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A little quiet time with yourself every day is important

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The world today is a tad frenetic and chaotic. Our schedules are busy and multi-tasking is the norm for many people. We are chained to our work desks even when we are not at work via technology like Laptops, iPads, Smart Phones and there is a constant need to be connected all the time. Our cities are getting louder with screeching car horns and public loudspeakers blaring music on festivities.

All this makes it even more important than ever to find quiet time and connect with our own selves on a daily basis. Many people are so consumed with obligations of family, work, socializing and chores that weeks pass without any time to focus on one’s state of mind or to find time for exercise or quiet time. Stress levels increase when one is constantly running around in circles without a moment to stop and breathe easy.


It is crucial to build some quiet time into one’s daily schedules. Quiet time helps the body relax and may lower blood pressure and heart rate. It allows the mind to find creativity and joy. There are many ways to find quiet time. Just ten minutes a day of peaceful time when one relaxes, perhaps closes the eyes or meditates, and allows the mind to relax and free itself of the stress of obligations is crucial to having a body that functions at its best.

An easy way to find quiet time is to get up anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour early before your regular schedule. The early morning hours are wonderful for finding quiet time. When the world is still and quiet, sip your morning tea or coffee, reflect and meditate, or walk around the garden and admire the day coming to life.  You will be able to think back to that experience all day as stress strikes.

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