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Why Organic Food ?

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Is it time to switch to organic food?

Everyone’s talking about it, recommending it or eating it! How about you? Are you already hooked to buying only organic food or deliberating whether or not it’s worth it?

Let us help you decide!

In this post we will explore what exactly is organic food and what are the benefits of organic food over the regular food.

What is ‘organic food’?

Organic food is food that has been agriculturally grown with organic methods. Basically, that eliminates the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, bio-engineered genes or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other artificial enhancers that make your tomatoes the perfect round or your apples blood red.

These pesticides and chemicals affect the children and babies the most because of low immunity and developing brain and body. This may lead to dysfunctional organs in the child. Even expecting mothers are at high risk because they may pass on the pesticides from their body to the baby in the womb.

Over the years, the human body accumulates these chemicals and pesticides in the body and may eventually lead to ailments.

Why should I have it?

As is clear from the above description, organic food is better for health. Having organic food means keeping away from piling these chemicals and pesticides in the body that can pose a danger to the health at some point. Most weed killers, mold killers and insecticides used are carcinogenic and can breed cancer in the body.

Organic fruits and vegetables are much fresher than the rest. This is so because of the simple reason that organic fresh produce has shorter shelf life due to absence of any artificial preservatives. Thus, organic food tastes better too!

Mostly, organic fruits and vegetables are sold by local producers and not brought in from far off places because of its quickly-perishable nature. Hence, by buying organic food, you support the local farmers and the local economy. Keep a look out for the farmer’s market in your area. These are the best places to buy organic food.

You can even buy pulses, grains, flour, spices, etc that have been grown organically for everyday cooking and eating.

What should I keep in mind?

Remember that even though a product might be made of organic ingredients, it may not always be healthy. Surprised? Well, we are talking about junk food such that might have been made of organic ingredients but it’s still a junk food. Hence, it’s totally avoidable.

Make sure you buy from only trustable sellers, farmers, brands. Do not pay a premium for fake organic products but check for their authenticity by looking for organic certifications on labels.

Looks like it is time to switch to organic food right away!


Author: Natural Mantra

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