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Join the Rainbow Brigade – Eat a Rainbow! (Oprah Winfrey does too!)


Better nutrition means cutting out the bad, most certainly! But adding in the good is the good part! But what is healthy food? You can’t go wrong with anything that has bright, vibrant colors—think fruits and vegetables, in Rainbow Colors!!! Oprah has endorsed this often.

Red or rosy-hued fruits and vegetables offer an important antioxidant called lycopene, with health benefits like protecting the skin from sun damage, decreasing the risk of heart disease and certain forms of cancer.
Cooked tomatoes have more lycopene, so ketchup, sauce & salsa are not only fun but are good too! Red Bell Pepper pack twice the vitamin C and 9times as much vitamin A as green ones, fighting everything from asthma to cancer to cataracts.

The vitamin C in orange fruits & vegetables has phytonutrients known to lower blood pressure and contain strong anti-inflammatory properties. Juice is good, but the real fruit is even better, and the peel is bestest!!!.
Also recommended are Sweet Potato, with beta-carotene & fiber, Carrot, with the richest carotene content ever and Cantaloupe!

Close relatives to orange foods, they are also rich in carotenoids. They are shown to decrease the likelihood for such diseases as lung cancer and arthritis, decrease inflammation in the joints, improve the functioning of the respiratory system.
Yellow Bell Pepper provide two and a half times the amount of vitamin C you’d get from an orange.
Pineapple, Corn, loaded with thiamin, which plays a central role in energy production and cognitive function, Banana, loaded with potassium, which strengthens bones, Yellow Squash with its dollops of fiber, manganese, magnesium and folate are great health troves.

Green foods deliver vitamins capable of strengthening bones, muscles and brains. And they an amazing source of antioxidants that, among other benefits, promotes healthy vision.
Avocado, bursting with monounsaturated fats are great for your heart.
Zucchini, a diverse source of nutrients, has omega-3, copper and more, while Brussels Sprouts is one of the strongest natural cancer-fighters. Asparagus, can promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our large intestines, while Romaine Lettuce offers a bouquet of benefits – everything from bone-strengthening vitamin K to folic acid, essential to cardiovascular health. Broccoli have two days’ worth of vitamins C and K in each serving, Kale is a low-calorie source of calcium, and Spinach is one of your best sources of folate, which keeps the body in good supply of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Green Peas abound in vitamins and minerals, plus more fiber than most whole-wheat breads.

Blue, indigo and purple
These foods get their colors from the presence of a unique set of antioxidants called flavonoids, known to improve cardiovascular health and prevent short-term memory loss. They promote new cell growth, fight disease, have Vitamin C & folates.
Blueberries, Eggplant, Blackberries are heroes! Beets derive their color from a cancer-fighting pigment called betacyanin and is rich with fiber, potassium and manganese; while Plums have also been shown to help the body absorb iron better.

True, a lot of these good components are available through organic health supplements, but it is good to have a basic diet that is naturally healthy too, especially for children!

Ready to go grocery shopping? Now you know you need to look for the rainbow to eat!


Source of information: Men’s Health Magazine


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