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6 Nifty Tips for Winter Vacation Happiness

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blogTips for skin/hair & health care while on vacation

It’s that time of the year again when you want to take a break from the usual and indulge in some quality family time. Don’t you agree that Christmassy spirit touches everyone alike? It’s time to pack the bags, explore a new place or go back to the family-favourite annual holiday destination! While the mind loves a break from the usual, the body detests it as much! And rightly so, in this dry weather, one can’t afford to overlook the need for extra nourishment and care that the physical self demands.

Wondering how would you maintain the look and general well being of your skin, hair and body, while you’re on the go? We will tell you how! It’s simple, practical and essential. Here are a few must-do’s during travelling to keep you glowing

1.     Consider the climate of the place where you are travelling

 Going to colder climates and not carrying a heavy moisturizer is a recipe for disaster! If you don’t know how the weather will be at your travel destination, go online and read up! It makes sense to stock up on appropriate lotions such as sun screen (You can’t go sun bathing without one!), foot care (dry heals – ouch!), face and hands! So depending on hot, humid, rainy or dry – keep the lotions that suit you the best!

As for your hair, apart from your regular hair care regime, carry something that helps you recover from sun-and-sea damage, adventure sports, etc. Why not apply an ‘extra’ hydrating shampoo or conditioner when you are going to have some ‘extra’ fun! By the way, nothing works better than soaking your hair in nourishing coconut or almond oil over night. The tresses love those massages!

If you are not planning to be too adventurous in the outdoor, wear a hat! Nothing saves the day like a good hat that protects your hair and skin from excessive sun exposure, you’d agree.

2.     Mind your stomach!

 Holiday time directly translates to binge eating (and drinking!) time. First things first – keep yourself hydrated at all times. Fruit juices, lemon juice and water will see you though that! It might be practical to keep a Bisphenol A  free water bottle handy and fill it up with a liquid of your choice (no, not alcoholic drinks!). Lemon juice also helps in digestion – so count on it in case you sense something wrong with your stomach. Apart from that, a digestive pill can come to your rescue in a moment of tummy-disaster. What’s more, a happy stomach keeps your skin happy too!

If you have had one too many alcoholic drinks the previous night, wake up and have green tea / lemon tea with honey, follow it up with a light breakfast and you should be good to go!

3.   Avoid touching your face

Don’t be surprised. You really have to avoid touching your face, literally! All the public places are full of bacteria and germs which you invariably pick up in your hands while travelling, using public wash rooms, restaurants, tourist places, et al. Just carry natural paper soap or a medicated sanitizer before you touch your face, eyes or before you eat something.

4.     Soothe your skin

 Despite being careful and sensitive to your skin’s needs, you may be surprised with a skin inflammation / allergy from an unknown source. A cooling, natural Aloe Vera gel that suits you comes in handy in such situations. Apply on the affected areas immediately when you begin to feel the discomfort. Alternately, you could softly rub ice on your skin. This keeps the skin firm and fresh if used otherwise too! Natural rose water can also be applied directly on the affected area. Rose water not only soothes skin and eyes, it can also be used as a wonderful mixer for face packs.

5.     Essential Oils

 Natural perfumes based on essential oils are your secret ingredient to always feeling fresh (and attractive!). Carry a small roll-on of essential oil perfume and dab it on your pulse points whenever necessary. You will be surprised at how convenient they are to use and carry, plus everyone loves that exotic aroma. Most preferred essential oil fragrances are Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Jasmine, Sandal and Rose. Go pick one and let others wonder what’s making you smell so amazing!

6.    Must-carry

Make a list of things that are necessary for your daily skin and hair care regime. Your daily after-bath lotion, your night crème/gel, hair conditioner, shampoo, etc.

Also carry citronella oil to apply on skin to keep mosquitoes, fleas away (Mosquitoes can potentially be a major spoilsport!), herbal massage oil to relieve muscle pain or joint pain, eucalyptus essential oil to sooth a congested chest or nasal passage. If you start coughing, gulp down some honey to get instant and permanent relief. Also keep a natural lip moisturizer handy (chapped lips are a big turn off).

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

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