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Good & Healthy Living!!


The Importance of Workouts

Our current lifestyle has surely taken our career graph on a high. At the same time, it has made a not-so-good impact on our health and in turn, our bodies. That said, we must also mention the fact that a lot of people are consciously taking efforts about the same, right? But the question is, are you one of them?

 Why is exercising necessary?

 Given our sedentary lifestyle and the comforts it provides us at home, we are easily lured into soaking in all the luxuries – whether at home or at office. Add weekend parties to that and we have a perfect recipe for an unhealthy body!

 So while we feel an urge to enjoy the perks of this life, we also need to keep our bodies running to do so, don’t you think? The more you workout, the less torture your body goes through. Not to forget, it is a great way to de-stress and spend some time away from the daily busy routine. Want us to list some more reasons? It makes you have an envious body, keeps you happy and brings your energy levels up!

 Find workouts boring?

 You ought to be looking at the bigger picture here! There are so many forms of workouts around that you have to come up with better excuses to avoid them, really. Here are a few:

 –         The tried, tested and fun way to burn those calories, aerobics!

–         Cut that flab away with your dancing skills at Zumba! Don’t you love to start your day on such musical notes?

–         No fees, no trainer. Just you and the road to jog your way to better health.

–         Closer to jogging is brisk walking, which doesn’t require much investment again, right?

–         The good old gym is always your backup plan!

–         Have you always wanted to learn a form of dancing? This is your time to do it and to keep yourself healthy.

–         Any form of sport! Any! Grab a bunch of friends and come up with your own team. Do well unto others!

 We hope we have listed enough reasons and ways for you to start taking care of yourself. Go on, pamper yourself with great workouts!

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Healthy Food Habits!


Food Habits for a Better, Happier Life

We often miss to put enough stress on the fact that physical workouts and organic nutritious food need to be incorporated into our busy schedule. It is only when we opt for it that change will be highlighted in our lives. Research proves that certain foods are capable of uplifting your mood and in turn, make your life a happier one! We are not talking about foods that give you instant kicks, but those which will be your friends for a lifetime.

So how and where do we really start?

Work your way out!

One thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that we really don’t see youngsters working out, anywhere! There’s no right time, it is only now! If you have been planning on that early morning jog, this is the right time. Find it too boring? Join Zumba! More of an indoor person? Hit the gym! Just find your favorite way to fight that flab.

Super food in supermarkets

The easiest way to adapt healthy food habits is to look keenly for the right, organic food in your supermarket. The whole purpose of a supermarket is to choose from a plethora of options! Here are our tips:

–         Pick brown rice over white

–         Try green tea for a while and inculcate that habit and avoid caffeine based drinks

–         Replace sugar with jaggery or honey

–         If you are a hard core fan of desserts, try replacing them with fruits. They curb your need for sugar and are healthy too! And all that you know about dark chocolate is true, but that doesn’t mean you indulge in it. You can consume dark chocolate in a limited way.

–         Look for better snacking options, replace junk food with nuts!

–         Include lots of fresh vegetables in your diet. Go for seasonal fruits and veggies. There was a reason we were taught to stick to seasonal foods, remember? They affect your body in a certain way during one season. Stop buying anything that is non-seasonal. For example, cauliflower is available all through the year when it is supposedly a winter vegetable, right?

Remember, there is one simple rule to be followed – buy things that have low shelf-life. Why? Because it means it is a natural option over the ones which have a much higher shelf-life. Compare for yourselves!

Busting common myths

If you thought milk is the only source of calcium, think a little beyond it. Milk based products are rich in calcium too but at the same time they are less fattening! Thus, curd and buttermilk are much healthier options than milk since they are low in calories and fat.

Similarly, if you’re not a huge fan of lentils (dal), include soya beans in your meals. But be careful as soya beans cannot be consumed daily for it is too rich in proteins and the body finds it difficult to digest.

See how easy it is to switch to more nutritious eating habits? Some little changes in the diet and you’re on your way to a better and healthier lifestyle.

We hope you are already headed to the supermarket!

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What is a balanced diet?


You Are What You Eat

Eating is an essential part of our lives. We are particularly religious in matters of food and food habits – which implies that we are sentimental about what goes into our meals. That said; do we really look into what ingredients we use in our meals? It is now time to pay attention to the thought, ‘You are what you eat!’ Indulging in a good, balanced diet is an investment that we make towards our own health. While everyone is a food lover at some time or the other, it is quite important that we keep a check on a healthy diet most of the time. It is pretty easy to pick up a habit and we suggest you try a healthier one!

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is what it sounds like – a balance of everything in your meals – all that the body needs, in the form of nutrients. Not too much, not too less – just the right amount. It goes a long way in keeping your body healthy over a period of time. A balanced diet goes a long way in keeping life-hazardous ailments at bay. It is that one major factor which is capable of keeping a tab on what good goes into your body.

What can you do?

The easiest way to keep change your diet is to consciously make efforts and check what you are buying and hence, eating. If you scrutinize, every day, the ingredients that are going into your meals, you will have made a start. We are not asking you to go all the way and get a ‘calorie-meter’! Just the habit of choosing wise over junk, will be more than enough. Within no time you will be picking healthy stuff effortlessly. If you want to go a step ahead, you can even maintain a food diary where in you record all that is going into your meals. If you pay attention to your meals every day and ask yourself this question, “What healthy am I eating today?” we are pretty sure you will make good food, a regular in your meals.

Make healthier choices

Choose what you want to be! Simply opt for organic products when you buy your groceries and when you visit the market. Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and see the difference!

Be as rosy as an apple, if you wish to be! 

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Why Organic Food ?


Is it time to switch to organic food?

Everyone’s talking about it, recommending it or eating it! How about you? Are you already hooked to buying only organic food or deliberating whether or not it’s worth it?

Let us help you decide!

In this post we will explore what exactly is organic food and what are the benefits of organic food over the regular food.

What is ‘organic food’?

Organic food is food that has been agriculturally grown with organic methods. Basically, that eliminates the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, bio-engineered genes or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other artificial enhancers that make your tomatoes the perfect round or your apples blood red.

These pesticides and chemicals affect the children and babies the most because of low immunity and developing brain and body. This may lead to dysfunctional organs in the child. Even expecting mothers are at high risk because they may pass on the pesticides from their body to the baby in the womb.

Over the years, the human body accumulates these chemicals and pesticides in the body and may eventually lead to ailments.

Why should I have it?

As is clear from the above description, organic food is better for health. Having organic food means keeping away from piling these chemicals and pesticides in the body that can pose a danger to the health at some point. Most weed killers, mold killers and insecticides used are carcinogenic and can breed cancer in the body.

Organic fruits and vegetables are much fresher than the rest. This is so because of the simple reason that organic fresh produce has shorter shelf life due to absence of any artificial preservatives. Thus, organic food tastes better too!

Mostly, organic fruits and vegetables are sold by local producers and not brought in from far off places because of its quickly-perishable nature. Hence, by buying organic food, you support the local farmers and the local economy. Keep a look out for the farmer’s market in your area. These are the best places to buy organic food.

You can even buy pulses, grains, flour, spices, etc that have been grown organically for everyday cooking and eating.

What should I keep in mind?

Remember that even though a product might be made of organic ingredients, it may not always be healthy. Surprised? Well, we are talking about junk food such that might have been made of organic ingredients but it’s still a junk food. Hence, it’s totally avoidable.

Make sure you buy from only trustable sellers, farmers, brands. Do not pay a premium for fake organic products but check for their authenticity by looking for organic certifications on labels.

Looks like it is time to switch to organic food right away!