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5 Useful Home Décor Solutions for Earth Day, 2016


This Friday, instead of finding your way to the club or running home early from office, it is the the day to celebrate Earth Day which falls on April 22nd every year. The event that began way back in 1970, now has more than 1 billion people from more than 193 countries observing this day, making it the largest civic observance in the world!

This Day which initially began as an event, now has commemorated as an annual celebration co-ordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. And this year, the landmark, Paris Agreement is scheduled to be signed by the United States, China and more 120 countries. This signing satisfies a key requirement for the entry into force of the historic draft climate protection treaty adopted by consensus of the 195 nations present at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris.

Do you not want to do your bit in contributing to the globally recognised Earth Day?

Do not restrict the celebration to putting the lights out in your household for an hour in a day. Instead,

We have a list of things that you could do to contribute to celebrating Earth Day, once, twice or more in the 365 days. And, we will tell you how!


1. Climate Change is For Real!

While everyone is concerned with the summers becoming hotter and winters becoming cooler in different parts of the world, little realising is that we are the ones responsible for it, too. And therefore, it has now become necessary to promote planting trees and protesting against deforestation on a remarkable scale. Most of the countries are also encouraging gardening as a vocational pattern, in order to balance out the ecological system. While, planting trees might require the support of a tree plantation drive, we can develop a garden right in our backyards and balconies with the right kind of knowledge and organic solutions for garden problems.

2. Switch Off!

Most of us fail to understand that we are responsible, for the “often” power failures and the electricity shortage. It is necessary to ensure that there is no wastage of electricity which can be done by- Switching off the unwanted appliances and using less power consumption utilities instead of doing it only for one hour in 365 days.


Also, while we switch off the electricity to observe the “Earth Hour”, it is equally essential to switch off the inverter in a way that there is absolutely “nil” power consumption from your household and instead make use of natural candles, which include vegetable wax rather than the scented and other extravagant variations that are not even eco-friendly.

3. Organic Products for a Natural World!

As the consumption of artificial products are increasing day by day, it is leading to a wastage of our essential and other energy sources. For instance, we might make use of a washing machine to save water but it is also necessary that we also employ eco-friendly laundry products that contain natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and rock salt that work in a supplementary manner.

4. Nature for a company?


Well, most of us in our busy routines have forgotten the importance of nature around us. We hardly take a look at the surroundings while walking on the streets or while taking our dog out for a stroll in the garden. Have you ever taken a solo trip to be in the company of the nature? It’s a beautiful feeling because the greens respond to each and every conversation in some way or the other. So every day, make it a point to get up and say hello! to your garden and give them some water. It could be great if you could go backpacking amongst the naturals, once in a while!

5. Indulge in Organic Dishwashing

Whether you hand wash dishes or use a dishwasher, the soap, detergent or rinse you use to get them clean will go straight down the drain and into our waterways and environment. Cleaning your dishes with products free of hazardous chlorine bleach, ammonia, and phosphates is a must for your health and for the planet. The organic dishwash powder contains natural ingredients such as organicsoapberries, neem leaves and lemongrass essential oil. It is highly recommended for cleaning baby’s feeding bootles and cutlery.

Tip of the Day

Going Tech for Earth Day!

If you thought these traditional methods were the only way to contribute to our planet, well this year The App Store along with WWF has teamed up with a set of developers to bring out Apps for the Earth, which are in turn fundraising for different earth-related causes like conservation and preventing global warming and much more.


So what is going to be your pick from the above to help contribute to the planet?
Whatever it is, make sure, you go all-organic because that is the best and the foremost method that you can help save the Mother Earth in your little way!

Buy Gorgeous Green Home Décor Items for Earth Day at

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Haven’t you joined the Organic Revolution yet?

…and you think you are environment-friendly?

Graphic gree

#Organic Revolution Graphic

Granted, you are devoted to organic and natural living. You have an environment-friendly lifestyle. And your living, breathing, eating habits are ecologically supportive. You frequent Farmers’ Markets. That is why you are a part of our community. It’s a pleasure interacting with you.

