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Mirror Mirror on the Wall… the wonders that Natural Face Packs can do for you!



Our face is the most important part of us when it comes to making a first impression. With a glowing face and a smile, the world is at your feet! At times we look at other women and envy their spotless complexion, radiant with health. We think that they are either naturally blessed with such good skin, or they must have a lot of spare time and money to pamper themselves.

Guess what? We have some good news that will break this misconception of yours. With a little time and attention, you too can get a spotless complexion and healthier-looking skin. We are not going to give you quick fixes or solutions that involve harmful chemicals or expensive trips to the parlor…our fix is totally natural and long-term!

Today, we will explore the world of Natural Face Packs. Now you might have used face packs only during special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays while getting a facial done. But did you know that a regular use of face packs without a facial can get you that healthy and radiant skin that they flash at you in skin-care advertisements?

The purpose of applying a face pack is to draw out impurities, to close the pores, remove any rough scaly surface on the skin and tighten the facial muscles. Using the pads of your fingertips spread the pack gently over the face. Use the palms of your hands to spread the pack over your neck. Do not apply the pack on thread veins if you have them. Relaxation plays an important part here.

Settle yourself in a comfortable armchair or even better, lie on your bed. If you lie down, put some pillows under your legs to raise them slightly. This helps in relaxation. When you are using a face pack it is better to cover your eyes with cotton wool pads squeezed out in cold water or preferably rose water.

If you have an oily skin, leave the mask on for about 10 minutes. For dry and combination skins, leave the mask on for about 5 minutes. Set an alarm clock so that you can really relax. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable, do not wait for the recommended time, and remove the face pack immediately.

Remove the mask with water and cotton wool. Lightly swab off the face pack, taking care not to drag the skin. After that dab on some skin tonic if you have combination or dry skin and astringent if your skin is oily. If your skin is very dry, use a little moisturizer. Do not apply make-up immediately after applying face pack as your skin may go blotchy.

Identifying your skin type is a very important part because if you make a mistake there, nothing else will work out. We suggest you consult an experienced skin expert for the same. Make a thorough note of your skin problems as well (like acne, dark spots, freckles, pimple marks, etc.) that you want to target, one at a time. If you have got this right, well. half your work is done!

Next, set aside one day of the week when you would have some spare time for your skin (Sundays are a good day to pick). Now you have an option of either making a face pack at home or buying a natural face pack from a trusted source First, let us look at the various types of face packs that you can create from the readily available ingredients at home. We have categorized them into skin types to make the choice easier for you.

  • For Dry Skin: Mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of honey and apply on your face.
  • For Normal Skin: Mix milk powder, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of almond oil and make a paste. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • For Sensitive Skin: Mash 1/4th of a banana and mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Apply and wash off after 10 minutes.
  • For Lightening Dark Skin: Combine a tablespoon of gram flour with 2 tablespoon raw milk and few drops of lime juice and apply on your face and neck.

If you don’t want to make a face pack at home, you can pick up a natural face pack too. Here are a few ingredients that you should look out for specific skin type and problems:

  • Rose face pack: Good for anti-aging and beneficial for sensitive, dry and mature skin.
  • Sandalwood face pack: Reduces wrinkles, blemishes, dark patches or pigmentation.
  • Mint face pack: Heals eruptions like pimples and black heads and erases their marks
  • Ubtan: For a natural long-lasting glow
  • Neem face pack: Cleanses and rejuvenates the skin and helps get rid of pimples

Try to make these face packs in smaller quantity as fresher packs are better to use. If you have some extra left, you can refrigerate it for applying the next week, but don’t store it for longer than a week.

Keep the following things in mind while applying a face pack:

  • Before applying the face pack, make sure that there is no residual make-up or any other cosmetics on your skin. Clean your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash and use a cleanser too if required.
  • Do not assume that the longer you keep the face pack on for, the more the benefit. A face pack should only be left on for up to a maximum of 15 minutes. Any longer than that, it will cause more harm than good, like causing wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • It is not necessary to use a face pack only when you do a facial. A face pack can safely be used once every week.
  • Wash the face pack with room temperature water only. Do not scrub or scratch it as it will damage your skin.
  • After you use a face pack, there are a lot of open pores on your skin. It is important to close them otherwise dust and other impurities can enter in it. You can close these pores by rubbing some ice on your face for a while.
  • Never apply a face mask anywhere near the eyes. They will not help you get rid of dark circles, but will cause damage to the sensitive area around your skin. These are separate packs and gels available for baggy eyes and dark circles.
  • The bowl and brush that you use for mixing your face pack should be sterilized by cleaning in hot water.
  • Avoid chemical-based face packs as far as possible. They might show good results in the short run, but they will leave long-term side effects on your skin.

