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The Pitter-patter of Raindrops…

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There’s no mood more bright or joyous than that created by the first smell of #monsoon rains,  heralding the season. The skies open up to bless the earth with cooling #showers. And our hearts open up to songs of joy!  #Rain #songs are so common in all cultures around the world, aren’t they!

Welcome Rain

There are so many preparations you have to make to protect yourself from the rains now. Take out the #umbrellas, shake out the #rain coats, scan the skies every time you step out, check on the #weather reports! There’s more – cover up the children, protect your home and car, comfort your pets when the thunder scares them…and cover yourself up too!

Well then, enjoy the showers, get #wet and play off and on! #Paperboats carry messages of fun to friends and #puddles reflect glorious skies.


The Hidden Dangers

And while you rejoice that the skies have been kind, do be aware that the monsoons reduce the immunity of our body. This makes us open to many illnesses that are common in this season. We need to keep our body disease-resistant by boosting our immunity. We also need to take precautions against the diseases.

Viral infections like cold and cough are most prevalent. There are many natural remedies for these too. Click here to find more about them.

Other diseases associated with monsoon are #malaria,#jaundice, and #gastrointestinal #infections like #typhoid and #cholera.

Take Care

Puddles of water become breeding grounds for mosquitoes which spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Mosquito nets are a better choice to mosquito repellants like mats and coils. Outdoors, a mosquito repellant cream is best. Even better is an organic product to control this menace! Click here to find more about them

Fumigate the house with the smoke of dried #neem leaves in the evenings for 1-2 minutes – an excellent#ayurvedic method to keep mosquitoes away, just like mashaka coil.

Pollution of drinking water during monsoon is very common. Drink clean and pure water to avoid water borne monsoon diseases like diarrhea and gastro intestinal infections. #Boiled water and mineral waterfrom government certified companies are safe.

Walking in dirty water leads to #fungal infections which affect toes and nails. Prevent and protect this with organic footcare products. #Diabetic patients have to take a special care about their feet. Always keep your feet dry and clean. Keep your shoes, socks and raincoats dry and clean. Drying clothes with fumes of #loban and dry neem leaves is recommended in ayurvedic texts.

Take precautions to prevent dampness and growth of fungus or mold in and around the house to protect asthmatic patients. Avoid fumigation in case of asthmatic patients.

Make sure you do not sleep in the daytime or over-exert yourself physically.


The Good Food Guide, the Ayurvedic Way

A good diet strengthens your digestive system in the monsoons the #natural way. Here are some tips:

Light foods made with old barley, rice and wheat. You can pick up some organic food here .

Sour and salted soups of vegetables

Boiled and cooled water mixed with a little honey

Small amounts of grape wine

Ginger and green gram in food preparations

Warm food

Ayurvedic home remedies

Fresh radish juice for cold

A pinch each of pepper powder and rock salt mixed in warm water reduces cough

Castor or Sesame oil for cracked feet and skin

A freshly prepared paste of turmeric, neem and sesame seeds is for fungal infection between toes.

Wellness Rules

More precautions to take in the monsoons:

Keep your surroundings dry and clean. Do not allow water to get accumulated

Keep your body warm as viruses attack easier when body temperature goes down

Do not enter air-conditioned rooms with wet hair and damp clothes

Dry your feet with soft dry cloth whenever they are wet

Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill the germs

Do not eat uncooked foods and salads

Drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated

Do not allow kids to play in #stagnant water filled puddles.


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Author: Natural Mantra

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