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Fatal Attraction : Cosmetics & Chemicals

How many of you use a deodorant, lipstick, sunscreen or a baby shampoo?

It’s unlikely your answer is a ‘NO’.  While we have provided a list of the dirty dozen toxic chemicals that you must watch out for in your cosmetics, here’s a super interesting infographic that you cannot, must not and should not miss.

Glance through this infographic for your own sake and for the ones you love, especially if you have little children at home.  A lot of us have ignored this and probably have also said ‘chalta hai’ (it’s okay) or may be ‘kuch nahin hota'(nothing will happen).  Here’s proof that you cannot let this pass anymore and the time is now to say no  to products with toxic chemicals.

Fatal Attraction
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Be green today with these 10 simple steps

Eco-friendly home

Adopt a natural, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle. (Image Courtesy : Google)

The best part about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is that it helps you save money. Being green is not about going out and buying a green product, it’s about being aware of how we live each day and the baby steps we take every single day.

If you’ve wanted to start an eco-friendly lifestyle and didn’t know where to begin, here are 10 easy steps you can take today! Rest assured if you practice just a few of these steps you would not only save money but also be our planet’s best friend. ☺

Here are 10 simple tips to go green Right NOW:

Tip 1. Did you buy your favorite jam or achar (pickle)in a glass jar?

Eco-Tip: Re-use the glass jars to store pulses, spices, tiny art supplies and things alike.

Benefit: You’ll save your food from being stored in substandard plastic containers. Moreover, plastic is neither good for your health or the planet’s. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about BPA (Bisphenyl-A) or exposure to cancer.

To parent-to-be, parents of infants and younger children, women and everyone : we’d strongly urge you to read this synopsis put together by the American Cancer Society, about a study enlisting the risks from plastic chemicals such a BPA

Tip 2. Make yourself a promise.

Never leave home without water in a reusable bottle. Absolutely STOP buying plastic disposable bottles. Please refer back to Tip 1 on the ill effects of chemicals such as BPA in plastic. Watch ‘The Story of Bottled Water’. Even though this is specific to the US, it is relevant to India and an eye opener.

Tip 3. Have a baby in diapers?

Eco-Tip: Switch to cloth diapers or use a combination. Leave the disposable diapers for use when you head out of home or have guests over.

Benefit: Cloth diapers or reusable nappies can be a great inexpensive alternative to disposable diapers. Age-old traditions are tried and tested techniques and there is no harm bouncing back to something that is naturally good. Babies who wear cloth nappies have less diaper rash (hence less creams). With cloth diapers your baby won’t be exposed to sodium polyacralate (the shiny crystals in the diaper that can stick to babies skin causing reactions)*1 To read about benefits of cloth diapering here’s a super article on ’10 Benefits To Using Cloth Diapers’ written by Kelly a wonderful mom of three. If your child has sensitive skin try organic pants that are made out of unadulterated soft cotton. They stay soft even after multiple washes. You have to experience them to truly understand its quality.

Tip 4Unplug appliances, chargers and microwaves when they are not in use. 

Definitely turn your computer off completely before you go to bed.

Power Strip helps you unplug multiple plugs in one go.

Eco-Tip:  Consider using a power strip, it’s easy to unplug multiple appliances quickly. Adds to the convenience factor 🙂

Tip 5. Invest in rechargeable batteries and compact fluorescent lights(CFLs) or LED light bulbs.

Tip 6. Reuse old bills, printouts as scrap paper.

If you have children use them to create some stunning artwork for your kids room. Alternatively print on both sides.

Tip 7. Order e-statements and pay your bills online. Phone bills, bank statements, energy bills everything.

Tip 8. Have errands to run?

Eco-Tip: Stop. Pause. Plan. Make a grocery list and stick to it. Additionally try and plan errands in one geographic location together.

Benefit: Firstly, sticking to your list will help you stick to your budget. Shoppers tend to over spend when they don’t have a list, sometimes buying items that are already stocked at home. Lastly, clubbing the errands together in a single geographic area will help will save on petrol.

Tip 9. Bring in some natural light.

Bring in the natural light.

Avoid turning lights on as long as you can.  Alternately do remember to switch off lights, fans or any other appliance before you leave the room or your house.

Lastly, guess you already know this.

Tip 10. Going shopping?

Please carry re-usable bags. Make the synonymous association Shopping = Reusable bag! 🙂

For thoughtful shoppers!

Heading the eco-friendly lifestyle has never been this easy. Sign up for a few of these and you’ll be well on your way to making it a way of life.

We love connecting with our readers. Comments, suggestions, more eco-friendly quick tips? Send them in to and we’ll be happy to give you due credit.

Reduce, re-use, re-cycle.   Be Cool.          Be green!


1. Caldwell, Ginny. “Diapers. Disposable or Cotton?,” Eco-Baby Catalogue

Photo Courtesy : Google Images