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Your lifestyle can help lighten your skin!

Did you know that a variety of lifestyle changes can make your skin dull, lifeless and even darker? While no amount of skin whitening treatment will be able to give you lighter skin than you were born with, unhealthy habits will darken your skin further. While there are several debates about the best fairness cream and how they actually work, natural treatments work the best. And, apart from packs and ingredients that can lighten your skin, lifestyle changes play a big role too! Here are a few skin whitening tips that you can use to restore your skin to its natural, light shade.

Clear face

Keep yourself protected!

The weather outside can be really harsh on your skin, whether it’s darkening it or damaging it. Wear a hat when you’re outdoors to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and remember to use sunscreen every day, even when it’s not sunny outside.

Get a little activity

Exercise makes you sweat, which removes the toxins clogging your pores. It also helps to tighten and tone your skin, which makes it glow and boosts oxygen and blood flow. When all this is combined, your skin looks healthier and naturally fairer than if you’re inactive. Remember that yoga works better than any skin whitening treatment, since the controlled breathing and de-stressing abilities help lighten your skin.

yoga + waterHydrate yourself

Sometimes, it’s not the colour of the skin that makes it appear darker, but the quality! If your skin is dehydrated, it will look dull and sallow. To bring the colour back into your skin, you don’t have to pick a fairness cream or skin whitening soap. All you need to do is drink enough water! Your skin will be refreshed, glowing and fairer in no time.

Eat correctly

Did you know that carotenoid-rich food can actually help you get a tan? The properties in the food give your skin a warmer glow. To get a lighter, fairer tone, foods like potato and lemon are perfect – whether you’re consuming them or applying them on your face as a pack. Remember that a balanced diet is your best bet though!

shutterstock_144889729Maintain a good routine

Remember that a bad skin routine will also change the colour of your skin. Make sure that you wash your face at least three times a day, and indulge in a little exfoliation a few times a week. Exfoliation is a process that helps to lighten your skin because it scrubs away dead skin cells. Remember not to chaff yourself though!


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Organic Soaps v/s High Street Soaps!

Our skins come into contact with soap every single day. It’s one of the bare essentials to clean living and it’s important that the soap we use is good to our skin. There are some chemicals that are used in commercially available soaps that can actually be quite harmful, causing skin to feel dry and stripping away the natural oils present. Commercially available soaps can contain chemicals such as paragons and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), which started is used as an industrial degreasant and garage floor cleaner. When applied to human skin, it has the effect of stripping off the oil layer and irritating and eroding the skin, leaving skin feeling coarse and stretched. Of course there are healthy and natural alternatives, such as handmade, natural soaps, which are great for the skin and use all natural ingredients like natural essential oils as compared to the commercial High Street Soaps which use more chemicals.


OrganicSoapsThese natural soaps offer a healthier alternative and are made using a blend of organic vegetable oils. These oils can include, but aren’t limited to: avocado (rich in vitamins and proteins), coconut (prevents dryness of skin and flaking) and olive oil (provides a great moisturizing effect). Of course, these soaps can be made from a range of natural ingredients and the sellers are always happy to give in-depth information about the beneficial aspects of each of these organic ingredients.

A lot of organic soaps are made by small business owners and are homemade using a process called cold press. The cold press process means that the oils used in the organic soaps are never heated above a 100 degrees centigrade which in turn means that all the natural goodness contained isn’t degraded due to overheating. Other products that can be cold pressed are coffee and oils that are used in cooking, all of which result in a better product overall. Using the cold press process lessens the impact on the environment, making it very sustainable for the planet we all inhabit, because there’s less energy used in making the organic soaps. Also, since the organic soaps are made by local businesses, the carbon footprint is considerably less than mass-produced soaps and you’re also supporting local, ethical businesses that are sustainable to the environment.

Organic soaps come in many different scents, aromas and compositions because of the variety of ingredients that can be used. Some can focus mainly on exfoliating, some for moisturizing, while others are made specifically to use instead of shaving cream. Because of the variety of natural ingredients used, the organic soaps also help alleviate the annoyance of skin conditions like razor rash that are caused by shaving soaps.

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Have you Broken Up with your Make Up yet?

ImageDear lover of healthy, happy skin!

You must have realized by now that the chemicals used in cosmetics are damaging your skin and body.  Do get over your past relationship with harmful cosmetics immediately. And don’t delay, now is the time. Act now!

Recent studies have shown that chemical usage in cosmetics is increasing every day! And to make matters worse, cosmetics manufacturers don’t disclose the chemical ingredients of their products, citing trademark confidentiality!

These companies keep you in the dark and they apparently are very ‘shy’ to disclose their secret ingredients. Let us expose the truth, the secret ingredient is chemical X and here, X = limitless harmful chemicals! So it does not really matter what chemicals are used in your make up products, they are all harmful to your skin. But there is a safe, natural way to healthy, glowing skin.

