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Home Remedies For Summer Related Problems

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Summer related problems and their natural solutions

Everyone is getting ready to brace the summer and so are we! India being a tropical country, we are not spared with any better summers here, right? As much as we are scared to welcome this weather, it is a good season to detox yourself by staying faithful towards all the fruits and vegetables. One has to be very careful about what is being consumed as it might affect the body adversely. Let us find out what issues are common during summer and how we can tackle them.


The first and foremost issue you need to be ready and equipped for is a sunstroke. Never underestimate the power of the sun and take risks with it. A sunstroke is responsible for problems like dehydration, low blood pressure and the likes, when out in the sun.


As a rule, apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to stepping out. Wear cotton clothes and cover yourself completely. The most common precautions taken for the heat are drinking aam panna(a raw mango based drink) and consuming raw onions along with food.


Acne is the most common problem which pops up during summers. The heat and the dust play hide and seek with your skin.


Make sure the skin products you use are not oil-based. You can also apply rosewater to feel fresh! Opt for gel-based products, for example, moisturisers that contain aloe vera.

Dry skin

The heat tires our body of water, as we know, which results in dry skin.


Keep yourself hydrated. We know it’s the most clichéd fact but it is true! Use gel based products during summer to keep your skin breathing. Cotton clothes will help you stay away from any kind of skin allergies and rashes.

 Hair trouble

Summer plays its tricks as it makes our hair feel dry sometimes and greasy other times! Use a light natural shampoo so that you can wash your hair frequently or when you feel the need. Stay away from greasy products during summer as it will help you accumulate sweat, dust, etc.

 Protecting your eyes

Wear sunglasses when you step out as sunrays might be responsible for damages to this delicate part of your body. At the end of the day, you can place cucumber slices or peels on your eyes to let all the tiredness be seeped in by them.

 Food poisoning

Summer is the time when food deteriorates quickly. This essentially means that if you’re planning to eat out during summer, you might want to give it a thought first.


If you do get affected by food poisoning, drink lots of water. Apart from that, add a little bit of sugar (about one tablespoon) to a glass of water and keep drinking it often. Sugar helps you retain fluids in the body. Stay away from caffeine!

Summer is the best season to feel light. Take advantage of this season and have a fresh summer!


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