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Lazy Sunday or Busy Sunday? 10 Tips to a Happy via-media!!!


Happy is the person who can spend a lazy, indolent Sunday equally dedicated to chilling out and to house-cleaning! Is such a happy middle-ground ever possible?

Well, it is, if you don’t go on an all-out spring-cleaning spree every Sunday, leaving no room for any relaxation! This is precisely what these cleaning shortcuts are for.

Read on, don’t slack off now!!!

10 Housekeeping Tips:

  1. Make your bed in the morning. Not only will this prevent you from diving back into into bed, but it makes you feel all ready to take on the fresh new day!
  2. Make sure your dishes are done ever day. This way, they won’t pile up into a mountainous stack in and around the sink by Sunday!. Plus you feel so proud of your clean kitchen.

  3. Oh, the same goes for your clothes , do them every three or four days to avoid a weekend pile-up!

  4. If you spill something, wipe it up! Don’t let it dry up or congeal. Also use a coaster when you have a beverage that’s going to sweat or spill.

  5. Sweep and wipe floors regularly. And if you have a dog or cat, you may want to do this often.

  6. Hate cleaning the bathroom? And the maid is slacking? Use a combo of vinegar, baking soda and liquid dishwater on the gaps between tiles, let it soak in, and use a toothbrush gently to simply wipe off the hitherto stubborn stains!!! Easy-peezy! Well, once you clean your shower, you can apply a little car wax to the tiles. It will help prevent soap scum and hard water spots. If you have one of those fancy clear glass shower doors, squeegee it after your shower and you won’t have to clean it so often.

  7. Cleaning windows can be a chore. And you almost always get streaks. If you wipe in a vertical direction on the inside and a horizontal direction on outside, you’ll be able to tell where the streaks are coming from. Plus use a newspaper to wipe the glass-cleaner off, it leaves the glass squeaky-clean and clear!

  8. De-clutter. Sounds like a huge task, but do put good stuff away, get rid of the stuff you no longer want.

  9. Use an old sock on your hand for dusting. Yes, sure! Microfibre cloths are also great, as are special mops for high places.

  10. This is not really a specific tip. Get into a routine. You don’t have to do the cleaning on a Saturday, it is the beginning of the weekend. So, should you do a lot of your cleaning on Sunday. That’s going to not be nice on a weekend break!
    Ok, we confess…these are not really short-cuts. They are tips to work smartly. And you will be smarter if you do each one of these tasks on a different day of the week. And use natural & organic home products to make your task easier and your home a better place! Then, you can happily put up your feet over the entire weekend!!!


If you too have any good cleaning tips, do share them with us in the comments!


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