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Indian Home Remedies for Skin Blemishes

Look around, and you will see that young girls and boys today are increasingly aware of personal grooming. With cellphone cameras being everywhere, every moment is a photo-op! And so, skin blemishes, acne and oily skin are the cause of much agony in front of dressing table mirrors!

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#HomeRemedies for Skin Blemishes

What are skin blemishes?

Some skin blemishes are caused by acne, while others are the result of genetic reasons, pigmentation, high stress levels and hormonal changes. Acne blemishes are usually caused by clogged pores, and are called whiteheads, blackheads or just pimples. Age spotsbroken capillaries, stress levels, hormonal changes and pregnancy stretch marks lead to skin blemishes. Overactivity of the sebaceous glands, which produce oil, is a common cause.

How do you remove blemishes?

The easiest method of treating most cases is to wash your face and ensure you exfoliate and moisturize often. But take heart! Indian women and men have for ages, used natural, everyday kitchen ingredients and ayurvedic herbs to tame acne breakouts:

Groundnut Oil and Lime Juice – Mix in equal proportions and apply it to affected areas of your face.

Honey and Cinnamon Overnight Mask – Blend half tsp. of powdered cinnamon to one tbsp. of honey, apply overnight.

Turmeric and Mint – Mix one tsp. of powdered antiseptic turmeric with fresh mint juice to form a paste. Apply to affected areas, and leave on 30 minutes.

Cucumber Juice and Lemon – Squeeze the juice from a ripe cucumber and blend it with four drops of lemon juice. Apply it to affected areas of your face, leave on for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.

Tulsi (Basil) – Add three tsp. of dried basil leaves to a cup of boiling water, steep for 20 minutes, cool, and apply to affected areas with a cotton ball.

Chemical face packs may damage your skin forever. Today, Ayurveda reinvented is the way to go! Check out our website for a wide array of natural and organic Anti Marks solutions! And get set for lights, camera, action!!!

Skin Blemishes


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10 Kitchen Spices that can help you live better

The humble herb and spice rack in your kitchen today need not be just a decorative feature. They can in fact hold a plethora of natural healing ingredients that can also add great taste to the foods you eat every day.
Of all the herbs and spices you can choose from for flavor, there are 10 that are more powerful than the rest. Below is the list and you may well be surprised to learn of the many diverse conditions for which they’ve proven so very useful.

CINNAMON – Cinnamon bark contains an oily chemical called cinnamaldehyde that kills a variety of illness causing bacteria. It also helps regulate the menstrual cycle and checks flooding during menopause. Also cinnamaldehyde has a tranquilizing effect that helps reduce anxiety and stress.
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CLOVE – Oil of clove is 60 to 90 percent eugenol – a potent pain deadening antimicrobal. It is the most effective stopgap measure for tooth-pain. Clove is also among the spices that can help the body use insulin more effectively, thus lowering blood sugar somewhat. It also speeds up the healing of cold sores.
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FENNEL – Rich in volatile oils, fennel can ease bloating, gas pains, and digestive spasms in the small and large intestines. It can also reduce bad breath and body odor that originates in the intestines. Women who are breastfeeding may find that fennel, which works in a way similar to the body’s hormones, increases milk flow.

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GARLIC – Crushed garlic helps bring down cholesterol and blood pressure and also helps prevents blood clots. It can also reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The various compounds present in garlic kill bacteria and viruses that cause earaches, flu and colds. It is also effective against digestive ailments and diarrhea.

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GINGER – When it comes to quelling the queasiness of motion sickness, ginger has no equal say herbalists. They also recommend it as an effective pain-killer. Ginger beats dimenhydrate, the main ingredient in motion sickness drugs such as Dramamine, for controlling symptoms of seasickness and motion sickness. Ginger stimulates saliva flow and digestive activity, settles the stomach, relieves vomiting, eases pain from gas and diarrhea, and is effective as an anti-nausea remedy.

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TURMERIC – Turmeric is known as Natural Aspirin in the glossary of Ayurvedic medicines. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties relieve swelling and pain due to headaches. It prevents infection and heals wounds too. It helps fight free radicals that damage skin and make it lose its glow and elasticity.

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BASIL – It is one herb that you should definitely keep handy during summers. Simmer down on a hot, harried day by adding the herb to your iced tea: Add 2 or 3 leaves (per serving) while your tea is steeping. It is also a super source of iron. This helps in replenishing a woman’s body during menstruation. It is great to detoxify your liver too.

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FENUGREEK –  is an amazing magic herb that has been traditionally recommended for lowering blood sugar levels. It is highly recommended for lactating mothers. It is extremely beneficial for the treatment of wounds, bronchitis, digestive problems, arthritis, kidney problems, hair & skin and male reproductive conditions.

MUSTARD – They can help control asthma due to their anti inflammatory properties. It is a great source of flavonoids and caretonoid antioxidants that helps in slowing the aging process. To ease pain make a small bundle of the seeds in a muslin cloth, and add it to warm bath water. Either have a long relaxing bath, or soak your tired and aching feet for instant relief. Another great way is to apply the paste of the seed on the area for a few minutes.

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CUMIN – Also known as Jeera, is much more than simply a spice. It helps improve concentration, beats constipation, fights cancer, regulates blood pressure and your heart rate, relieves asthma and cold, prevents anemia, improves your sexual health, is great for pregnant women since it helps them with the symptoms of morning sickness, beats insomnia and enhances memory. Just pop a spoonful of it at the start of your day and see the difference.

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