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Being physically fit and active during pregnancy is essential as it helps you to adjust to the mental, emotional and physical changes in yourself. Yoga can help you stay in shape after the delivery of your baby and can even reduce the physical effect of having a baby on your body.

However, just as you need to plan your pregnancy, you need to plan for your body to adapt to the changes that come along with it; which means, that, it is advisable you start practicing Yoga months before you plan to have a baby if you are already not practicing it. Simply put, if you take up Yoga for the first time after you are pregnant, it might be too strenuous for your body and it may not respond too well to it.

Yoga also helps you maintain mental and emotional stability which means you can do away with mood swings to a large extent if you are practicing Yoga.

Just about 30 minutes of Yoga during pregnancy can do wonders for you! Don’t believe us? Find out here

1.       Breathing Exercises

No surprises there! Breathing exercises have a calming effect on mind and body. It brings your body in sync, improves the flow of oxygen to the body and the baby as well as helps in effective elimination of body waste. Deep breathing, for example, improves blood circulation as well as calms your mind, relieving it of stress and tension. Over all, breathing exercises are great for you and your baby. It is best to learn these exercises from trained practitioner so as to extract the maximum benefit without any negative effects.

2.       Parvat Asan (Mountain Pose)

This simple Yoga pose is beneficial in relieving back ache. Just sit straight and raise your arms above your head in the Namaste position, keeping your elbows straight. Hold the position for a few seconds and bring your hands down. Repeat this 2-3 times. Make sure you inhale when you take your hands up and exhale when you bring them down.

3.       Bhadrasan (Butterfly Pose)

This is another simple Yoga-asan that helps you strengthen the pelvic region and inner thighs. Sit straight and spread your legs. Now form a Namastey position with your feet and keep your hands on your thighs. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then straighten your legs again. Repeat this 2-3 times.

4.         Vajrasan

This asan will prepare your body to bear the extra weight of the baby during pregnancy. It also helps in smooth bowel movement and digestion. It’s a simple asan. Sit in a kneeling position with your toes touching each other and your heels apart. Sit down in such a way that your bottom rests on your feet. Sit in this position after lunch or dinner for as long as you feel comfortable and then come back to the normal sitting position. You can increase the duration gradually.

It is advisable that you practice Yoga positions during pregnancy after consulting a Yoga teach who can guide you better based on your body type and specific requirement.

Along with Yoga, which takes care of your physical, mental and emotional needs; there are certain things you can do to take care of your beauty and appearance.

Go for suitable essential oils to massage gently on your tummy that will relieve you of scars, pigmentation and stretch marks. It will also keep your skin free of itching and dryness, making it smooth and supple.

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