But, is it enough to play safe only for yourself and your loved ones? You might be harming the environment by omitting to help protect others too. You have a duty to warn others of the dangers that pollution poses to our world. For starters, look at the effects of farming on the ecology. It is a well-known fact that:

Conventional farming uses chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that pollute the soil and the ground water.

  • It uses up a tremendous amount of water for growing
  • Toxic pesticide residues found on fruit and vegetable skins find their way into your food
  • Human sewage, tainted with harmful shampoo chemicals, is used as a fertilizer in farms. It contains hormone-disrupting chemicals, leading to multiple diseases.
  • Pesticides interfere with your vitamin D levels, leaving your immune system weak, and exposing you to infections.

On the other hand, Organic Farming is safe for the environment because –

#OrganicFarmAn #OrganicFarm

  • No chemical pesticides are used
  • It produces far less CO2 emissions
  • It uses far less waterfor eg: Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods
  • Pesticide or herbicide residues are not entered accidentally into the environment – reducing ground-water pollution, prevents soil-erosion and promotes bio-diversity
  • Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides or herbicides.
#Organic vegetables

Organic Produce

Become an advocate of organic living.  Spread the good word. Share this blog with loved ones, with friends. Every voice counts!

Organic stamp

#100% Organic


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Why is Organic clothing the fashion rage the world over?! India, as the original fashion capital of the world (remember, mere mortals from the world over braved the high seas to reach India for her silks and cottons!!!) – leads in contemporary Organic Fashion – Clothing & Accessories, for men & women!!!

What is Organic Clothing? 

Organic clothing is made of all-natural, non-synthetic materials and is a part of the organic agriculture movement. This emphasizes farming and processing that work with nature and help minimize air, soil and water pollution. Organic clothing materials come from plants that have not been radiated, genetically modified or treated with synthetic or chemical pesticides.  Organic fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, Bamboo and hemp meet regulations set by Organic Trade Associations. 

 What is SAFE about Organic Clothing?

To understand this, we need to understand the Dangers of Non-organic Clothing. These are often the source of contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction. The dyes, resins and formaldehyde used in processing fabrics could cause reactions. Synthetic fibers and wool can act as irritants.

The World Health Organization estimates that pesticides poison at least 3 million people every year . Over half of the pesticides used in cotton cultivation as likely to cause cancer in humans . Many pesticides have been shown to cause a range of other health concerns in humans, like:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Neurological Disorders
  • and Birth Defects.

Children exposed to methyl parathion, an insecticide, are observed to suffer memory loss and emotional swings.

 What is GREEN about Organic Clothing?

It is Fashion with Responsibility! Clothing and fabrics made using entirely non-chemical means of production – including chemical fertilizers and pesticides is a sustainable means of living in co-existence with Nature. Organic agricultural methods are totally sustainable, helping reduce the Carbon Footprint. Plus, Organic farming also uses 50 percent less energy than conventional farming .

organic clothing

Benefits of Organic Clothing

  • The environmental benefits of organic clothing stem from the fact that growers produce cotton without synthetic fertilizers or toxic herbicides and pesticides, from non-genetically engineered seed.
  • Authentic organic fabrics and clothing can help the environment in a number of ways:
  • No chemical pesticides are used
  • Organic cotton farming produces far less CO2 emissions – Organic farming takes 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per acre per year, taken out of the atmosphere
  • Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods
  • Pesticide or herbicide residues are not released accidentally into the environment
  • Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides or herbicides
  • When the fabric is discarded, pesticides and herbicides are not returned to the earth in landfill, or enter into the recycling process.

An easy way to stock up on fine yoga clothes and casual organic clothing is to check out the comprehensive range here at Natural Mantra. Take a look at the showcase!!!

A range of yoga clothes and tops & bottoms for men, as well as for women, plus accessories and bags.

Think Organic, wear Organic. Today!




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Home – Blessed by nature. Nurtured by you.


A sound mind resides in a sound body. A sound body, in a sound home. You may find yourself asking what a sound home looks or feels like. Well, the truth is that there’s no definite answer to it actually depends on what you make of your home. Each home has to its credit, a different and unique vibe and it’s upon the resident to bring it alive. Given our hectic schedules and other engagements or commitments that leave little time in our hands to nurture our habitat, it is important that we recognize at first how we could gradually start infusing a healthy life into it and in turn enhance our own living experience.

