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Zap the Killer Mosquito!



It’s a lot of fun and welcome relief, the rains!!! But you know of course that the rains bring along a host of diseases, don’t you! Here are some tips on how to avoid a very common, and dangerous, monsoon disease – Malaria.

What causes Malaria?
Malaria is caused by the bite of the female anopheles mosquito infected with parasites. In some rare cases, people can get malaria if they come into contact with infected blood.

What are the Symptoms?
High fever with chills, followed by sweating, body pain and cold-like symptoms.

How is it Treated?
A doctor needs to be consulted as soon as you notice these symptoms. Blood tests will confirm the diagnosis and medication takes care of it. But Malaria often has to run its course to purge you fully of infection. Preventive medication does not always work since there are some parasites that have developed resistance to medicines.

Severe malaria is marked by convulsions, unconsciousness, drowsiness, confusion, not being able to walk, sit, speak or recognise people around. Also, repeated vomiting, inability to retain oral medication, inability to eat or drink, passage of small quantities of dark urine or no urine, severe diarrhea, unexplained heavy bleeding from nose or gums, high fever, severe dehydration, anemia, etc.

How do I Prevent it?
– Protect yourself against mosquito bites with aroma diffusers, garden candles, essential oils
– Use insecticide-treated mosquito nets at night
– Spray insecticides at home
– Apply mosquito repellents to the skin
– Use special oils instead of mosquito coils
– Use Pest Management Services to eliminate mosquitoes
– Grow lemon grass (citronella grass) in your garden or window boxes
– Control mosquito breeding by clearing stagnant water.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s wishing you a malaria-free monsoon season!

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Build a healthy home this monsoon!


This monsoon, open your doors and windows to joy,
Not to an unclean home filled with diseases & odour!

Have you ever heard the quote – One man’s friend, is another man’s foe!

We’d like to begin our blog on home safety this monsoon by drawing an analogy with this quote.

You know how kids enjoy playing in puddles and couples love taking romantic walks under one umbrella during the rains. But for a housewife, there is no play and no romance in monsoon, but a messy home filled with a musty smell, damp clothes, insects and bacteria!

Today, we will turn that around and tell you how even a home-maker can stop worrying and start enjoying the monsoons!

Let us start by discussing the main problems that occur on a typical rainy day:

– Damp clothes that refuse to dry for days together, leaving you with musty smelling clothes

– Footprints filled with mud and leaking umbrellas and rain-coats

– Stained carpets filled with moisture and mud

– Breeding mosquitoes in damp areas of the house

– Power-cuts

– Leaking walls and roof

– Diseases caused by insects and bacteria

– Silver fish in wardrobes

– Drain clogging

We could have added more to the list, but then these are the major pain-points. So now we come to the part where we tell you how you can deal with them. Here goes:

– Damp Clothes: After washing your clothes, put them on hangers. Buy those portable cloth-hanging stands and place the hangers on them. Now put this stand in one of your empty rooms and switch on the fan at full speed. As for the musty smell, use some natural clothes freshener that will also act as a conditioner for clothes.

– Footprints, stained carpets with leaking clothes & rainy-wear: Roll away your wool and other expensive carpets and instead, spread out decorative bamboo mat, coir mat or synthetic mat. Before putting away your expensive carpets, roll them in plastic sheets so that moisture doesn’t get through it.

Keep a bucket at the entrance of your house where your family or guests can dump their rainy-wear before entering the house

Roll out use-and-throw door-mats where they can wipe their muddy footwear

– Mosquitoes and Insects: Monsoons create breeding grounds for various disease-causing insects that find a way into our homes. Keep your home safe from these insects without the suffocating smoke of repellants. Instead, try the Freshener Oils from Natural Mantra that are effective combinations of Essential Oils from wood, leaves & grass. They help naturally to offset odour and freshen up surrounding. It has anti bacterial properties and helps clean and deodorize air.

– Power-cuts: Power-cuts are not an unusual phenomenon during the monsoons. It is annoying and unpleasant, though most of us have chargeable batteries handy for such times.

But here is a quick way to turn the power-cut into a beautiful evening. Light up your house with aromatic candles and beautiful candle-stands.

– Leaking walls and roof: If some walls are damp, get them waterproofed. The terrace can also be waterproofed. Get the drainage cleaned up as they tend to clog during the monsoon by filling up with mud, leaves and dirt. Seal the cracks formed in your walls and windows so that rain water doesn’t enter your home.  Fill gaps between sliding windows with rubber lining to keep water from seeping through on a windy, rainy day. If you have metal surfaces that you suspect could get rusty, treat them with a waterproofing spray.

– Silver fish in wardrobes: You can use naphthalene balls in your closet which will protect your clothes and other valuable things from moisture as well as insects. Alternatively, you can put Neem leaves as it prevents silver fish to enter your cupboards in monsoon and can use cloves to keep insects away from your clothes.

-Drain clogging: Get the drainage cleaned up as they tend to clog during the monsoon by filling up with mud, leaves and dirt. Ensure that the water drains on your roof are working well; otherwise water may stagnate on the roof and start seeping through the ceiling and walls.

