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Green tea: The solution to puffy eyes and dark circles

Green tea is one of the most popular teas for medicinal uses and is particularly effective when it comes to treating puffy eyes and helping you get rid of dark circles. The brew is one of the most popular teas for medicinal uses; with origins in ancient China, where it was used to ease depression and headaches

There are several reasons for puffy eyes and dark circles. Whether you’ve stayed up too late, have a high-salt diet, spent too much time under the sun or been exposed to toxins that affect the skin around your eyes, there’s only so much that can conceal them. While home remedies for dark circles are dime a dozen, nothing answers the question of how to get rid of dark circles better than using green tea!


Green tea contains caffeine and tannins, which make it one of the best home remedies for dark circles. While caffeine shrinks your blood vessels (almost magically alleviating puffy eyes!), the tannin helps keep your capillaries from breaking. Green tea also reduces swelling, so it reduces fluids around your eyes, keeping future problems at bay while arresting those at hand.


We love that you can use green tea as a remedy – and drink it too! All you need to do is steep the tea bags to make a cup of tea. Remember that green tea should only be steeped for about a minute, so not only is this an effective dark circles treatment, it’s also a really quick one.

Squeeze out extra water and let them cool on a plate – you don’t want to add scalded skin to your puffy eye problems! Using tea bags that are room temperature are your best bet. All you need to do is lie back with the bags over your eyes and let the caffeine and tannins work through your skin, leaving you refreshed and helping to get rid of dark circles.


Green tea is one of the best home remedies for dark circles, but busy professionals and those with chaotic routines, should consider dark circles under eye creams that contain green tea. Pick a good dark circles treatment, because one containing chemicals will defeat the purpose of the natural remedy, leaving the green tea fighting with other ingredients to do its job. Your best bet would be to pick natural products, which use organic green tea. We highly recommend the Soul Tree under eye cream, which infuses green tea with tulsi, rose water and aloe for a power-packed dark circle remedy. You can also pick the Just Herbs under eye cream if you’re a fan of almonds, since it infuses them with green tea to create an under-eye cream that’s light, refreshing and just as good as home remedies for dark circles!

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So, you’ve piled on a few kilos, and you’ve suddenly noticed thick, red or purple lines running down your skin, fading to an awful white, silver streak. Whether you’ve just been sneaking in junk food or are pregnant, one thing is for sure – you’ve been struck by stretch marks! Embarrassing as they are, there’s no need to panic, because they’re easy to get rid of! Stretch marks appear where fat is stored, occurring when skin stretches, or when you lose weight too quickly. Use these natural remedies for to get rid of these unwanted stretch marks caused by sudden weight gain or weight loss!


Keeping potatoes in your pocket to cure eczema is an old wives tale, but using potato juice to cure stretch marks isn’t! We definitely recommend using it to restore your skin cells. If you don’t have time to juice a potato, simply cut thick slices of the starchy food and rub the raw pieces on the affected area. It’s not a magic potion, but you will see visible changes in a few weeks!



Using massage oil is extremely soothing, so, it’s an added bonus that they contain nutrients and anti-oxidants. Say goodbye to unattractive lines by massaging in warm olive or castor oil, letting them work their magic on your stretch marks! You can also use oil made from a combination of herbs such as khus, lemon extract, almond and olive oils. The oil from Purn Naturals and Kinshuk Adi Lightener are good options.

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If making a home remedy is too much trouble, several stretch marks removal creams will can come to the rescue. Try Ayurvedic formulas such as Bedag Lep, made with a formula of Ayurvedic herbs. Properties such as manjishtha, arjuna, dhania and lodh, help the cream to remove stretch marks by healing damaged tissues and eradicating marks and discolouration.


Exfoliation is one of the best ways to arrest stretch marks. Use a soft bristle brush so as not to chaff your skin when you’re dry brushing, and use a loofah when you’re using cream. Exfoliation removes skin cells damaged by stretch marks, so you can say goodbye to the white lines and hello to smoother skin.

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If reading about cocoa butter reminds you of chocolate, we’re not going to blame you! The edible vegetable fat is a boon for chocolate lovers, but it’s also really good at enhancing blood circulation. Applying a mixture of cocoa butter and essential oils can reduce the appearance of stretch marks dramatically and naturally.

If you’re still struggling to get rid of the pesky marks and lines, switch up your diet, sneak in a little exercise and stay hydrated – a healthy lifestyle can work wonders!