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Shine Bright Like A Diamond This Winter !!

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NM winter care web bannerWinter Season
Like any other season, winter has its own charms. Seasonal fruits, warm soups, foggy mornings, cozy days and even cozier nights make winter a unique experience. It is also the time when your cheeks look a shade pinker and, thanks to increased metabolism, you can indulge in some binge eating too.
However, the low temperature brings with it dryness, possible ill-health and the need to wear heavy jerseys and jackets that can play a spoilsport to an otherwise perfect season. Nothing ruins a Christmas and New Year break like problematic health and body.
With simple pro-active measures, you can beat all the seasonal blues and bloom like a winter flower. In this 5 part series, we will explore how you can best take care of your skin, hair, nails & lips, feet & hands and health in general – naturally.
Skin Care During Winter
Your skin is your biggest organ and also the most visible one too! When the temperature falls, the skin starts to respond in an unpleasant way. It might turn itchy, flaky and look dry and stretchy. With these simple measures below, you can get rid of these skin-problems and welcome winter with open arms!
1. Coconut Oil

It’s the sure shot way of getting a perfectly moisturized skin during winter. It keeps skin soft and supple and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial properties so it keeps away infections too. It heals the skin and makes it look more even toned and healthy. Just take a few drops of pure coconut oil and massage gently on your face and body before going to bed. Move fingers in circular motion till the oil is sufficiently absorbed by the skin. Wake up to a fresh, younger looking skin!
2. Olive Oil

It can also be called a wonder-oil, given that it cures so many skin problems. Olive oil should be applied right after a shower when the skin is still a little damp and chances of relishing a perfectly moisturized skin all through the day is high. No scratchy, stretchy, flaky skin patches as long as you have Olive Oil by your side! It is also a great blemish remover, so soak it up for a skin that glows. TIP: Use only the extra virgin olive oil so you could apply only the purest form of this oil, without any adulterants.

3. Yogurt
Give your bathing bars a break this winter as they could cause extra skin dryness and, instead, go for natural bathing ingredients. Yogurt is a great skin cleanser and moisturizer which gives you a glowing skin that needs very little maintenance. Apply yogurt on your body and face and let it dry. Wash off with luke-warm water. Alternately, you could mix gram flour (besan), lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in yogurt and cover yourself up in it. Rub gently and let it dry before rinsing it. With all these wonderful ingredients, your skin is bound to get a natural blush!
4. Almond Oil
If you’re aiming for a feather soft skin this winter, almond oil is your magic potion. Apart from making the skin smooth and attractive, almond oil also improves complexion, giving it a natural glow while diminishing all the marks, soreness and skin irritation. Apply a few drops on your face before going to bed and see the difference. You could also soak almonds overnight and make a smooth paste of it the next morning. Apply this paste as a face pack and wash when dry. Trust us, it works wonders!

5. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is the ultimate skincare ingredient for all seasons. Especially during winter it helps to not just apply the gel on to the skin but also to drink it. Drinking Aloe Vera juice during winter keeps your skin well hydrated at all times, keeping it more elastic. You could also mix pure Aloe gel with Olive Oil and massage it unto your skin to reduce dark spots and keep it glowing during the dry weather. Alternately, mix Aloe Gel with soaked almonds paste and use as a face pack to keep it moisturized and younger-looking.

6. Honey
Honey is a great skin polisher. Skin becomes radiant when treated with honey. Mix honey with rose water and apply on skin as a face pack to keep it naturally moisturized and even toned. Mix honey with curd and get super soft skin that feels like silk. Get lightened skin tone by applying a face pack of honey mixed with grinded carrots and you have a magically glowing skin like never before.

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Say goodbye to winter skin problems. It’s time to shine like a diamond.

Also we would be glad to know if you have any other smart homegrown or natural tips that you personally employ to care for your skin during winters, feel free to voice them out in our comments section below. It’s always great hearing you. 

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