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New years, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and break-ups are the times when women go for a drastic look change. More often than not, they choose to give themselves this change with a new hair-do or hair color.

Now there is no denying that we’ve all had home hair dyeing horror stories that are so bad that a shaved head seems like the only solution. So before you take this colorful leap, think!

Here are a few things that you would like to consider before going through that make-over:

Start with a semi-permanent dye. They are like summer romance and will wear away after about 10 washes. If you are happy with the shade you get, go ahead and make a long-term commitment!

Once you have established your favorite shade, you can go for a permanent color that you would want a happily ever after with.

For the most natural effect of your hair color, stay within three shades of your natural color. 

Deep-condition your hair regularly for a week before using a hair color. If your hair is damaged, the pigment won’t adhere well to your strands and it will end up looking streaky. 15OmAC9

Don’t shampoo for a day or two before you color. Your hair’s natural oils will protect your scalp and prevent irritation.

Dab the roots of your hair with water before applying color. Since the tips of your hair tend to be dry and damaged, they can soak up too much color

After dying, hold off on shampooing for three days. This will give the cuticles–which open during the coloring process–time to close and seal in the color molecules.

Always wash off the color with cold water as hot water can cause cuticles to expand and open, allowing some of the color to escape. Use a color-protect shampoo for your hair color to stay longer.

And while you are on a change in hair color quest, choosing the right type of hair color is even more important than choosing the shade Commercial hair colors and dyes contain harmful chemicals that only deteriorate your hair quality. As per a study by Manipal University, India, about 5% of the total hair dye users suffer from allergies due to harmful chemicals in hair dyeing products. One of the primary allergens used in these dyes is para-Phenylene di amine (pPD).

So what is the alternative, you ask. We are glad to answer that. There are two alternatives to these chemical based hair dyes: Henna and Hair-dyes made from natural extracts of plants.

Natural Mantra has a whole range of hair color products, including henna and natural hair-dyes. Our natural hair dyes are 100% ayurvedic preparations, therefore they don’t give you an immediate effect like chemical based hair dyes do. That said, they have a whole range of other benefits that more than make up for the slight delay.

It helps controls dandruff and increases hair growth. 

The proteins in it provide nourishment to your hair and scalp.

It gives UV Protection and helps maintain luster of the hair shafts.

It does not increase white hair.

It conditions and protects your hair.

The hair that gets damaged by chemical hair color can regain their shine and softness by regular use of our natural hair color!

So what sits on your crown, a head full of beautiful and lustrous hair or an itchy scalp – the choice is yours. In your pursuit to be different, don’t head on for a disaster! Give your hair a shade of joy with natural colors!



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