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Get rid of back pain – the natural way!

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Whether you’ve had a bad fall like Madonna did at the BRIT awards, or just have a sudden ache in your back, you may feel the muscles near your spine stiffening and becoming tense. If so, you’re probably suffering from back pain, which is usually caused by bad posture, incorrect sleeping positions or even just by bending the wrong way. Whether it’s slip disc or sciatica (a nerve related lower back pain), you don’t have to run to the medicine cabinet! Painkillers may seem like an easy back pain treatment, but these natural remedies, combined with some rest and relaxation, will work much better!

back pain

Stretch it out!

If you don’t stretch enough, you’re going to be hit by back pain that’s caused by stiff muscles. Make it a point to stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning and a few times through your day as well. Light stretches help alleviate, treat and prevent a backache.


Use a hot or cold compress

It’s no surprise that using a combination of heat and cold works wonders for your back pain. When your back begins to hurt though, the best thing to use is a cold compress, because the cold reduces swelling and inflammation that is causing the back pain, temporarily keeping pain signals at bay. Steady heat improves blood circulation and reduces the painful ache that can come hours after you’ve applied the cold compress, so remember to follow it up with a hot one!

Make sure that you’re getting enough vitamins

Nutritional deficiencies lead to a lack of calcium in your bones, which ultimately leads to joint, muscle, and in turn, back pain. Taking vitamin supplements can help for those who can’t get the balance right with their diets. Remember to get enough Vitamin D3 (an active form of vitamin D, which you can also get from good exposure to the sun!) in order to help your bones stay strong.

Use a kitchen remedy

Your kitchen is one of the best places to look for a back pain remedy! From alfalfa sprouts and turmeric to garlic oil and lemon juice, several ingredients can work wonders for your backache. Vinegar in particular is a boon, but not just any vinegar! While regular, white vinegar has gotten a bad reputation for properties that weaken your bones, apple cider vinegar works wonders for joint pain! If you mix it with turmeric, you’ve got a stellar combination, because while the apple cider works to keep your bones healthy, turmeric works to loosen stiff joints and reduce inflammation.

Be active

When your back is getting you down, don’t run to your bed and lie in all weekend! Staying stiff and inactive when your back hurts will actually worsen the problem. Instead, move around as much as you can without straining your back. A few light back pain exercises and some back strengthening yoga will help ease the backache while preventing further damage!

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