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Farmer’s Market : A neat surprise

Terra Madre a worldwide event.

On the 10th of December, as the world celebrated Terra Madre or Mother Earth Day, a select group of Mumbaikar’s initiated the global Terra Madre movement at the local Farmer’s Market. On the 11th of December, at the Farmer’s Market in Bandra, Mother Earth day was celebrated in a unique and exciting way to promote eco-friendly lifestyles even in the middle of a metropolis.

Live Music : Courtesy Tribal Flora

Amidst the hypnotic droning of the Didgeridoos and rhythms being tapped out on (what I assume was) a wood box by this organic music band called “Tribal Flora”, people shopped for organic vegetables, fruits, cotton t-shirts, lead-free cosmetics, hand-made paper book marks and so much more!

I’m new to the whole Green products market and I was a bit sceptical about it. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough variety to choose from, the stuff would be really expensive and that I would probably have to compromise on the “coolness” quotient if I had to go green. These are preconceived notions that anyone can have before trying out something new. But I tried to keep an open mind, looking around for interesting products that appealed to my sense of style, my budget and my perception of the green movement: more importantly what eco-friendly means to me.
It is difficult to actualise the idea of going green in an urban set-up. Often times, one wonders is it even practical?  And I’m a part-time student with a shoe-string budget. However, the local farmer’s market surprised me with quite a lot of things I saw on display and for sale.

Visiting cards we fell in love with :).

“Our Little Bit” had a cardamom flavoured beeswax and honey lip-balm which I picked up. There were chocolate cup-cakes made from organic food products which I was sorely tempted to eat, but I didn’t. There were movies being screened, books that were printed on handmade paper had been put up for sale. There were so many things to look at, eat, take home, read, wear – organic laddoos, dry fruits, and yes, elephant poo paper diaries.

Talking about the diaries, there are two brands that caught my eye. The Root has something that gives my eclectic side quite a kick: Elephant poo paper diaries. The t-shirts have designs that focus on contemporary issues of consumerism,war a need for peace, our planetary health.

The Root Tees : Go Eco Tiger

My father loves earthy shades of beige, olive green and ochre and The Root has these lovely colours and the designs on them are so tastefully done – creative, cool and direct in its approach to the issues that the brand is all about. I’m really eager to get one of the tees for my dad as a birthday gift.
The best thing about The Root is that, it’s not preachy and that’s a great relief because sometimes any kind of education about a movement has a risk of being condescending. The Root manages to get its message across beautifully, elegantly, creatively and clearly without coming across as being holier than thou.  Quite frankly, I’m in love with their bookmarks, their refrigerator magnets and yes, of course, the elephant poo paper diaries. The only thing I wish for – the tees to be made in my size. For now they are available only in Medium, Large and Extra-large. I hope they come out in more sizes! (Nitesh: If you’re reading this, please make them in small and extra-small.)
Along with “The Root” which is for the more serious environmentalist, “No Nasties” offer some funky t-shirts with youth-oriented designs which bring out the cool eco-warrior in the conscious younger generation.
Clean Planet has funky bags; Pretty totes, gift bags, cloth bags to keep ones veggies fresh even in the refrigerator, and printed messages that are tongue-in-cheek, which makes it all the more fun to carry these totes around.

Clean Planet is about catering to all lifestyle groups that want to go green. Be it formal totes, foldable cloth bags for occupying less space in one’s purse, handmade-paper diaries, and Christmas decorations made from recycled paper with witty quotes.
Some of my favourites:

Don’t blow it. Good planets are hard to find.
After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say, “I want to see the manager!”
Don’t knock the weather. Nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.

I highly recommend you check the Clean Planet Totes collections here. You’re guaranteed to find a tote that speaks for you.

My afternoon at the Farmer’s Market was a relaxed way to spend a Sunday. Bought some cherry tomatoes, lettuce and onions and made a nice salad for dinner. All this ambling around was accompanied by lovely background music by the band Travel Flora. Blissful day at the market with a lot of things to discover and learn…sigh…If every trip to the market with mum is like this…



In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our mission is to provide the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all in one place delivered to your door!

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Post contributed by : Ankita Gujar ; Photos: Tina Datta

About the Author : Ankita Gujar 

Ankita is a graduate in Sociology and Political Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The environmental movement has always interested her ever since she was introduced to the water cycle in the 3rd standard. She loves to travel and experience new cultures. At age 21, she first got a taste of “pristine” nature when she backpacked across the Scottish Highlands and she wants her kids to be able to experience that when they grow up to earn their trip across the world. She is also a teacher of languages – English and French. She hopes to make people aware of the advantages of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle because she wants to be able to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin when she gets the courage to pet the tiger and gets out of the house to exercise regularly at the pool in her locality and learns to swim…which is going to probably be around 5 decades from today. So help her to pet a tiger and swim with a dolphin. Go Green.


