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grooming and style tips web bannerSustainable Fashion – Err..What’s that?!

Well, well! This is the biggest question of them all! Why, at all, should you choose clothes and accessories that are of eco-friendly make over the rest?

Well, we are not the only ones talking about it. If you must know, in 2012, Copenhagen hosted the world’s largest summit on sustainable fashion with over 1000 key stakeholders attending it. The agenda: how to make the fashion industry more sustainable? Isn’t that just awesome? It only means that more and more industries (apart from food, cosmetics, et al) are going back to the roots.
You must wonder why so much hoopla over that wonderful, colorful, crease resistant, (non organic) cotton shirt of yours? Hear it here: 25% of the world’s insecticides /pesticides are used in growing cotton and over 8000 chemicals are used to transform raw material into textiles. All these chemicals, pesticides and insecticides are sitting on the clothes you so dearly adore.
Check out these facts for more reasons to turn to sustainable fashion as a practice and not an exception!
1. Dyes: Many dyes used in coloring your clothes are (no prizes for guessing) carcinogenic. Well, you often wonder how people acquire cancer? This could be one of the reasons. These toxic substances, when used on clothes, not only harm your body but also harm the environment when they are washed and drained into the water.

2. ‘Crease free’ spells more danger: Fabrics that claim to be free of creasing actually use more chemicals (of course!). Formaldehyde is a toxic substance that is used to treat the fabric before it can be called ‘crease free’.

3. Pollution: Factories where the fabrics are processed are toxic entities that are harming the workers’ health, health of the society in general and the environment. What do you think is the way to end this? By saying ‘no’ to toxicity! Is that difficult? Yes. Can we attempt to do it? The answer is, well, yes again!

4. Wools are dangerous too: In the production of wool, the sheep are exposed to a large number of toxic chemicals such as malathion and permethrin that not only harm them but also affect the farmer’s nervous system. Isn’t that absolutely cruel? These chemicals directly or indirectly affect us as well, since they get into water, air, food chain, etc

Know the difference!
A piece of clothing that claims to be made of ‘organic cotton’ is different from those which are labeled ‘organic garment’. The reason being that the former might use ‘organic cotton fabric’ along with non-eco friendly buttons, zips, chains, other fabrics, etc; while the latter is completely organic.

Burst the myth!
It’s not just cotton that can be organic. Other fabrics such as hemp, linen, jute, wool, wild silk (raw/tussah, etc), can be organic too. So you have enough choices to pick from!

By Definition

Eco fashion not only includes organic textiles but also accessories that have been made with eco-sensitivity. These accessories are made of recycled wood, seeds, coconut, bamboo fibers, vegetable ivory, wool, etc.

So, go ahead; wrap yourself up in some chic organic clothing and accessories to go with. It’s time to go bonkers on sustainable fashion.

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