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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Beautiful Eco-Friendly Gifts


Mothers are the human beings that should be celebrated every day. It so happens that we forget the magnificent achievements of mothers in our daily routine. Her contribution to our lives cannot be rewarded in any other way than our love. If a small token of affection is added to this, it will make Mother’s Day that much special. It is a tradition that is almost 108 years old and is meant for the woman who is a caregiver, a teacher, a manager; only the few duties that she performs on the go while making sure that her children have the best. While one day is not enough to appreciate such an important person, however Mother’s Day gives us this special chance to pamper her to the fullest. Just A beautiful mother’s day card with a heartfelt message can win her heart, as they say but this year we recommend you to walk that extra mile to embrace her, lover her more and more!

Make this day exceptional by adding one of the many small gifts mentioned below, coupled with a special Mother’s Day message.


1Indie Eco Candles

Candles signify more than just home decor accessories. They dispel darkness and bring light and growth into our lives. A mother is no less than a candle, and these aromatic organic candles will certainly be the perfect gift for her. This assorted pack of 4 candles with no harmful toxin emissions can be lighted in any corner of the room to brighten up the area. Additionally, the scent of essential oils like cinnamon with a hint of orange, jasmine, vanilla cream, and lemongrass will relax every stressed mother from the inside.

2. Maduban Naturals Handmade Pomegranate Chocolates          


It is not just the children who deserve to be pampered with chocolates, but mothers do too. Though in the latter’s case, it is the taste and health that have to be kept in mind as she did for all our meals. Maduban Natural’s premium dark chocolates are rich with pomegranate fruit extract, fruit bits and nuts, which form a tasty as well as healthy snack for every mom-on-the-go. Its health contributions like ant ageing properties and iron content will make it a thoughtful and essential gift.

3. Omved Aromatherapy Health Massage Oil Set

It is an everyday task to be a mother with no time to relax. For such frantic moments, aromatherapy works like magic to ease out all the stress. This product containing various aromatherapy massage oils captures all the charm in one box to make sure that stress disappears in a jiffy. Massaging or inhaling these oils work just perfect for the tired out moms. The blended oils relax the nervous system and further helps to calm the mind that is always running high gear. It gets them rejuvenated with gorgeous skin and a peaceful night sleep enjoying the most relaxing oil therapy.

4. Wild Earth Indulgence Gift Set


A mother’s day should always begin with a soothing combination of love and care. These handmade natural bath gift sets, each comprising of natural soaps, organic shampoo and lotion will provide with the same. The vanilla coffee loofah is a unique soap that will scrub away the dead cells revealing a supple skin for summers especially. The embedded loofah slowly removes all non-essentials away. The soothing Ylang Ylang soap is loaded with calming notes that can chase away every wandering thought. The Rose Honey Face and Body wash keeps the skin smelling with the freshness of roses while the Almond Saffron Body Lotion helps to make the skin glow.

5. Soulflower Hair care Hamper Set


She has groomed us to be the beautiful little souls that we are, so why not indulge her with this hamper of hair care. It is a pack of massage oils with each one having their own unique caring properties formulated specially for a mother’s hair. The refreshing lavender massage oil will help promoting healthy hair, which is thick from the roots. Soulflower cold pressed jojoba carrier oil will help control any frizz while the rosemary essential oil will help distress the mind, reduce exhaustion and lethargy. Together, this hamper will provide your mother the care as well as the compliments she always deserved.

 6. Energy Booster Pack

Finally, it is time the backbone of the family had her pack of strength. Everyday stress takes away a lot of calcium from the system and as women age the body has problems retaining this element naturally. The supplements provide women with the essential calcium, and the bones absorb its CAL-VITA complex easily, which eliminates degenerative diseases like Osteoporosis. As motherhood is a job with no holidays it is essential that we take extra care of this genius member of our family and make sure she is as healthy as she can be. After all, a healthy mother is what makes a healthy family.


You can buy special gift sets on the occasion of Mother’s Day at


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Mother’s Day – Return her priceless love with a Mother’s Day Gift!


Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,

Hundreds of bees in purple clover,

Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,

But only one mother the wide world over – George Cooper

This poet has definitely struck the right cord and conveyed the most important message, that our mother means the world to us! She dedicates her entire life to make us what we are and we get just one day, Mother’s Day, to acknowledge her. Not fair, is it? But nevertheless, this is her day, this is the time she deserves the best attention and care from you!


There are so many run-of-the-mill ways to show her your love on Mother’s Day –  cooking her an awesome dinner, giving her a self-crafted greeting card, etc. But if she is really special to you, you have to come up with some special gifting ideas! All you have to do is think off-the-wall.  Choose a really thoughtful gift to get a big smile on her face! Look at these options:

1. Luxury Spa Collection – This collection contains the best of organic & natural spa products by Puro Body & Soul, including icy blue body wash, freshly scented aqua candles, relaxing massage oil, meditation incense sticks and embroidered face towel. With this collection, she can rejuvenate her senses and if she doesn’t want to visit a spa, this is the perfect gift for her!


2. Mother’s Day Combo Pack – This combo pack consists of floral fusion body splash, peach lip butter and citrus blast scrub again from Puro Body & Soul. Keep in mind that these products have been specially selected by the experts for Mother’s Day, so your Mom’s sure to love it!


3. Anti-aging Pack – She will always be too busy to notice the signs of ageing and even if she does, she won’t do much about it. So it’s up to you to help her remain as gorgeous as ever. For that, you can gift her this anti-aging pack from Lass Naturals, which is a chemical-free and effective solution to achieve wrinkle-free and glowing skin. This amazing combo pack contains Anti Aging Cream which reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots, naturally.


4. OG Mama Products – On Natural Mantra, you have a wide variety of OG Mama products to choose from, and the best part is that to celebrate the auspicious event of Mother’s Day, OG Mama is offering 20% discount on all its products!


5. Gift Certificates – If you belong to the I-am-so-confused fraternity, then the best gifting option for you is Natural Mantra’s gift certificates. These certificates range from Rs 500 to Rs.3000 and the best advantage gift certificates endow is that your mom can get the gift of her choice!


Now that we have given you the finest gifting options, we hope that you make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one ever – for her and for you!


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