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Organic 101: Benefits Of Organic Products

Today we are seeing more and more products with “organic” stickers plastered on them, hearing friends gush about their new organic cosmetics and reading people boast on Facebook about how they’ve switched their diets to only organic and gluten-free food. Yet, amongst this significant increase in popularity for going organic, people are left wondering what it even means. So, let’s break it down with some Organic 101:

What is Organic?

The simple definition of the term is: food and products made without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, dyes and other artificial chemicals. Not using these artificial products helps to improve the quality of the food produced and decreases the risk of contamination.

Organic farmers often swap out chemical fertilizers with natural ones such as manure and compost and instead of synthetic pesticides and herbicides use more natural methods like using insects and birds, crop rotation, mulching, hand weeding etc.

Not only are plants treated more naturally, but so are the animals and livestock raised for eggs, poultry, meat, and dairy products. They must have access to the outdoors and are not fed any regulating hormones, drugs, antibiotics or genetically modified feed. This organic farming helps to ensure that the food eventually reaching our mouths is more clean and pure, with less chemicals altering its natural state.

“Organic agriculture is a systems approach to production that is working towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production.” says the Department for Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

What are the Benefits for Me?

So now that we know what organic means, it’s important to understand to the benefits! Here are some of the top reasons organic food and products are good for your health:

  •   They are easier for the body to break down in comparison to the chemicals and metals found inside the fertilizers used on inorganic products.
  •   They have more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (substances that help in preventing types of cell damage).
  •   Reduces exposure in your body to the residue from pesticides and chemicals.
  •   They are fresher due to the lack of preservatives.
  •   Taste better because of the care given to the soil and plants!
  •   Food labeled as organic undergoes a certification process so you can be sure no toxic chemicals are sneaking in there.

What are the Benefits for the Environment?

Not only is organic food good for you, but great for the environment too. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  •   Increases biodiversity: fewer chemicals are used that harm bees and other insects.
  •   Improves soil condition: uses manure/compost rather than pesticides which may damage soil.
  •   Helps to preserve natural habitats and local wildlife.
  •   Keeps water clean: stops the polluted runoff that goes into water from farms using with harmful pesticides, fertilizers and toxic animal waste.
  •   Help in fight against global warming: most organically produced food is distributed locally so less energy/carbon dioxide emissions are used in the transportation.

Looking at all the benefits, it’s easy to understand why people may be throwing out their artificial food and beauty products in exchange for organic ones. If you’re looking to make the switch, our website is the perfect place to start with everything from organic soap to organic coconut oil to organic green tea. Not sure where to begin? No worries, here are the organic versions of some of the staples of your diet that you can buy right now!

Organic India Quinoa


Organic Indian Quinoa


Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt

Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt

Organic Tattva Organic Brown Sugar

Organic Tattva Brown Sugar


Organic Tattva Organic Ragi Flour

Organic Tattva Ragi Flour

Organic Tattva Organic Arhar (Tur) Dal

Organic Tattva Arhar (Tur) Dal


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How to participate in the ‘My Message For Mom’ Contest?

With just a little over a week left for Mother’s Day, we’re all searching for the perfect gift for our mom.  Natural Mantra offers a variety of non-toxic, high quality gifting options for mom, from bath & body products to home decor, green cleaning, delicious natural and organic food products and a lot more.

Moms make our lives SO special, standing beside us every step or the way.  This time we want to make Mother’s Day truly special for every mom we know. To make this possible, we’re providing a platform for everyone to share a message for their moms (or a mom from your friend’s circle).  Loving the thought already? Read on to know how you can participate.

This contest is open to our Facebook fans onlyTo participate you must “Like” the page first. Follow these 3 easy steps to enter the contest.

Step 1: Visit the ‘Mother’s Day Special‘ page on

Click the “Gifts” Menu and select “MothersDay” to go to the page from where you can select the product of your choice.

Please note: For the purpose of this contest, only products on the Mother’s Day page will qualify as gifts that can be shared. The price of the product cannot exceed Rs. 500.  Please refer to the rules for participation

Step 2:  As you hover on the “Share this product” button a menu will pop up. Select “Facebook”  and you are ready to share on your profile.

For the entry to be valid you must share from the product page on your own wall, and TAG our page — “@NaturalMantra

Step 3:  TAG us so we can find you.  This is crucial. Add a message and click ‘Share link’. That’s it!

Our team will go through the nominations and select 2 winners basis the most creative entry we received.

A Handy Tip :

Share more and boost your chances: This contest is about the celebration of Motherhood.  Reach out to all the moms you know… maybe a friend, your sister, a neighbour, a co-worker, or someone who is a Mom-to-Be? Go ahead nominate them right away.  Select a gift and take this chance to tell them how special they are.  Go ahead and tag them. The more you share the more you increase your chances to win.  More importantly you’re taking the step to make their day special instantly.

For the fine print.  Please click to read the rules & regulations. Contest ends May 8th, 2012 midnight. This contest is open to the residents of India, who are registered fans of Natural Mantra on Facebook.

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