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10 Quick #SkinCare Tips to get Soft, Smooth Skin this Winter

Winter’s here. And your skin shows signs of it first… dryness, flaking, itching, and scaly patches. Isn’t it very, very uncomfortable and embarrassing too when you are in company?

Smooth skin in winter


You might be planning to get expensive beauty procedures, and chemically formulated skin care products to get that baby soft skin you so crave. But why do that when you have so many popular, natural or herbal home care methods to maintain dry skin – like applying honey, almond oil, lemon, gram flour and fruit masks. Here are some basic precautions and actions you can take:

Winter Tips to keep Skin Supple

  • Wear warm clothes made of silk, wool, etc.
  • Keep baths short, avoid very hot showers
  • Use less soap and do not rub your skin
  • Do not wash your face frequently
  • Perform about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise thrice a week.

Prevent Winter Dryness with Winter Skin Care Diet

  • Drink plenty of liquids
  • Include milk, ghee, honey, and cane juice in the diet
  • Avoid junk foods, ice creams and milkshakes
  • Sweet, salty and citrus fruits are a must
  • Apply thick, creamy moisturizers just after a bath when the skin is still damp.

If your skin still gets dry and itchy, choose from a mind-boggling range of carefully curated organic & natural body & face care products here. They contain herbal ingredients like aloe vera, azafran, patchouli, tea tree, essential oils, fruits, calendula, almonds…log on and celebrate your skin!

Man with #SmoothSkin

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Hrithik & Katrina kick up their heels to Total Fitness! Why don’t you?


Remember how Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai took Bollywood by storm, how lead actor Hrithik Roshan made fitness a fashion statement expressed in dance? This God of Dance lives, breathes and sleeps dance…his innovative dance moves captured the popular imagination and led many fans to take to dance as a way of life almost! He is arguably one of the best specimens of the perfect male body that Bollywood has seen. Another celebrity is Katrina Kaif who is an amazing dancer besides having a perfect figure.

If you are one of those people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, the gym is likely to be your temple. You also try to integrate elements into your life that create harmony between your mind, body and soul…to create a happier, healthier you. But come on, do admit it, it is sometimes a quite a drag to drag yourself to the gym every day isn’t it!? Why not dance instead?

Did you know that dance is one form of holistic exercise that integrates all the elements that make for an agile body in a healthy mind – cardio, muscle group workouts, floor exercises to help create flexibility, balance and strength?

Skip the Gym. Dance. It helps you

–          burn calories

–          tone your body

–          lose weight

–          relax

–          and have fun.

Most important, dance gives you peace of mind and leads to pure happiness. Take your pick, you cannot go wrong – Ballroom, Jazz, Hip-hop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Salsa, Bollywood you name it.

Research has proved that dancing also keeps dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay, helps stave off illnesses and improves well-being and confidence, since it is a social, group activity!

You can enhance the benefits of dance by opting to have organic teas, coffees and juices, health supplements like Spirulina, Wheatgrass Powder, Whey Protein, Multivitamins , carry your dance outfits in tote bags  and so much more, all from Natural Mantra!

dancer edited

So just step off the treadmill and dance your way to a healthier way of life!

Image courtesy: First look of Bang Bang! to be released soon