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Hello winter, bye-bye winter problems!

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blogWe had earlier posted some amazing winter skin care tips to make your skin glow and nourished this season. But just having an enviable skin is not enough, right? Let’s explore some winter care tips for your lovely lips, beautiful eyes, happy feet, smooth hands and naughty nails!

Are you ready to get irresistible this winter? If yes, read on!

1.       Lips

Come winter and you have chapped lips that constantly need your attention. The first and foremost necessity in this case is to drink enough water to keep your lips hydrated. But that alone would not suffice. Pick a lip balm that is made of nourishing oils, honey, glycerin, etc. If you are looking for a homemade option, mix a few drops of lemon juice with a few drops of honey and castor oils. Apply this paste once every day and it will not only smoothen out your lips but also give them their original pink shade! Now that’s a magic tip, isn’t it?

Apply only cow-ghee based lip sticks that contain honey. Chemical based lipsticks cause a lot of harm to your otherwise luscious lips.

 2.       Eyes

Surprise, surprise! Sun glasses are not just for summers. Use them when stepping out during the day even in winter months. The idea is to prevent excessive dryness in the eyes due to the climatic conditions. If not sun glasses, try covering your eyes with a hat, scarf or hood.  If eyes still feel dry or irritable, the good ol’ rose water comes to the rescue! Dab it in a cotton patch and put on your eyes. Make sure you use a natural rose water which is free of artificial rose essence.

Always go for natural kajal (kohl) made of almond oil and free of lead and parabens. This goes a long way in keep your eyes naturally healthy.

 3.       Feet

Winter = cracked heels? Well, not anymore! The best way to keep your feet free of cracking is to wear socks for as much time during the day as you can. After the morning bath, put a good nourishing oils based moisturizer on your entire feet and lock it up with a pair of cotton or wool socks. Nourishing oils such as that of coconut, olive or castor can be directly massaged into your feet if moisturizers are not enough.  Doing this, there’s no chance that you would get cracked heels. If you get frost bite, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes right before you go to bed.

 4.       Hands

Who doesn’t love hot, steamy showers during winter? The answer: your skin. And why not, excessive hot showering results in dryer skin for your hands too! Thus, limit the duration of hot baths and also avoid washing hands over and over during winter season. Massage in a good nourishing oils based moisturizer into your hands before going to bed so that your hands can stay supple through the next day. Here’s a secret tip: mix some sugar into your moisturizer and scrub this mixture on your hands till sugar dissolves.  Now wash off your hands, rub in your regular moisturizer and there you have it – hands so soft that nobody would want to let go 😉

 5.       Nails

Hands and nails literally go, well, hand-in hand. The best way to keep your nails looking nice and shiny is to apply olive oil on them before going to bed. Massage gently on and around the nails so that the oil is sufficiently absorbed. Also, scrub a lemon peel on your nails once every 10 days to keep them from getting discolored. It helps to avoid nail polishes that have alcohol in them as they tend to dehydrate your nails. If you are planning to wash dishes or clothes, the harsh detergents can over dry your hands and nails. Hence, make sure you follow it up with enough pampering of your cuticles.

Note: Nourishing oils based moisturizer implies lotions that contain any or all of the these ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, etc.

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