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Sleep right to keep wrinkles at bay

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Age, the sun, your diet – you know about everything that causes wrinkles. In fact, you’ve got the best anti-ageing creams on hand and have invested in the best anti-wrinkle treatments. But, did you know that the sleeping habits you cultivate are to blame as well? Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin, but usually occur as you get older. Wrinkles that are caused by sleep occur because of fine lines that get more pronounced as you sleep in the same position night after night. From your skin being stressed because you’re in the same position every night, to the way that your pillow presses against your skin for hours on end, it’s no surprise that your nightly repose causes the formation of wrinkles. Take a look at how to switch up your sleeping routine:


Get into a better posture

First things first – the position you sleep in directly affects how your skin looks and feels the next day. What look like sleep lines today, turn into wrinkles tomorrow! Always sleeping on one side or sleeping on your stomach (with your face pressed against a pillow) can cause wrinkles. Make an effort to alternate your sleeping positions once in a while, and try sleeping on your back to avoid the onset of wrinkles. Also make sure that the lower half of your face isn’t pressed against your pillow – this is what leads to most wrinkles!

Use creams and lotions before bed

Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy before you sleep is imperative if you want to wake up without fine lines. You can use anti-wrinkle face creams or just cultivate a simple moisturising routine. Use lotions that seal in moisture and you’ll wake up with hydrated skin!


Drink water before bed

When your skin is dehydrated, it ends up looking dull and lifeless. If you go to sleep with dehydrated skin, it spends the entire night without any moisture. That, coupled with the sleep lines caused by hours spent in the same position, leads to the formation of wrinkles as you’re sleeping. Make sure you drink a glass of water before bed to help your skin stay hydrated through the night.                                     

Cleanse well

Even if you’re really exhausted, never go to sleep without cleansing your skin properly. Oil, dirt, makeup and clogged pores lead to fine lines, wrinkles and a host of skin problems, which no anti-wrinkle treatment will be able to save you from. Wash your face with a cleanser, and exfoliate at least twice a week before you head to bed.


Not sleeping well

Alright, we’ve told you how the way that you sleep causes wrinkles, but what about how much sleep you get? If you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin does not get enough time to heal through the night. This leads to fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles.

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