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Women Personal Hygiene Tips

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Girls, when you’re taking care of yourself, there are certain guidelines to help you be your best.

Personal Hygiene is one of those subtle things that’s difficult to quantify. Keeping clean and keeping up a good appearance are also great ways to simply feel good!

In this article, we are going to discuss some major personal hygiene hacks that every woman must know:

women's hygiene products

  1. The Transition

 In earlier times, women would make use of cloth pads which used to be natural but very uncomfortable due to its poor soaking techniques.

Especially during the first and second day of menstrual cycles, women bleed intensely wherein cloth pads result in being completely useless.

Hence, in the earlier times, women would refrain from doing any form of physical work to restrict from bleeding too much, which would be cumbersome while wearing cloth pads.

Then came the organic sanitary pads, which were 90% natural fiber and 10% synthetic. This type of pads are still used and recommended throughout the country, due to its organic nature which is essential when in contact with the personal body parts.


  1. Prevent Genital Irritations

 It is most usual for women to contract genital irritations during and post their menstrual cycles because of the blood.

It is best to avoid having bubble bath, use white soft unscented paper to cleanse, post which you can wear the cotton sanitary pads available across stores in India.

And this also means, that it is required of you to change your panty liners after working out or any work that has caused too much sweating.

ecofemme pads

  1. What is the best?

 Right from the older times, women would make use of old cloth remnants during their menstrual cycles but that would result in difficulty in its disposal as the cloth had to be dug in the backyard and could not be just thrown away in the garbage.

As the transition of women from being home makers to working women happened, it also became necessary for women to go from unhygienic clothes to natural cloth pads that could be easily disposed-off and at the same time, were available in the market.

Although, these cloth pads were soon replaced by good quality organic pads due to its poor soaking technique.


3 reasons why natural personal hygiene products are so much better

  1. They are more healthy

Cloth pads contain no synthetics and are virtually risk-free when it comes to health. Natural products are more likely to be free of chlorine. Chlorine acts as an antibiotic, killing native beneficial organisms in the vaginal canal. To ensure chlorine-free natural products, choose organic, unbleached fabric for your pad materials.

  1. They are more comfortable

You hardly notice wearing anything extra when using cloth pads /chemical-free sanitary napkins. They’re completely comfortable and help make that time of a month a less-dreaded event. And many women experience fewer cramps when using natural products.

  1. They are less wasteful

Disposables add pounds and pounds of waste products to our landfills every year. They clog our septic lines. Cloth pads are fully biodegradable in compostable conditions, ensuring minimal damage to the environment. Truly easy on God’s good earth!

Also, it is necessary that you change your sanitary pad in every 3 hours, because the gel constituent that the sanitary pads contain these days, are very bad if they remain in contact with your genital area for a long time. One option for safe and biodegradable sanitary items would be Nurture Sanitary Pads, that is 100% natural and chemical-free.

Nurture Sanitary pads and panty liners available in India are being used by women regularly now because they are cheap, easily disposable and chemical free, thereby preventing any type of infection which can be placed in the beautiful cotton canvas with gadda cloth Ecofemme travel pouches.

The Ecofemme pouches are your best friend during travels because you can now take the sanitary napkins out, without having to feel ashamed of carrying it in your hand. These pouches are made up of sturdy material that can hold 2 napkins at a time.

Just as much necessary it is to perform a skin care routine each morning or night, and to use all the luxury skin care products on your face and rest of the body, it is equally crucial and essential to maintain your personal hygiene

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