What might perhaps not come as a surprise to many is that the most enriching moments spent at home, alone or in company of others, do not require elaborate arrangements. It is those simple, earthly and feel good moments of consciousness from time to time when everything positive about the ambience makes it conducive to have a wholesome, relaxing and calming time. That’s what a home is for after all, right?

Take for instance, lighting. Traditional fluorescent lighting and CFLs make up most of the lighting requirements in an average household today. True. But, it doesn’t have to be so all the time. Especially, when the air around is replete with festive frenzy. And lest we forget, candles and diyas are always a draw for the discerning homemaker. Most people at this time of the year are probably looking for new and affordable ways to light up their homes. Natural Mantra recognizes these needs and has decked up its inventory with a healthy and organic range of lighting options. For e.g. the Soulflower Reed Diffuser and the Passion Indulge Traditional candle diffusers pack the double advantage of controlled diffused lighting from the candle and fill the air with heady natural aroma that’s long lasting and invigorating. Aroma ceramic diffusers are made up of natural Thai clay which has a predisposed intrinsic property of being a high heat retaining agent, making it immune to discoloration and any absorption of aromas emitted by the essential oils thereafter. In our opinion, there’s no better way to say NO to paraffin wax and switch over to natural.  Should you wish to know more, you could do so at:

It is often this small change in attitude and choices, in this case, choosing to bring home a candle diffuser made from the elements of nature, rather than one which is made with paraffin wax that marks the beginning of truly dwelling in a healthy home.

In fact let’s talk about other aspects of housing as well.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then shouldn’t cleaning healthy be on a similar pedestal?  But of course. It is in fact the onus of the one tending to garments to ensure that they are treated in a natural way, and subjected to minimal abrasion. Regular chlorine-equipped detergents, for e.g. take the life out of fabrics and significantly reduce their life span, resulting in a gradual loss of vibrancy and softness. For the  purpose of delivering you free from the worries of your clothes’ restricted life span, go for organic, chlorine-free and biodegradable Rustic Art Chlorine-free laundry detergent for regular clothes. One of the benefits of using such natural alternatives for detergents is that the rinsed water after the cleaning process can be used to water plants and act as a healthy and enriching soil fertilizer. And when this bio laundry range of single processed detergents is fused with lemon extracts, one can rest assured that what they wear is not just healthy, but it’s fresh and smells fabulously natural too.

Besides lighting and laundering products, there are plenty of other household items that could really use some tender natural care too. Case in point, those expensive bronze utensils that you had cherished for ages which have also probably been handed down through generations.

Nature often works in ways that tarnishes these utensils over regular use or if they’re left unused for a while. During such times wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a product that can not only clean them effectively but also restore their shine and luster? We recommend you try out the Omved Bronze Cleaning Powder from Natural Mantra to remarkably get back the glory of true princely dining experience.


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Wah Chai! Why is Tea such a good morning beverage!


The incredible goodness of your morning cuppa tea!

You love your hot morning cup of tea don’t you? It picks you up, wakes you to possibilities of a brand new day and is really good for your health as well. Do you know, Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water and for a lot of people it’s a way of life.

Drinking three to four cups of tea is recommended and can be great for your health. It replaces fluids and contains flavanoids with antioxidant properties. So what can be a healthier tea than organic tea?

Types of Organic Tea and Benefits


Many conventional tea plantations are converting to organic after seeing the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The conventional way is non-sustainable, leads to soil erosion and disease, and the pesticides are a health hazard for the workers who pick the leaves. The naturally-grown tea is said to provide a fuller and richer taste, which is healthier for consumption.

What is tea?

Tea is the dried and processed leaves of a species of plant called Camellia sinensis. The infusion of these leaves in hot water is what makes up tea. There are four main types of tea – White, Green, Oolong and Black.

The difference between these teas is in the harvesting and the drying process. The darker the tea, the more processing it has undergone – this strips away some of the beneficial nutrients.