Green gifting ideas this Diwali from the Farmer’s Market

Image Courtesy : Google

The farmers’ market last Sunday (Oct 9) was bustling with many new faces and lots of positive energy. We met a new set of enthusiastic sellers with their equally amazing products. With Diwali less than three weeks away, we wanted to make this post more relevant to you. Taking forward from our previous post on ‘Glimpses from the farmers’ market Oct 2′, we’ve attempted to compile this handy-list, on unique eco-friendly gifting options we saw at the farmers’ market. More importantly, the one’s on this list are all safe, healthy, non-toxic options for your family and friends.

Here’s a list of some unique green gifting options that we bring forth in no particular order.

Gifts for young children:

Wood-free pencils are made out of wastes like plastic bags, thermacol plates, denims using lesser amounts of our natural resources

Notebooks out of recycled paper can be unique gifts not only for the older kids but also for moms

Neat lead-free toys and games makes these a gift that is sure to create an impression about you and your choices

1.  KEC Games and ToysColourful, vibrant, thoughtful, earth-friendly toys and art supplies from KEC Games and Toys. 

We love them because…

These products are made out of products derived from natural materials such a wood, paper, jute, rope, lac. For example,the pencils are not made of wood but waste material like plastic and more. They have some interesting children’s toys that are non-toxic and hence safe for children. Being a mom of a four year old these work as magnets for me. What truly appealed to me is that they have some really  neat traditional games which encourage experiential learning, encouraging creativity, strategic thinking and skill building. It’s a far better option as compared to television and video games.  The added charm about buying these games is that these also support the work of rural artisans and craftsmen by giving them a sustained source of income.

Gifts for women

2. Young Cosmetics with certified organic ingredients

Natural, safe, chemical-free cosmetics with a wide range of colours to suit the Indian skin tone. The ingredients include (ghee) clarified butter, kokum butter (garcinia indica), honey, beeswax

A long shelf life and yippee cruelty free

Young Cosmetics

We love them because…

Young cosmetics range are 100% chemical-free products. Rest assured, these line of products are devoid of any chemicals such as sulphates(SLS), parabens, petroleum based ingredients or any synthetic preservatives, When I read the ingredients on the pack the Young Mango Butter Moisturizer mentioned certified organic ingredients such as clarified butter, kokum butter, honey, beeswax.  Something interesting that stuck a chord was mango butter which has healing and regenerative properties. The icing on the cake, it also protects your skin from harmful sun damage. What I gather here is that I can simply wear this moisturizer on my skin along with a dash of natural lipstick and head out!

Young cosmetics range of products include lipsticks, lip balms, foundation, moisturizer and body lotion. This time consider a safe, chemical-free gifting option.

3.  Gifts for pregnant women and infants

Great little organic goodies to carry in your purse

USDA certified organic herbal teas from mommy and baby

The USDA certified organic Maternity gift baskets

We love them because…

OG Mama’s website says it well  ‘What goes on, goes in’. What we apply on our skin, matters.  Samskara Wellness has a pretty neat basket of organic goodies to offer.  Because it’s certified organic it makes a great quality gift for moms-to-be . The pregnancy gift basket includes a large Organic Belly Butter (236ml), an Organic Lavender  Gentle soap (236ml), a Organic Lavender  Moisture Oil (236ml), an Organic Pregnancy Tea(from Traditional Medicinals), a Hyacinth picture frame all filled in a flower pot.

I particularly was attracted to the organic caffeine-free herbal teas. They are available for:

  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding moms
  • women to help promote the health of the female system
  • the health of the urinary tract

I picked up the Organic Cran-Acid teas for my mom. We’ll come back with our review in a few weeks.

Neat set of products worth a try.  You will get addicted to these!

4. Unique memorable gifts for your friends. Home Décor

Visiting cards we fell in love with :).

Bees wax filled in empty coconut shells. How cool is that?

You can definitely find something interesting to gift here

Our Lil BitYou’ll get a drift of their unique products once you see their visiting cards.  I sure haven’t seen something like this, ever since I left my high-profile, stressful advertising job.

We love them because:

The products in the Our Lil Bit  outlet come from 15 NGOs who make hundred’s of eco-friendly products. It’s hard to leave them without buying something.  From pen holders to little containers that can be used to keep jewellery, to beeswax candles, recycled pin boards, natural mosquito repellants, organic herbs and a lot more. You will most certainly find something or the other that you can gift this Diwali.  Certainly give this store a try. Their cause is noble as they work to preserve and sustain planet earth as there is no Planet B. 🙂 (Picked this up from their visiting card)


Beyond the ones we listed above from Day 2 at the Farmer’s Market, this list of eco-friendly gift options is incomplete without the brands we included in our previous blog post: ‘Glimpses from the Farmer’s Market in Mumbai – Oct 2nd’.

6.  Omved

Omved candles comes with a lid for long lasting fragrance.

7. Ecorico dryfruits:

A highly recommended safe, healthy replacement to the traditional dry-fruits, Ecorico’s cashews, apricots and other nuts come in its most raw natural form without the treatment of any harmful chemical pesticides. Because it comes untreated with any kind of chemicals, it has a naturally rich taste.  The difference is that obvious. Try them to get addicted!

Ecorico certified organic nuts: A healthier substitute for the traditional dried fruits your find in the markets

One of my personal favorite gifting options from Ecorico

Eco-friendly Fashion :

8. No Nasties

T-shirts that lead a movement.

