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Do you really know what the best #FoodHabitsForGoodHealth are?

Whether you are on a #WeightLossPlan or on #LowFatFoods, #HealthyMeals need to be combined with #GoodEatingHabits. After a great meal, don’t you feel totally satisfied?! So what next? Loosen your belt and make space for fruits & dessert?  Coffee, tea?  A smoke perhaps? Take a walk?  Sleep the meal off? Or swim, hit the gym?!


Dangerous acts after a meal #GoodFoodHabits

Well, DON’T! Don’t do any of these we say. The reason is very simple actually!  You see, after a full meal, your body channels the maximum blood circulation to your gastro-intestinal tract, to help in #GoodDigestion.  So any activity that diverts the blood to other parts of the body not only slows down digestion, but reduces your efficiency in that other activity. #GoodEatingHabits means avoiding proven #BadFoodHabits:

  • Do not eat fruits immediately after a meal. It will cause your stomach to bloat, and may even cause diarrhoea, constipation or excess stomach acid. Eat fruits 1 to 2 hours after a meal or an hour before. Desserts are totally taboo. What you say?! Blood sugar surges after a meal and the focus for the next few hours is to normalize it.
  • Do not drink tea, because tea leaves have a high tannic acid content. This will combine with proteins, and affects absorption of both protein and iron.
  • #IsSmokingAfterEatingBad? Smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes since the absorption rate is heightened, magnifying the ill effects of nicotine on our system, like cancer.
  • Do not loosen your belt! This will make you feel comfortable, yes, but can lead to decreased pressure in the abdominal cavity, and weakened digestion.
  • Bathing or showering after a meal causes increased blood flow to the body. The amount of blood around the stomach will decrease, and weaken the digestive system. You could get dyspepsia too.
  • #IsExerciseAfterEatingBad? Do not walk about, exercise or swim after a meal. You could cramp up, and may even drown! Neither system – your digestive tract nor your muscles gets enough blood flow and the tissues begin to cramp.
  • Do not sleep immediately – A nap increases insulin dependence to normalize blood   sugar, and may lead to insulin resistance and gastric problems & infections.

Thus you need #FoodHabitsForGoodHealth that avoid all these taboos. Happy Feasting now!

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