This may seem overwhelming and a lot to do, but with a little planning and help from your family members, you can easily make your home a healthy home this monsoon. Now the rainy evenings will no more be morose and filled with cleaning and tidying. Let your hair down and enjoy sipping some hot chai with pakoras the next time the Rain-Gods shower you with their love!

You can buy a lot of home-care products that will help you in keeping your home clean and fresh from the comfort of your home through Natural Mantra. Visit this link to place your order!

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Rains play havoc on your skin and hair!


The onset of the monsoon is a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. Monsoons are good for our crops and we enjoy the fresh breezes and wet fun in the rains! But the, every silver lining has a cloud attached!

This season takes a toll on your skin and hair. Greasy skin, acne and hair fall are just some of the issues. During the rains the skin behaves differently and attracts more grime and dust than usual. Take some time off to exfoliate the face, body and feet. Here are some holistic solutions to your woes.

Get ready to glow this monsoon!

Hydrate: It is easy for the skin to get dehydrated during monsoons, so use a toner that will provide effective hydration. Use it every morning and evening for maximum effect, to maintain the natural pH balance of your skin. You need to be extra careful about cleansing your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. Use a cleansing agent which is gentle and yet strong enough to remove all dirt.

Eat & Drink Healthy: Remember to nourish your skin from the inside too – eat salads blanched in boiling water to disinfect them, vegetable soup which will keep you warm and healthy and drink the usual 8-10 glasses of water. Your skin is always thirstier than you are!

Face masks:

Wash and clean your face daily and religiously with a gentle cleansing milk which is rich in antioxidants and also helps remove impurities and dirt from your pores. Use a face mask at least once a week depending on your skin type. Face masks help soothe the skin, get rid of inflammation issues and breakouts.

Exfoliate your face with a refining polish using gentle circular movements. For optimum results, concentrate on problem areas such as dry or congested skin.

Face refreshers provide an ultra relaxing and fresh clean up of the face for both men and women. They whisk away all the layers of dead skin that pile up during the sticky monsoon weather with the gentle but effective exfoliating scrub, toner and masks, which also have mild antiseptic properties.


Rinse. Pat dry and use a serum/oil on your face and allow to absorb. Use a face mask all over face and neck and finish with your preferred moisturiser. Use a facial mist that soothes, moisturises and relaxes your face. They contain sunscreen, minerals, antioxidants or other ingredients that nourish and protect skin.

The biggest problem that your skin faces is combating acne due to open pores and high humidity. The solution? Good old Indian neem. Most international beauty products now come with neem extracts because it has good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Look for skincare products that have neem as an ingredient, or simply make a paste out of fresh neem leaves and apply it to your face. Or you can even have a shot of neem juice in the morning.


Don’t avoid sunscreen lotions at all during the rainy season. As long as there is daylight, our skin needs protection from UVA and UVB ray.

Hair Care

Don’t use too much of hair products and use only a mild shampoo and gentle conditioner for the hair. 
The weather can make the hair dull, flat and tangled.

Use hair serum the previous night and massage into scalp as well as the shaft. The next day wash hair with a mild shampoo and apply a hair mask in the shower and steam. Rinse.  In the meantime, use a body polish and exfoliate the entire body concentrating on dry areas.
· Good and effective cleansing using a volumizing shampoo twice or thrice a week is highly recommended as hair tends to go limp in this season
· Conditioning your hair becomes twice as important during this season. Don’t shun it if you have sticky hair, instead opt for a light conditioner that is suited for limp, oily hair
· Keep the scalp dry to avoid scalp conditions like fungal and bacterial infections, which are more prevalent during the monsoon
· If you need to blow dry your hair, apply a leave-on conditioner prior to it
· Go easy on styling during this season. Excessive use of hair gels and sprays will only cause further damage
· Take time off from your busy schedule and book yourself a hair spa therapy appointment
· Oiling once a week would help but make sure you wash your hair well as residue oil can attract dust and grime, which along with sweat, can cause dandruff and even scalp infections
· Keep your hair trimmed and short during the season
· Food for hair – milk and milk products, nuts, soya products


Body Care:

At home spa ritual: It’s extremely important to keep the massage clean and dry and it is imperative that one uses chemical-free organic products.

Foot Care:
· Effective cleansing of feet is very important as they get exposed to lot of grime
· Do not forget to completely dry your feet so as to prevent fungal infections
· Avoid wearing boots as these hold water for a longer duration, creating a soggy environment for your feet

A weekly foot massage is good. Our feet bear the brunt of the season. Go for regular pedicures. Begin with a mint and lemon grass foot scrub followed by a pure aroma oil massage that provides a protective layer from germs and infections. The stimulation of blood and lymphatic fluid circulation keeps the feet and body healthier.


So although the sky may carry a gloomy cast, you can brush off your skin woes, with a guarantee of beautiful, glowing skin and toss your healthy hair at the lowering skies!

Just sit back and enjoy the season!