White Tea is the rarest type of tea, made from the young leaves that are picked before the buds have fully opened. White tea undergoes minimal processing, keeping it close to it’s natural state.

Green Tea. The health benefits associated with green tea has made it a very popular drink worldwide. This milder type of tea is made from only the leaf bud and the top two leaves. The leaves are simply withered and then roasted or dried.

Oolong Tea is a traditional Chinese type of tea, somewhere in between green and black in oxidation.

Black Tea is the most popular variety of tea. The leaves undergo a complex fermentation process which reduces its antioxidant content, is generally stronger in flavour and contains more caffeine.

 The Benefits of Tea

Medical research is finding the healing benefits of tea. It is suggested that it may help to prevent everything from tooth cavities to Parkinson’s disease. Tea also contains antioxidants and trace amounts of various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium and the vitamins A, C, E and K. In general, consumption of tea may prevent or improve conditions such as arthritis, bone density, heart disease and cataracts.

 Organic tea has various benefits:

White Tea builds up the immune system in the fight against viral and bacterial infections and helps prevent tooth decay, and helps to fight and kill cancer cells.

Green Tea has a positive effect on almost every organ in the human body; the antioxidants help to prevent toxins that build up from unnecessary oxygen, helps prevent cancer by blocking compounds with polyphenols, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, and increases HDL (good cholesterol), among many other healing properties.

Oolong Tea has anti-oxidant properties and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and Black Tea relaxes and expands arteries, decreasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

What are Herbal Teas?

Herbal teas are not actually teas. They are referred to as infusions or tisanes, and are a simple and effective way of extracting the goodness and flavour from the aerial parts of herbs. Tisanes can be made with fresh or dried leaves, soft stems, flowers, seeds or roots.

Often herbal teas are consumed for their physical or medicinal effects, especially as a stimulant, relaxant or sedative. They may also contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

There are some precautions to be observed when enjoying herbal teas:

Avoid all strong herbal teas during the first three months of pregnancy.

Do not exceed the recommended measures of ingredients or frequency of drinking.

It is recommended that before you consume any amount of herbal tea you do a “taste test” to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to a particular herbal tea.

Some popular herbal teas are Chamomile, Ginger, Peppermint, Rooibos  and Echinacea. They all have proven good effects on health, well-being and healing.  

So, when next you feel like pick-me-up, remember the benefits of pouring yourself a good “cuppa” tea! Enjoy the aroma and the goodness!


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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5 easy steps to Go Green

To all our eco-conscious customers, here are some tips to live a green life in 5 quick & easy steps

1. Give an eco-friendly gift with a personalised note to a friend. Unexpectedly. And nope, it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

You can make a sturdy paper bag at home. Here’s a step-by-step video guide.

Or, here is another idea, albeit a little more complex: you can stitch a cloth bag/tote from an old garment and pass it on as a vegetable shopping bag or a toteA video to help you out.

2. After you eat fruits, don’t throw the seeds into the garbage bin. Throw the seeds where you know a fruit tree will thrive. Throw the peel at the base of a new plant in your housing complex garden. It will decompose and turn into fertilizer for the growing plant.

3. If you are into home-gardening, or have potted plants in your balcony, you can save water and get easy access to fertilizers in the following manner:

 You can use remnants of organic and natural laundry as also the discarded water with the dirt and bio-suds to water the plants! 🙂

4. If you have free time at work, search for stories that inspire us to live green and be ecologically conscious. Share them with friends and co-workers. Here are two stories and a few titbits I found to talk about over an office lunch.

5. Celebrate! Call friends over for dinner or brunch during this long week-end that’s coming up. Cook a meal from organic ingredients and locally grown organic produce. NaturalMantra’s guest blogger and an expert chef Megha from i2cook, has contributed a variety easy organic and natural ingredient based recipes.

If you have any more ideas that you think I ought to incorporate into this list, do write to me at or submit them on our Facebook page.

In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.
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Eat food, not poison!


For your body you best Decide

When you say bye-bye to Pesticide


If we ask you what is the most common ingredient that you serve in food, you will say things like – salt, oil, seasoning, spices, water, etc. But unfortunately, you are wrong! With every recipe you make and every meal you serve, the element most commonly present is – Pesticides!