Now it is your turn to be the envy of others with a healthy and glowing face that just needs a smile for make-up! Do let us know your thoughts, personal favourites, and if you have tried any of our suggested face packs, did you like the results? We look forward to hear from you!


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Have you Broken Up with your Make Up yet?

ImageDear lover of healthy, happy skin!

You must have realized by now that the chemicals used in cosmetics are damaging your skin and body.  Do get over your past relationship with harmful cosmetics immediately. And don’t delay, now is the time. Act now!

Recent studies have shown that chemical usage in cosmetics is increasing every day! And to make matters worse, cosmetics manufacturers don’t disclose the chemical ingredients of their products, citing trademark confidentiality!

These companies keep you in the dark and they apparently are very ‘shy’ to disclose their secret ingredients. Let us expose the truth, the secret ingredient is chemical X and here, X = limitless harmful chemicals! So it does not really matter what chemicals are used in your make up products, they are all harmful to your skin. But there is a safe, natural way to healthy, glowing skin.

In India, women have traditionally used many age-old natural products for skin and beauty care:

  1. Coconut Oil: You must’ve heard of those expensive anti-ageing products, but do you know that common coconut oil has great age defying properties?! It penetrates through the skin, prevents wrinkles and is also full of anti-bacterial elements!
  2. Lemon and milk: Conditioners are meant to make your hair smooth, soft and shiny, but do you know that the toxic ingredients in conditioners can damage your hair and result in breakage! The natural alternative for a conditioner is the combination of lemon and milk which keeps your hair silky and nourishes your scalp to make for a healthier head of hair.
  3. Turmeric and curd: There’s no chemical available which can cleanse your skin better than turmeric and curd paste. The curd washes away all the dirt in your skin and turmeric gives a glowing effect to it.
  4. Fruit facial: Fruits such as papaya and banana are great for your skin! Applying papaya on your face makes your skin clear, while banana paste can cure sun burn pretty effectively!

Natural Mantra products incorporate organic & natural materials in a wide range of very effective natural and organic alternatives to cosmetics. You can click here to browse through them on our website, and take your pick.

Before we sign off, all we would like to say is that it’s never too late to rectify the damage that has been done to your skin already. Go natural and stay that way forever!

Do tell us if you found the information above interesting and useful!

Best wishes.
Team Natural Mantra


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Break up with Make up this summer…

Dear lover of glowing, healthy skin!

Summer is that torrid time of year when a lot of things happen! Summer romances and midsummer nights’ dreams, intense heat and cool shade.

In all these vagaries of Mother Nature, your skin does take a real beating! Healthy, glowing skin is of course priority No.1 for health and beauty-conscious women like you.

And when you are aware of the need for an organic and natural way of living to lead a life of holistic wellness…we are sure you will appreciate the importance of certain basic steps you could take to enhance the inner beauty of your body and skin. There are some most surprising bad skin habits you need to break up with to achieve this goal.

Some women use up to 12 cosmetic products per day, exposing themselves to about 175 different chemicals! Do you know that if you tug at your face to put on eyeliner, that could cause premature wrinkles? So whatever one does, one should be within limits…for example, a common mistake is makeup overload! Leaving the house without makeup may make you feel like you’re walking around naked for a few minutes, but after awhile it’s kind of refreshing! Allowing your skin to breathe will help prevent clogged pores and breakouts while avoiding premature aging.

So, if you really believe in natural beauty and health, take a walk on the wild side – ditch your makeup, break up with it, especially the artificial variety that gets applied like a pancake on your face. Anything you put on your face other than sunscreen and moisturizer can’t be that great for your skin.

Do you know that makeup creates mayhem on your rapidly ageing skin? In fact, falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections, clogged pores which can cause acne (and morning pimples!), and residue that can stay on your pillow and cause you to get sick.

Make sure you always wash your face at night and in the morning too, to remove all the oil & dirt and unclog your pores and thus prevent acne. Keep your skin moist with natural moisturizers, for without that moisture you are more prone to wrinkles and dryness, especially in the summer.

The big hype now is that mineral make ups are natural. But all you are doing is clogging the skin with them, creating more black heads, and compromising your natural beauty… why would you need to cover a flaw, blemish, etc. when you can prevent them by cleansing your skin with soap and water, and rehydrating the skin with something that balances out your type of skin.

