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Things You Should Know About What You Eat

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Eat Safe and Be Safe

Eating is a ritual for us, and a lovable one at that. We love to eat our food and are quite religious about it, right? Some of us are specific about our food and a lot of us explore new dishes which define the length and breadth of our country.

We have already explored the fact, “You are what you eat!” And with eating comes the obvious responsibility of eating right and safe.With the new age living, we choose convenience over safety. But the question is, how do we eat safe?

The sudden rise of unpolished products in the food market is an indication of where we are going wrong. There was a reason why our ancestors followed what they did. In fact, they also knew what portions to eat at what times; why certain foods are taken at a specific time of the day or night. For example: curd or yogurt is not to be taken at night because it is acidic in nature and also, cools your body temperature down.

The point is, we need to recognize food stuff that is good and bad for us. Yes, we come to your rescue!

Unpolished grains

Unpolished grains like rice and lentils (dal) are good for your body because they contain all the nutrients. When these grains are polished, the husk or cover of the grains is removed. The catch is, this husk or cover is the bag that has all nutrients. Polished grains are nothing but a process of removing these very nutrients, leaving only starch and carbs behind.

Locally produced vegetables and fruits

For the population our country has, new ways of producing vegetables and fruits on a large scale have come up. The large produce and nonseasonal flora being available throughout the year is proof that pesticides are used heavily. But you don’t have to succumb to these ways! Buy locally produced vegetables and fruits that encourage organic farming. Organic farming is the traditional way of farming which uses natural methods.

Consult a dietitian

Before you follow anything on your own, it is always better to consult a dietician. You can also get a diet chart prepared by the dietitian who will design it according to your body type and needs. And for the record, some diet charts have one cheat day where you can indulge in the stuff you crave for!

It is always better to be safe than sorry. The bottom-line is, eating contributes to major parts of our life and it is high time we start eating right.

Author: Natural Mantra

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