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Look your best at the New Year bash!
It’s time to bid adieu to 2013 and welcome 2014 with a big bang! Whether you decide to party the night away or plan a quiet dinner with family and friends, New Year’s Eve needs to be special in every way – including how you look and here’s how to get it! Check out these amazing tips for you to make heads turn at the New Year Bash:

1. What to eat
First thing’s first – let’s get rid of the extra flab you put on due to all the Christmas food you had been feasting on! At least two days before the party, increase your work out by at least 20 mins each day. Along with that, cut down on salt intake so that there’s no excess water retention in the body which might give you a bloated tummy. Go easy on carbs and include an extra bowl of salad in the meals to compensate.

2. What to drink
Drink a lot of warm water and cups and cups of green tea – a great detox for your body. For a glowing skin, have carrots and apple juice. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and apples will give you the much needed natural pink blush. And yes, stay away from alcohol.

3. What to apply on skin
Remove all the dead skin with a natural face scrub. Do not try anything new on your face just before the party but apply what works best for your skin. Papaya pulp, orange peel scrub, lemon juice with honey, multani mitti with rose water, Neem facepack, curd, tomato juice, tamarind pulp, sandal face pack, nut meg paste – whatever your skin loves, pamper it with that. However, if your skin is not sensitive, you can mix and match any of these and see the difference!

4. What to apply on hair
Two days before the party, give your hair a dose of hydration with some warm coconut and almond oil massage. Leave it over night and put juice of one lemon all over the hair 30 mins before taking a bath. Wash how you normally shampoo your hair. If lemon is not something you want to use, you can also expose your hair to some steam with a mini-steamer at home before taking a bath. And there you have it – instant hair spa at home!

5. Fix your eyes
Make your puffy eyes and dark circles vanish with brewed green–tea bags. Place the cooled tea bags on your eyes for 10 mins to let go of the tired eyes.

6. Fix your face
To lighten pimple blemishes, rub in some tea tree oil on the affected area. You can also try lavender oil for the same. It will dry away the blemish and regenerate the skin.

Most important of all, stay calm and sleep well. It will show on your face and enliven your look naturally!

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