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How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

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A new beginning gives you a reason to change something for the better – it might be your personal habits, your efficiency, your relationships or even your lifestyle. Together, we are welcoming a brand new year which means it’s time for a lot of new possibilities and many a new resolutions for the next 12 months, resolutions that can bring about the much needed change in you or around you.
It’s also a good time (and occasion) to switch over to an eco-sensitive, green lifestyle, if you haven’t done so already! You might be wondering how you can possibly achieve it in today’s fast paced culture; well what are we here for?! In this 2 part series we will help you explore the various ways in which you can convert your lifestyle greener.
a. Bug free home

Let’s start with your house. Keep away mosquitoes, other insects and bugs buy a natural diffuser oil (citronella, lemongrass, etc) and let it spread its magic. It also keep your house extremely fragrant and calm. You can also buy citronella balm to keep mosquitoes away while travelling! What’s more – these diffusers work as great room fresheners. You can buy fragrances that you like and alternate between them as per your preference.

b. Clean floors
Also, go for organic disinfectants for cleaning the floors, etc. Organic disinfectants can also be used on kitchen platforms freely. These disinfectants are non toxic, non carcinogenic and leave a refreshing fragrance that lingers.
c. Eco Laundry
You can go for bio-degradable detergents that are free of bleach, artificial foam boosters, etc. These detergents last longer than regular washing agents and do not itch skin or harm the clothes. Plus, the drained water can be reused for gardening (win, win situation!).
d. Organic Gardening
You can turn garden into a blooming area with natural soil supplements that enhance the growth and are extremely economical to use. Just a little bit of these supplements can turn your potted plants or a mini lawn into a colorful bed of shrubs and flowers. You can even experiment with growing kitchen herbs in potted plants with these natural plant growth boosters.
e. Pet Care
Keep your pets neat and clean with an organic pet wash instead of a chemical based cleaner. This will keep them refreshed and will not cause any discomfort whatsoever! To clean up after pets, use only a natural disinfectant so that it’s safe for your pets to go back to their litter box and poop.
f. Garbage management
The best domestic garbage management system is to switch to composting at home with all the organic kitchen waste. Buy terracotta composting pots to make compost that can improve the soil quality. So all the peels go back to the environment and make it richer while our public waste management becomes smoother and cleaner.
And this is how you can turn your home cleaner, greener and fragrant!
Happy New Year web banner

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One thought on “How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

  1. It is a very beautiful blog. Greener lifestyle is what is the need of the hour. The pollution and the harm done to nature must stop. And I think, you did your bit by coming up with this blog. Whatever we get these days, its hard to predict if it’s chemical free. For fragrance at home, I use reed diffusers that I buy online through The lavender, apple cinnamon, rose and the natural amber fragrance are really nice products. You can try many others and decide for yourself which you like most.


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