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12 Ways to Minimize your #Carbon Footprint through Responsible Tourism

Don’t you love to travel, to trek, to explore and experience high adventure!?  If you travel for relaxation, discovery and adventure – rather than simply to do ‘package tours’ – then responsible tourism is for you.

Trekking Fun

Trek #ResponsibleTourism

What is #ResponsibleTourism?

It is all about exploring the whole world while making sure that we protect the one Earth that we have to save!! Responsible travel is a way of respecting and benefiting local people and the environment. And even more.

Responsible travelers are interested in minimizing their carbon footprint and maximizing their contribution to local inhabitants–both financially and through human and cultural exchange. In many places of tourist interest, whether it be on the beaches, the forests, the river banks or the hills,  Tourism is the mainstay of the locals people’s livelihood.

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Indian Himalayas Trekking

Before you Leave

On the Trip

  • Leave only footprints – throwing soda cans, food wrappers, cigarette butts, toilet paper or food scraps are a no-no. Use reusable containers or stuff sacks and carry a trash bag. Degradable waste and leftover food that may attract animals into camping or eating areas must be buried deep before leaving the site.
  • In high-altitude climbs, it is good to hire local porters. Make sure you pack light so they are not burdened.
  • Walking off-route puts fragile landscapes at risk of erosion. Never pick flowers, burn tree branches or collect natural keepsakes. Stick to used trails, keep a respectful distance from wildlife, burn only dead wood and resist the temptation to remove rocks, shells or plants from their natural environment. Encourage local communities to respect and preserve their environment rather than mining it for souvenir-making from.  It will earn you carbon footprint brownie points!
  • Respect Local Culture: Learn about acceptable behavior, appropriate dress codes and local customs before you travel. Have fun with them, not at their expense.
  • Streams & rivers en route are the locals’ main source of water. To avoid contaminating them, pack refillable water bottles or pouches, and dispose of dirty water away from them.

Spread the Good Word

  • Whilst trekking, talk to other trekkers that you see littering or damaging the environment and politely explain to them the error of their ways.

You owe it to Mother Earth to practice Responsible Tourism – preserve your carbon footprint & protect the fragile environment. Happy Trekking! 

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Leave only footprints