rose water and apply on skin as a face pack to keep it naturally moisturized and even toned. Mix honey with curd and get super soft skin that feels like silk. Get lightened skin tone by applying a face pack of honey mixed with grinded carrots and you have a magically glowing skin like never before.

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Say goodbye to winter skin problems. It’s time to shine like a diamond.

Also we would be glad to know if you have any other smart homegrown or natural tips that you personally employ to care for your skin during winters, feel free to voice them out in our comments section below. It’s always great hearing you. 