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Is creating #PositiveEnergy in your home all about Superstition?

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It’s actually no #hocus-pocus. Sometimes, if you have moved #home and suffer ill-health, accidents, arguments, lose or break things, you probably need to clear it of #negative #energy! In many ways, it has to do with a lot of clutter – in the home and in your mind.

Your home should be your sanctuary where you can feel nurtured, #energized and fulfilled. How do you banish negative vibes from your home and bring in #positive energy? Some tips.

If you take care of these five areas of concern, you are home safe, literally –


Whether your home is large or small make sure it is well organized.

  • #Clean curtains, walls, windows, rugs, etc.
  • Remove #clutter. Get rid of unwanted stuff and toxic products from your environment.
  • Rearrange #furniture. Arrange your space with as much open space as possible.
  • Loud #noises. The Chinese love #fireworks because the noise breaks up negative energy patterns.
  • #Meditate there. You will saturate your living space with uplifting energy.


  • Proper #lighting also influences the energy in your home – whether #natural or “full spectrum” light bulbs/ #LED lights.

Air Quality

  • Add #living plants. Plants add color, life, #oxygen and positive energy to your home.
  • Open #windows. This brings in positive energy with the #freshair.
  • Make sure air filters are changed regularly in heating and air conditioning systems, use air purifiers, #plants, #aromatherapy or #incense. Sage, light #floral and #citrus scents work best.
  • Other #space clearing techniques include burning #candles, using herbs as in #potpourri, or #incense; clearing with bells, burning #lavender, #mint or #eucalyptus incense.


  • The major #colors of the #rainbow can also help with positive #vibrations in the home. Each color has unique aspects, so including more of that color in your home can help draw that energy in.


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