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Natural & Simple Tips For Hair Loss !!


How to prevent hair fall naturally !!

Hair woes? We have all been there! It’s just the most annoying thing when you lose hair everyday and there seems to be nothing that prevents it. Well, worry not! We have found the best remedies for hair fall and we are here to share them with you!

Are you ready to let your manes get long, strong, and smooth minus the hair fall? Read on!

1.       Juice them up!

Believe it or not, but certain herbal juices work great for your hair. Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice is good for your hair. So let your scalp soak in any of these juices overnight and see the effect. Use only one juice at a time. Onion juice in particular not only prevents hair fall but also boosts growth.

2.       Coconut

And we don’t mean the oil. We are referring to Coconut milk that you should apply on your hair and scalp to give them a lot of nourishing and tissue repair. Just grate a coconut, squeeze the milk out of it and massage through your head just as you would apply oil.

3.       Neem

We have all heard about the numerous benefits of neem for the skin.  Welll, it’s great for your hair too! Boil neem leaves in water for as long as the water becomes half in quantity. This way, the water will extract all the essentials from the leaves. Let this water cool down and then rinse your hair with this water. Repeat this once in 20 days or so. See the magic!

4.       Gooseberries

Amla or gooseberries have a high nutrient level. Heat pure coconut oil with some dried amla till the oil becomes dark in color. Cool it down and massge through your hair normally. Your hair will thank you for this nourishing treatment.

5.       Head Massage

Massages increase the blood circulation. Go for a good hair massage at least once a week. You can use any of these oils: jojoba, amla, coconut, mustard, etc. Make the oil luke warm before massaging it into your hair. You can even use a herbal or Ayurvedic hair oil with all the essential herbs. Regular oil massages keep your hair healthy, nourished and free of hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, etc.

6.       Henna treatment

Henna is a great natural hair conditioner. You can either mix it with water and apply as a hair pack or just rub some dry henna powder on your scalp. Make sure you choose only pure and authentic henna.

7.       Smile please!

No remedy will work if you are stressed. Hence, relax, rejuvenate and stay happy to look and feel good. Eat healthy food that’s free of excessive oil and have fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet. Lots of proteins help too.

These are some of the best ways to prevent hair fall and boost hair growth. So go ahead and let your hair do all the talking!


Natural & Simple Home Beauty Tips!!


Beauty tips for face

Who doesn’t like to be pretty? Don’t bothering answering that question; it’s as rhetorical as anything can ever be! We all religiously follow our daily face care regime but a few beauty tips to enhance your beauty are always welcome aren’t they?

In this post we will explore some very simple beauty tips that you can use without much effort but at the same time these will be very effective. Are you ready to glow a little more?

Beauty tips for dry skin

Hydration is the key! Yogurt, honey, olive oil are what you need to keep your skin looking its best. Mix honey with olive oil or honey with yogurt and apply on your face and wash off when it gets dry. Olive oil regulates the sebum, while honey keeps the skin moisturized. Yogurt makes your skin smooth and soft!

A great tip is to have a banana (it has vitamin A that keeps your skin nourished and moisturized) and rub the insides of the peel on your face. Leave it on till it dries and wash off. If you are not too keen on eating the banana, just mash it up with some honey and apply on the face for an instant glow!

Use a good nourishing oils based moisturizer to keep it hydrated on a busy day when you don’t have time for something extra! Avoid very hot water to wash your face and that will keep the dryness in check to some extent. And lastly, have loads of water each day to keep your skin hydrated.

Beauty tips for oily skin

Scrubbing is great for oily skin! You can use a good scrub at least twice a week to get rid of the excess sebum. This will considerably reduce pimples, blackheads, et al. Lemon, fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti), Aloe Vera gel are are best bets. Squeeze a lemon and extract all the juice. Mix it with some water and apply all over the face. If it suits you, you can use just lemon juice as well. This is the simplest beauty care for oily skin. Make a smooth paste of multani mitti and rose water and apply on your face. Let it dry and then wash it off. It will give you a perfectly glowing skin. Store pure Aloe Vera gel in refrigerator and apply a thick layer on your face and wash off after 15 to 20 mins. This works really well for oily skin! All these tricks will help you maintain a fresh, oily free skin.