There are other basic ways of keeping healthy and glowing –

We know breaking up is hard to do, but keep in mind when you intake excess sugar it hurts the collagen nestled in your skin leaving you with sag. Fight your sweet tooth with organic fruits like pineapple or mango.

If you love air-conditioning, especially during the summer months, this tip will probably catch you off guard. Instead of cranking up the cool air, turn your air conditioner down, giving your skin extra moisture. If your cooling unit is always blaring, you’re stripping the air of humidity and moisture your skin needs.
Soft skin is a sign of youthfulness so of course we all want soft smooth skin. Moisturizing morning and night is recommended to maintain the health of your skin. If you are over say 25 you should use two different moisturizers, one at night and one for during the day. Why? Because we want to give our face all the kisses of goodness it needs in the evening but also need to protect it during the day.

During the day an organic sunscreen is an absolutely must. If you are not doing that you might as well do nothing because your poor skin will look old long before it should if you are not protecting it from the sun.

Ex-foliating is the perfect way to keep your skin youthful and healthy by getting rid of all those dead skin cells to expose the beautiful healthy skin that is just below that mask of grease and make up.

Just check out this link to find what special summer offers Natural Mantra has for you to take care of your skin! If you have any questions about skin care or the best choices for you, please feel free to comment below and we shall answer your questions.

And to put on a thinking cap, do remember that the best way to avoid stress, is to take time to do something you enjoy like yoga, read a book, cook or take a walk.

Till next week then!


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

As winter approaches, our skin starts feeling dry and uncomfortable. We’ve all experienced it! But the elements don’t have to get the better of your skin. You can still maintain that beautiful, radiant complexion all season long. As the season changes, it’s time to change your skin care regimen and we are here to tell you just how!

1. Sun Protect

Don’t over look the sunscreen in winters. The sun is equally harmful in both the summers and the winters. This is one part of your skin care regimen that must not change.

2. Exfoliate

A good body scrub and facial exfoliant will help remove dead skin cells from your body, leave you feeling fresh and make your skin more receptive to moisturizer! Add this to your cleansing routine once a week.

3. Lukewarm Bath

Avoid long steaming hot showers which are tempting in the winters. They lead to dryness and moisture loss. Bathe with lukewarm water instead and follow up by applying a rich moisturizer or body oil immediately after the bath to retain moisture.

4. Moisturize!

The best time to moisturize is right after you shower because it will help seal in the moisture. Use a natural oil-based moisturizer for your face and a rich body butter for your body. It will help fight the excessive moisture loss which makes your skin flaky. Your elbows, knuckles and knees are dryness prone areas so lather on generously.

5. Happy Feet

For your feet, apply foot oil or cream at night and wear socks. This will ensure the moisturizer fully seeps into your skin, making it soft and well-hydrated by morning.

6. Go Mild

Use moisturizing face wash & mild cleanser. Try not to wash your face more than three times a day. Strong cleansers can strip off your skins natural oil and make it dry.

7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Stays hydrated and drink loads of water. Eat fruits and vegetables that are packed with water, such as apples, celery and cucumbers. Herbal tea is also soothing when it’s really cold. Drink up and don’t let your skin go thirsty.

8. For Soft Lips

Protect your lips with a good-quality lip balm. Don’t lick your lips; this will only chap your lips more. Instead, keep the lip balm in your purse and apply whenever you like! Natural lip balms are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals, which is important because we always end up licking some, don’t we!

9. No Blow Drying

Give the blow drier a miss this season. Hot air dries the scalp & irritates the skin. Try the tousled look or the wavy style instead. And don’t forget to oil your hair before washing. This will give your hair the added moisture it needs and prevent it from looking rough.

Also, remember to invest in products which suit your skin and simply stay away from products that have sulphates, parabens and phtalates. We recommend using products made from all natural ingredients and which are absolutely chemical-free. Just avoid the dirty dozen when you buy any cosmetics! You are sure to notice a difference in your skin right away! Get set to bring on the new season and keep your skin happy!


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. Founded by parents, helps you choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to our virtual shelf, but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Winter Skin Care: Natural Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is here. Two weeks of ignoring my skin because of a tight work schedule, and I realised something had to be done. Due to low humidity, it’s now become unbearably dry. Had to bid adieu to laziness and say hello to a little pampering to my skin. Needless to say that I ain’t the kind who’d engage in long hours of pampering. Something quick, effective and and needless to say chemical-free.