Gift a Service 🙂

9. Healthy organic dabba service under the guidance of Kavita Mukhi : Sahi Tiffin

Sahi Tiffin: Nutritious healthy organic meals under Kavita Mukhi's nutrition guidelines

Have a friend, husband, wife who needs nutritious organic food? Try Sahi Tiffin services at Rs. 950 per week. Call them at 9819865135 for more information.

To conclude…

We certainly hope that you have a few extra meaningful gifting options to consider this Diwali. Make it a sustainable, eco-friendly, less polluting Diwali.  We are fast working to get our online store up so that you can find products that are healthy, safe, non-toxic and sustainable at the click of a button.  We’re working to making eco-friendly living easy, affordable and convenient.

To view more photos from the farmers market please do visit the album on .

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Disclaimer:  The views expressed are that of the author alone based on my personal experience at the market.  

About the author: Tina is the mother of a beautiful, curious 4 year old girl. She returned to India early this year after living the San Jose, California, USA for over 5 years. She strives hard to reduce, reuse and buy products that are natural, organic and more importantly sustainable.  She is also a social media professional in a leading social media agency in India, a professional children’s photographer, and supports the movement towards a sustainable future for our planet. Connect with her on


Image Courtesy : Google

Nothing excites me more that the sight of bright, farm fresh organic vegetables. It was all here at the Farmer’s Market coupled with a first hand experience of some amazing natural and organic products.  With these amazing earth-friendly products, we also had a chance to personally meet equally amazing and passionate sellers.

The Bandra Farmer's Market

On Sunday Oct 2, 2011,  we visited Kavita Mukhi’s Farmer’s Market Season 3 here in Mumbai.

Where : Bhalla House, 97 Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai.
Landmark: Opposite Saint Andrew’s Church,
When  : All Sundays October 2, 2011 to April 29, 2012
Time    : Sundays, 10 am to 4 pm

(If you plan to frequent the market every Sunday, please make a note of this.  Farmer’s market happens in October & November in Bandra and shifts to Mahalaxmi Race Course from December through April. For more details please visit this link : Farmer’s Market Mumbai)

Glimpses you cannot miss

Here’s a glimpse of the sights we captured this Sunday at this homey, close to nature, unadulterated market place with like-minded thoughtful shoppers and passionate sellers. Take a peak into this blissful natural, organic and eco-friendly market along with a few brands that caught my eye.

First off : Sights of some certified organic vegetables! Needless to say we bought some for the week! 🙂

Certified organic greens

Certified organic potatoes

Certified organic vegetables

Organic vege-delight!

While the choice of produce was limited this Sunday, I hope to see more varieties of vegetables and fruits that I can carry home in the coming weeks. For those looking for home delivery of organic vegetables straight from the farm we were happy to meet ‘Jiyo Organic‘ who takes orders twice a week. A great help for many who can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market every Sunday.


Sustainable brands that caught my eye


Omved: As you entered the market we stopped to experience a few Omved  products on display. One of the first impressions these products exude is that of distinct high quality and very Indian. From its packaging to the captivating fragrance, going away without a purchase is hard. As mentioned on their site, Omved stands for Om: The absolute; Ved: knowledge.   Their range of products are made by master artisans and tribal craftsmen in village units, fair trade of course! These products are handcrafted, natural, chemical free, non-toxic, biodegradable thus sustainable.  It emphatically brings back ancient Vedic traditions with a high element of design. Here are just a few for you to see 🙂

You can find them on

Omved incense sticks

Omved tin candles.

The Omved stall

Ecorico snacks. Power snacking without the chemicals. Now how good is that? Their product range includes organic dried apricots, dried figs, almonds, cashews and pistachios free of sulphites, preservatives, colourings and allergens.  What appealed to me the most is that it can be a healthy snacking option for my little four year old as well.

An interesting offering were the impressive gift packs. Take a look to exclaim : Vow!

You can join their Facebook Page @ Ecorico-Organic-Club

No Nasties

Can eco-friendly brands be fun and cool? Hell ya! 100% pure organic cotton T-shirts with edgy designs,  high on creativity and style statements. These T-shirt lend a personality of their own coupled with the styling and the fitting. It’s definitely not the typical T-shirt. also has an eye-catching website design. It stands out just like their T-shirts!  Three cheers to the No Nasties team for heading this movement!

You can join their fanclub on

Shop for change!

Beyond the green produce we loved the organic cupcakes, pulses, cereal bars, nutritious organic meals and snacks, bath and body, natural mosquito repellants, and a whole lot of natural, organic products for your home.

Here’s an extended glimpse:

Homemade Organic cakes and cupcakes

Time for some Organic Healing?

These surprised us!! Amazingly delicious Gouri's cereal bars!

We hope you enjoyed these glimpses.  To view more photos from the farmers market please do visit us on Facebook.

If you visited this farmer’s market or a market in your locality, please share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear from you :). Leave us a comment or connect with us here:

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Disclaimer:  The views expressed are that of the author alone based on my personal experience at the market.