Beauty tips for normal skin

You are blessed if you have a normal skin type. Gram flour based face packs, milk, soap nuts are what your skin loves! Mix gram flour with curd, a pinch of turmeric and lemon juice, apply this paste as a face pack and wash off once it’s dry. You can also apply a coat of fresh (un-boiled) milk and apply a thin layer on your face. Once dry, rub it out with your fingers instead of washing it off. This will cleanse your face and give it a visible glow. Soak some soap nuts in water over night and scrub the soap nuts on your face in the morning. This will remove the tan, dull skin and make your skin clean and healthy.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to glow!
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Maternity Care & Yoga


Being physically fit and active during pregnancy is essential as it helps you to adjust to the mental, emotional and physical changes in yourself. Yoga can help you stay in shape after the delivery of your baby and can even reduce the physical effect of having a baby on your body.

However, just as you need to plan your pregnancy, you need to plan for your body to adapt to the changes that come along with it; which means, that, it is advisable you start practicing Yoga months before you plan to have a baby if you are already not practicing it. Simply put, if you take up Yoga for the first time after you are pregnant, it might be too strenuous for your body and it may not respond too well to it.

Yoga also helps you maintain mental and emotional stability which means you can do away with mood swings to a large extent if you are practicing Yoga.

Just about 30 minutes of Yoga during pregnancy can do wonders for you! Don’t believe us? Find out here

1.       Breathing Exercises

No surprises there! Breathing exercises have a calming effect on mind and body. It brings your body in sync, improves the flow of oxygen to the body and the baby as well as helps in effective elimination of body waste. Deep breathing, for example, improves blood circulation as well as calms your mind, relieving it of stress and tension. Over all, breathing exercises are great for you and your baby. It is best to learn these exercises from trained practitioner so as to extract the maximum benefit without any negative effects.

2.       Parvat Asan (Mountain Pose)

This simple Yoga pose is beneficial in relieving back ache. Just sit straight and raise your arms above your head in the Namaste position, keeping your elbows straight. Hold the position for a few seconds and bring your hands down. Repeat this 2-3 times. Make sure you inhale when you take your hands up and exhale when you bring them down.

3.       Bhadrasan (Butterfly Pose)

This is another simple Yoga-asan that helps you strengthen the pelvic region and inner thighs. Sit straight and spread your legs. Now form a Namastey position with your feet and keep your hands on your thighs. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then straighten your legs again. Repeat this 2-3 times.

4.         Vajrasan

This asan will prepare your body to bear the extra weight of the baby during pregnancy. It also helps in smooth bowel movement and digestion. It’s a simple asan. Sit in a kneeling position with your toes touching each other and your heels apart. Sit down in such a way that your bottom rests on your feet. Sit in this position after lunch or dinner for as long as you feel comfortable and then come back to the normal sitting position. You can increase the duration gradually.

It is advisable that you practice Yoga positions during pregnancy after consulting a Yoga teach who can guide you better based on your body type and specific requirement.

Along with Yoga, which takes care of your physical, mental and emotional needs; there are certain things you can do to take care of your beauty and appearance.

Go for suitable essential oils to massage gently on your tummy that will relieve you of scars, pigmentation and stretch marks. It will also keep your skin free of itching and dryness, making it smooth and supple.

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Blessed by Mother Nature. Raised by you.

are your feeding chemicals to your baby web banner
Nurtured With The Tender Care Of Nature

Now that we are well aware of the hazards of using chemical based products on our skin and in our day to life, it’s only natural that we want natural alternatives for children too. And why not! Children are at a higher risk of acquiring physical disorders if exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances.
The good news is that there are enough eco-alternatives available for children that come to the rescue. The commercial products that are pushed into the market ‘create’ a need instead of fulfilling one. Hence, you see a lot of chemical based products in the market that you grew up without but they seem necessary for your child! Are these products really necessary for your child’s upbringing? No! Are they in some way counterproductive? Yes!
Let’s find out some of the eco-alternatives for children and how you can save yours from the hazards of chemicals and unnecessary toxins.

1. Bath & Body:
There are a plethora of options available for a child’s personal care. These options are organic, natural, chemical free, preservative free and sometimes even fragrance free. Most of these products are made of organic or natural oils which keep your child’s skin and hair soft and nourished naturally. This means, you don’t necessarily have to apply lotion at all times, in all seasons.