In one of our earlier blogs, we had discussed the use of pesticides for getting better crops. In this blog, we will discuss what the alternatives are, and how you can protect yourself from this health hazard.

Pesticides is a generic umbrella under which we will also talk about chemicals used for preservation, antibiotics in meat, PFAs, sulphates, etc. Present day techniques of growing food use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and genetically modified seeds to maximize the crop yield. Eating food grown with the help of these methods greatly increases your risk of getting indigestion, food allergies and diseases like asthma, migraine, auto immune diseases, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Now no matter how much they say that these crops are sprayed with fertilizers and chemicals that are under the advised limit that makes it safe for human consumption, we have to remember that these harmful chemicals are entering our body not through one but various sources. When all the pesticides sprayed on them are combined together, the picture becomes a lot more scarier then what is painted before us.

 Here is some more information that will help you take the first step towards the right solution:

  • Pesticides: If the pesticides are strong enough to kill the bacteria and insects on the crop, they are capable of causing you serious health issues too. Have you ever considered putting a dash of insect killer while making salad to make it safe for consumption? If no, then how can you tolerate volumes of chemicals and pesticides on the food you eat every day?!
  • Irradiated foods can cause you cancer.
  • Heating up food in a microwave on a regular basis is shown to have resulted in colon cancer, malnutrition and obesity.
  • Too much of canned food with closer expiry dates can cause metal poisoning.
  • The cola that you so enjoy is sometimes used as a pesticide too. Can you believe that?

Well, this list can go on some more, but we assume that you have taken the hint and will try to avoid all this as much as possible. Now that we have identified the culprits, let’s look at how we can bring them down.

One of the most obvious and simple solutions is to choose organic food. Organic food is grown using natural fertilizers like cow dung, leaves or compost, and using crop rotation to enrich the soil, without pesticides or using natural pesticides like neem oil. It has no adverse effects on our body, yet it gets rid of the pests that could harm the crops. Since they come without the taste of chemicals, the intrinsic flavor of the food is much more enhanced in such crops. Also, what looks good to the eye could be harmful for the body because a perfect looking vegetable, grain or fruit, may be the result of too much pesticide being used during its growth, transportation and storage.

Next, all fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed in running water before eating or cooking. Raw vegetables and fruit can cause parasitic infections if not properly washed. Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe disinfectant which destroys bacteria and viruses with great efficacy and does not leave any toxic residues or bad taste. Potatoes, carrots and other vegetables grown under the ground can be scrubbed clean with a brush. Cut away any damaged, over-ripe or bruised areas in fruits and vegetables as bacteria thrive in such places.

Vegetables, fruits and grain which are eaten without removing the skin, should first be washed in a solution containing a tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a litre of water. Vinegar can remove some pesticides present on the surface of fruits and vegetables. It does not however remove the pesticides inside fruit and vegetables. Apples and table grapes are two fruits which are often dipped in pesticide after harvesting to preserve them. Such fruit are best eaten organic or at least should be peeled before eating.

The harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals are not restricted to our bodies. Pesticides persist in the soil too for many years. Some commonly used pesticides are DDT, lindane, aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, chlordane, heptachlor, mirex, toxaphene, hexa chlorobenzene, poly chlorinated biphenyles, dioxins and furanes.

These pesticides poison the soil and water for many years and enter our food chain through fruits, vegetables and grains as well as through meats and fish. These pesticides have a half life of between 40-150 years and hence will persist to even poison our great grand children. This is why most of the world’s population have pesticide levels in their bodies which are 20-1000 times more than what the World Health Organization considers to be safe. As a result the incidence of cancer, allergies and auto immune diseases has sky-rocketed worldwide.

People diagnosed with cancer are strongly advised to switch to organic foods. Some pesticides are similar to estrogens and mimic their effects on the body causing breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Detoxification of the body to remove the pesticides can allow the body to heal and destroy the tumour.

The purpose of eating food is to give our body nourishment. But when you are consuming a small dose of poison, which will not show any ill-effect on your body right now, no amount of so-called health food will do any good. Think about what you are eating today so that you don’t have to suffer for it tomorrow.