I have mixed skin which is sensitive. And thin scanty hair to boot. So I always have to remind  myself to check product labels for any toxic chemicals that cause more harm than good in the long run. I personally always try to use as many natural, safe and non-toxic personal care products as possible to avoid harming my already sensitive skin and scalp. While I gathered the various natural options that were available to me to treat dry skin it came to me why not write a post that becomes a ready reference guide to you too.  Within just a few weeks of religious skin care routine I can feel the difference. No kidding!!

Here are a few handy tips for you to ensure that your skin does not suffer in winter and continues to stay soft, supple, healthy and nourished through bleak and harsh weather:

1. Moisturise plenty.  Use a good hand and body lotion to moisturise your hands. Pay special attention to the skin near knuckles and elbows since they darken and turn rough because of the extreme dry air.

USDA certified OG Body Organic Body Butter

Full body butter works well on dry darkened elbows and knees. To regain the natural skin colour before the skin darkened, follow these easy steps:

  • Soak in a bath. Use a body scrub to gently cleanse the dead skin.
  • Use a soft towel to tap the skin dry. Do not wipe the water off. Even if a thin layer of water is left on your skin, it’s alright.
  • Apply body butter and hand lotion except on the elbows and knees.
  • On the elbows and knees, use a skin-lightening oil to ensure that they do not darken further and with constant use, they will gradually regain their original colour.
  • Follow up by applying the body butter or moisturising lotion.
2. Acne is a big problem during winter because of dryness. Start with the dictum: 8 glasses of water a day. Filtered tap water is a non-fancy inexpensive way to maintain your body’s water levels. A couple of extra trips to the washroom are better than muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms that manifest themselves when you stop drinking water because it’s cold. Energy drinks, fizzy colas and coffee and tea do not count as fluid suppliers.
To replenish skin that is already damaged, at night, wash up with a mild face wash and apply a facial moisturiser before turning in for the night.
You might want to try an organic Aloe Vera Gel which has natural astringent properties and has multi-purpose uses. Use it like an antiseptic, or a recommend it as an after-shave it soothes and calms the skin without leaving it oily.  To me it’s a must have in my purse.
3. The skin on the lips is very thin. Moisture escapes easily from here. Hence, to keep the moisture sealed inside to prevent chapped lips, apply a lip balm. Do this after bathing when there’s a tiny bit of moisture still present in the skin. You can later apply lip colour over it. Reapply the lip balm as often as your lips need it.   4. Hair also tends to suffer during winter. More than pre-monsoon weeks. Remember to use hair oil before washing with a mild shampoo, and a conditioner after washing.

Rustic Art 100% Natural Aloe Shampoo.It really works!

Tip: Rinse in tepid or cool water for the last two minutes (as cold as you can manage on winter mornings). This traps the moisture in the hair ensuring that it does not turn brittle when it dries out. You can use a scarf to protect hair from drying out in the breeze.

Soulflower: Stress relief oils

5. A perfect way to pamper your skin from top to bottom is to soak in a half hour bubble bath with fragrant oils and soft music. The aromatherapy oils work wonders in relaxing you. Alternately, you can also lavish your skin with an oil massage and then have a long soak in de-stressing bath salts.
Remember to invest in a product that suits your skin type and hair type. Not choosing the right product for your skin and hair may worsen its condition.  More importantly understand what is ‘truly natural’ and I can’t emphasize it enough. Simply stay away from products that have sulphates, parabens and phtalates. Incase this is too much to remember, visit to shop for products for your family that are safe, healthy, non-toxic products. Their team screens product ingredients so you don’t have to. You will find a wide range of natural, organic non-toxic, safe oils, lotions, scrubs, and balms that you can choose from to pamper your skin and hair during the aftermath of winter. Visit for the full list and details of all natural  products.
About In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our mission is to provide the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all in one place delivered to your door! Leave us a comment and connect with us here:
Post contributed by : Ankita Gujar ; About the Author : Ankita Gujar 
Ankita is a graduate in Sociology and Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The environmental movement has always interested her ever since she was introduced to the water cycle in the 3rd standard. She loves to travel and experience new cultures. At age 21, she first got a taste of “pristine” nature when she backpacked across the Scottish Highlands and she wants her kids to be able to experience that when they grow up to earn their trip across the world. She is also a teacher of languages – English and French. She hopes to make people aware of the advantages of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle because she wants to be able to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin when she gets the courage to pet the tiger and gets out of the house to exercise regularly at the pool in her locality and learns to swim…which is going to probably be around 5 decades from today. So help her to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin. Go Green.