2. Skin Nourishment:
Your baby’s skin requires regular massaging with oil. While most of the baby massage oils available are made of ‘mineral oil’ which is just a petroleum by-product and not nourishing, there are many organic oils available that are a concoction of all the nourishing oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. If you do not wish to buy, that’s also fine. You can simple use virgin or pure coconut oil or olive oil as well. There are even oil based lotions available that will help you keep baby’s knees and palms soft and smooth even as they crawl on them through the day.

3. Diaper Rash:
Every new mom will face this problem more than once. The easiest way out seems to be coating your baby’s diaper area in talcum powder. But that’s not what you should do! In fact, just take some pure coconut oil that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and gently massage on the affected area such that it gets absorbed in the skin. Put on some lose cotton wear on the baby. The rashes will visibly reduce after just a couple of applications.

4. First Food:
If you are too unsure of giving your baby food from the kitchen, buy organic food supplements that can be fed to the baby. These supplements are nutritious and free of unnecessary elements that come packed in the commercial baby foods.

5. Organic Clothing:
Let your child’s skin breathe free with clothes that are free of toxic chemical dyes, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Buy organic clothing that is soft and airy. You can prevent skin rashes by using organic clothes for your baby.
Thus, it’s now easy to give your child a natural, eco friendly upbringing right from the beginning.

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Benefits of Ayurveda in your Day to Day Life

ayurveda banner
Ayurveda is the oldest medical system that has been followed and practiced in India since 5000 years. It is known to have a holistic effect on the body as it influences the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect of one’s well being. Have you ever wondered how you can include Ayurveda in your day-to-day life and prevent ailments before they strike you? Well, let’s find out!
Ayurveda is not just intake of Ayurvedic medicines once the diseases sets in but it’s a way of life. It is a lifestyle that one can easily adapt to in order to be healthier and happier.

1. Waking Up
The basic Ayurvedic mantra is to be in sync with the nature. Hence, waking up at dawn helps the body to absorb all the positive and physical energy you need to stay active throughout the day. Notice how lethargic you feel when you sleep till late – it also prevents you from performing to the best of your potential at everything you do. Compare this to waking up early morning, indulging in a good workout or a walk outside that lets you soak in fresh morning air followed by a good breakfast – such a day has a lot of potential.

2. Cleansing
Personal hygiene is one of the most essential aspects of being healthy. But it’s not just external cleansing but also internal cleansing of the body. Eliminate the physical waste of the body moments after you wake up. Constipation and irregular bowel movement are the biggest enemies of good health. Hence, you must ensure that your bowel movement is smooth and in routine.
Apart from this, it is advisable to a glass of warm water every morning to detox your body. Always attend to natural urges such as hunger, sleep, sneezing, yawning, urination, defecating, etc to keep your body free of any discomfort and uneasiness.

3. Exercise
Always remember that your body is your most important asset. The better care you take of it, the better you will perform in all areas of life. Exercising helps release toxins through sweat, strengthens your body against diseases, improves your immune system and blood circulation and helps your metabolism too. Of course, it helps you burn the extra fat as well! Exercising can be something that you enjoy in the form of walking, swimming, aerobics or even laughter. Maintain a rhythmic breathing while exercising.

4. Sleep
Sleep is as important in maintain a great health as is anything else. Try not to sleep only on your back or stomach. Sleep sideways – sleeping on your right helps your body relax while sleeping on your left side helps your digestive system. Make sure that you allow yourself at least two hours after your meal before going to bed. Also, maintain the same time to sleep every day. This will help your body relax better. Napping only for 10 to 15 minutes each day after lunch is sufficient.

5. Massage
Ayurveda promotes body massages as a way to gaining health. Regular massaging keeps this skin supple, regulates blood circulation, improves metabolism and relaxes the body. Use of certain herbal oils can have an enhanced effect on the body. Go for a head message and feet massage once a week if you do not time for a full body massage.
These are simple day-to-day Ayurvedic tips that are easy to adapt into one’s lifestyle and go a long way in improving the health and maintain general well being.

