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Zap the Killer Mosquito!



It’s a lot of fun and welcome relief, the rains!!! But you know of course that the rains bring along a host of diseases, don’t you! Here are some tips on how to avoid a very common, and dangerous, monsoon disease – Malaria.

What causes Malaria?
Malaria is caused by the bite of the female anopheles mosquito infected with parasites. In some rare cases, people can get malaria if they come into contact with infected blood.

What are the Symptoms?
High fever with chills, followed by sweating, body pain and cold-like symptoms.

How is it Treated?
A doctor needs to be consulted as soon as you notice these symptoms. Blood tests will confirm the diagnosis and medication takes care of it. But Malaria often has to run its course to purge you fully of infection. Preventive medication does not always work since there are some parasites that have developed resistance to medicines.

Severe malaria is marked by convulsions, unconsciousness, drowsiness, confusion, not being able to walk, sit, speak or recognise people around. Also, repeated vomiting, inability to retain oral medication, inability to eat or drink, passage of small quantities of dark urine or no urine, severe diarrhea, unexplained heavy bleeding from nose or gums, high fever, severe dehydration, anemia, etc.

How do I Prevent it?
– Protect yourself against mosquito bites with aroma diffusers, garden candles, essential oils
– Use insecticide-treated mosquito nets at night
– Spray insecticides at home
– Apply mosquito repellents to the skin
– Use special oils instead of mosquito coils
– Use Pest Management Services to eliminate mosquitoes
– Grow lemon grass (citronella grass) in your garden or window boxes
– Control mosquito breeding by clearing stagnant water.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s wishing you a malaria-free monsoon season!

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