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Now that we are well aware of the hazards of using chemical based products on our skin and in our day to life, it’s only natural that we want natural alternatives for children too. And why not! Children are at a higher risk of acquiring physical disorders if exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances.
The good news is that there are enough eco-alternatives available for children that come to the rescue. The commercial products that are pushed into the market ‘create’ a need instead of fulfilling one. Hence, you see a lot of chemical based products in the market that you grew up without but they seem necessary for your child! Are these products really necessary for your child’s upbringing? No! Are they in some way counterproductive? Yes!
Let’s find out some of the eco-alternatives for children and how you can save yours from the hazards of chemicals and unnecessary toxins.

1. Bath & Body:
There are a plethora of options available for a child’s personal care. These options are organic, natural, chemical free, preservative free and sometimes even fragrance free. Most of these products are made of organic or natural oils which keep your child’s skin and hair soft and nourished naturally. This means, you don’t necessarily have to apply lotion at all times, in all seasons.

2. Skin Nourishment:
Your baby’s skin requires regular massaging with oil. While most of the baby massage oils available are made of ‘mineral oil’ which is just a petroleum by-product and not nourishing, there are many organic oils available that are a concoction of all the nourishing oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. If you do not wish to buy, that’s also fine. You can simple use virgin or pure coconut oil or olive oil as well. There are even oil based lotions available that will help you keep baby’s knees and palms soft and smooth even as they crawl on them through the day.

3. Diaper Rash:
Every new mom will face this problem more than once. The easiest way out seems to be coating your baby’s diaper area in talcum powder. But that’s not what you should do! In fact, just take some pure coconut oil that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and gently massage on the affected area such that it gets absorbed in the skin. Put on some lose cotton wear on the baby. The rashes will visibly reduce after just a couple of applications.

4. First Food:
If you are too unsure of giving your baby food from the kitchen, buy organic food supplements that can be fed to the baby. These supplements are nutritious and free of unnecessary elements that come packed in the commercial baby foods.

5. Organic Clothing:
Let your child’s skin breathe free with clothes that are free of toxic chemical dyes, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Buy organic clothing that is soft and airy. You can prevent skin rashes by using organic clothes for your baby.
Thus, it’s now easy to give your child a natural, eco friendly upbringing right from the beginning.

Author: Natural Mantra

About Natural Mantra: is an e-commerce portal that provides parents and eco-conscious shoppers with the widest selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products. We believe that everyone should have access to safe, healthy, eco-friendly products. It is here that you will find some really amazing earth-friendly products that are of the highest quality. More importantly, this is your one-stop-shop for sustainable products that come from passionate sellers for thoughtful shoppers like you. Our blog is aimed to provide our eco-conscious readers with all the information, support and tools they require to live a safer, healthier and sustainable natural lifestyle. Here, we will take you through an exciting and holistic world of pure, natural living. In good health and green living, Natural Mantra.

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