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How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

Continuing from our previous discussion on how to turn to a greener lifestyle, let’s explore more ways of living guilt-free; in a natural, eco-friendly way!

a)    Food

It is a well known fact organic food is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. So you should pick up your vegetables and fruits from farmer’s market, or fresh local produce. However, it’s not just fruits and veggies but also spices, teas, pulses, cereals, pickles and chutneys that have an organic version available in the market that you can pick up. In fact, now even organic milk is available that tastes better than the regular milk which carries a lot of artificial hormones ingested in it. You can also get small potted plants for kitchen herbs and grow them in your balcony too. That way you save money and can also be sure that you are eating something that’s absolutely pure and organic.

b)    Health

The best way to maintain a good health is to practice yoga, meditation and live an active lifestyle. However, to enhance your wellness quotient, you can take some herb based supplements or medication that do not cause any side effects on your body and general well being. Even then, try and stick to homemade remedies for ailments such as common cold, headaches, skin inflammation, etc.

c)    Female Hygiene

Gone are the days when you have to rely on bleached cotton based, chemically enriched sanitary pads for your menstrual care. You can now choose from re-usable, washable cotton pads or even chemical free sanitary pads. This not only ensures that you are safe from harmful chemicals but also keeping the environment neat and tidy with just a little bit of extra effort.

d)    Kids

Keep your kids away from the harmful effects of chemicals by using only organic personal care products such as lotions, body wash/soap, body and hair oil, even organic clothing. Remember, how earlier, babies used to be bathed in water boiled with Neem leaves? It still is a good remedy to keep them infection free. You can even give them a body massage with a homemade oil concoction instead of buying one.

e)    Gifts

Whatever you may be gifting, make it a practice to wrap it up in a cloth pouch or a newspaper bag. Reusing wrapping paper is also fine. However, why do you have to use paper at all?! Make cloth bags at home using old t shirts, shirts, sarees or frocks and delight your loved ones with the personal touch that no wrapping sheet can ever provide.


With these eco alternatives taking over the various aspects of your life as discussed above, you can be sure that you have not only turned your lifestyle greener but also made this world much more sustainable and happier! So go ahead, paint your world green. 

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How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

Happy New Year web banner
A new beginning gives you a reason to change something for the better – it might be your personal habits, your efficiency, your relationships or even your lifestyle. Together, we are welcoming a brand new year which means it’s time for a lot of new possibilities and many a new resolutions for the next 12 months, resolutions that can bring about the much needed change in you or around you.
It’s also a good time (and occasion) to switch over to an eco-sensitive, green lifestyle, if you haven’t done so already! You might be wondering how you can possibly achieve it in today’s fast paced culture; well what are we here for?! In this 2 part series we will help you explore the various ways in which you can convert your lifestyle greener.
a. Bug free home

Let’s start with your house. Keep away mosquitoes, other insects and bugs buy a natural diffuser oil (citronella, lemongrass, etc) and let it spread its magic. It also keep your house extremely fragrant and calm. You can also buy citronella balm to keep mosquitoes away while travelling! What’s more – these diffusers work as great room fresheners. You can buy fragrances that you like and alternate between them as per your preference.

b. Clean floors
Also, go for organic disinfectants for cleaning the floors, etc. Organic disinfectants can also be used on kitchen platforms freely. These disinfectants are non toxic, non carcinogenic and leave a refreshing fragrance that lingers.
c. Eco Laundry
You can go for bio-degradable detergents that are free of bleach, artificial foam boosters, etc. These detergents last longer than regular washing agents and do not itch skin or harm the clothes. Plus, the drained water can be reused for gardening (win, win situation!).
d. Organic Gardening
You can turn garden into a blooming area with natural soil supplements that enhance the growth and are extremely economical to use. Just a little bit of these supplements can turn your potted plants or a mini lawn into a colorful bed of shrubs and flowers. You can even experiment with growing kitchen herbs in potted plants with these natural plant growth boosters.
e. Pet Care
Keep your pets neat and clean with an organic pet wash instead of a chemical based cleaner. This will keep them refreshed and will not cause any discomfort whatsoever! To clean up after pets, use only a natural disinfectant so that it’s safe for your pets to go back to their litter box and poop.
f. Garbage management
The best domestic garbage management system is to switch to composting at home with all the organic kitchen waste. Buy terracotta composting pots to make compost that can improve the soil quality. So all the peels go back to the environment and make it richer while our public waste management becomes smoother and cleaner.
And this is how you can turn your home cleaner, greener and fragrant!
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