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How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

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How to switch to a green lifestyle this year?

Continuing from our previous discussion on how to turn to a greener lifestyle, let’s explore more ways of living guilt-free; in a natural, eco-friendly way!

a)    Food

It is a well known fact organic food is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. So you should pick up your vegetables and fruits from farmer’s market, or fresh local produce. However, it’s not just fruits and veggies but also spices, teas, pulses, cereals, pickles and chutneys that have an organic version available in the market that you can pick up. In fact, now even organic milk is available that tastes better than the regular milk which carries a lot of artificial hormones ingested in it. You can also get small potted plants for kitchen herbs and grow them in your balcony too. That way you save money and can also be sure that you are eating something that’s absolutely pure and organic.

b)    Health

The best way to maintain a good health is to practice yoga, meditation and live an active lifestyle. However, to enhance your wellness quotient, you can take some herb based supplements or medication that do not cause any side effects on your body and general well being. Even then, try and stick to homemade remedies for ailments such as common cold, headaches, skin inflammation, etc.

c)    Female Hygiene

Gone are the days when you have to rely on bleached cotton based, chemically enriched sanitary pads for your menstrual care. You can now choose from re-usable, washable cotton pads or even chemical free sanitary pads. This not only ensures that you are safe from harmful chemicals but also keeping the environment neat and tidy with just a little bit of extra effort.

d)    Kids

Keep your kids away from the harmful effects of chemicals by using only organic personal care products such as lotions, body wash/soap, body and hair oil, even organic clothing. Remember, how earlier, babies used to be bathed in water boiled with Neem leaves? It still is a good remedy to keep them infection free. You can even give them a body massage with a homemade oil concoction instead of buying one.

e)    Gifts

Whatever you may be gifting, make it a practice to wrap it up in a cloth pouch or a newspaper bag. Reusing wrapping paper is also fine. However, why do you have to use paper at all?! Make cloth bags at home using old t shirts, shirts, sarees or frocks and delight your loved ones with the personal touch that no wrapping sheet can ever provide.


With these eco alternatives taking over the various aspects of your life as discussed above, you can be sure that you have not only turned your lifestyle greener but also made this world much more sustainable and happier! So go ahead, paint your world green. 

Author: Natural Mantra

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