In India, women have traditionally used many age-old natural products for skin and beauty care:

  1. Coconut Oil: You must’ve heard of those expensive anti-ageing products, but do you know that common coconut oil has great age defying properties?! It penetrates through the skin, prevents wrinkles and is also full of anti-bacterial elements!
  2. Lemon and milk: Conditioners are meant to make your hair smooth, soft and shiny, but do you know that the toxic ingredients in conditioners can damage your hair and result in breakage! The natural alternative for a conditioner is the combination of lemon and milk which keeps your hair silky and nourishes your scalp to make for a healthier head of hair.
  3. Turmeric and curd: There’s no chemical available which can cleanse your skin better than turmeric and curd paste. The curd washes away all the dirt in your skin and turmeric gives a glowing effect to it.
  4. Fruit facial: Fruits such as papaya and banana are great for your skin! Applying papaya on your face makes your skin clear, while banana paste can cure sun burn pretty effectively!

Natural Mantra products incorporate organic & natural materials in a wide range of very effective natural and organic alternatives to cosmetics. You can click here to browse through them on our website, and take your pick.

Before we sign off, all we would like to say is that it’s never too late to rectify the damage that has been done to your skin already. Go natural and stay that way forever!

Do tell us if you found the information above interesting and useful!

Best wishes.
Team Natural Mantra


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Break up with Make up this summer…

Dear lover of glowing, healthy skin!

Summer is that torrid time of year when a lot of things happen! Summer romances and midsummer nights’ dreams, intense heat and cool shade.

In all these vagaries of Mother Nature, your skin does take a real beating! Healthy, glowing skin is of course priority No.1 for health and beauty-conscious women like you.

And when you are aware of the need for an organic and natural way of living to lead a life of holistic wellness…we are sure you will appreciate the importance of certain basic steps you could take to enhance the inner beauty of your body and skin. There are some most surprising bad skin habits you need to break up with to achieve this goal.

Some women use up to 12 cosmetic products per day, exposing themselves to about 175 different chemicals! Do you know that if you tug at your face to put on eyeliner, that could cause premature wrinkles? So whatever one does, one should be within limits…for example, a common mistake is makeup overload! Leaving the house without makeup may make you feel like you’re walking around naked for a few minutes, but after awhile it’s kind of refreshing! Allowing your skin to breathe will help prevent clogged pores and breakouts while avoiding premature aging.

So, if you really believe in natural beauty and health, take a walk on the wild side – ditch your makeup, break up with it, especially the artificial variety that gets applied like a pancake on your face. Anything you put on your face other than sunscreen and moisturizer can’t be that great for your skin.

Do you know that makeup creates mayhem on your rapidly ageing skin? In fact, falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections, clogged pores which can cause acne (and morning pimples!), and residue that can stay on your pillow and cause you to get sick.

Make sure you always wash your face at night and in the morning too, to remove all the oil & dirt and unclog your pores and thus prevent acne. Keep your skin moist with natural moisturizers, for without that moisture you are more prone to wrinkles and dryness, especially in the summer.

The big hype now is that mineral make ups are natural. But all you are doing is clogging the skin with them, creating more black heads, and compromising your natural beauty… why would you need to cover a flaw, blemish, etc. when you can prevent them by cleansing your skin with soap and water, and rehydrating the skin with something that balances out your type of skin.

There are other basic ways of keeping healthy and glowing –

We know breaking up is hard to do, but keep in mind when you intake excess sugar it hurts the collagen nestled in your skin leaving you with sag. Fight your sweet tooth with organic fruits like pineapple or mango.

If you love air-conditioning, especially during the summer months, this tip will probably catch you off guard. Instead of cranking up the cool air, turn your air conditioner down, giving your skin extra moisture. If your cooling unit is always blaring, you’re stripping the air of humidity and moisture your skin needs.
Soft skin is a sign of youthfulness so of course we all want soft smooth skin. Moisturizing morning and night is recommended to maintain the health of your skin. If you are over say 25 you should use two different moisturizers, one at night and one for during the day. Why? Because we want to give our face all the kisses of goodness it needs in the evening but also need to protect it during the day.

During the day an organic sunscreen is an absolutely must. If you are not doing that you might as well do nothing because your poor skin will look old long before it should if you are not protecting it from the sun.

Ex-foliating is the perfect way to keep your skin youthful and healthy by getting rid of all those dead skin cells to expose the beautiful healthy skin that is just below that mask of grease and make up.

Just check out this link to find what special summer offers Natural Mantra has for you to take care of your skin! If you have any questions about skin care or the best choices for you, please feel free to comment below and we shall answer your questions.

And to put on a thinking cap, do remember that the best way to avoid stress, is to take time to do something you enjoy like yoga, read a book, cook or take a walk.

Till next week then!


In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.

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Exfoliation tips that get you baby soft skin

Did you know that exfoliating your skin regularly is the right way to ensure baby soft skin?

Exfoliating your skin regularly can help you remove the dead layers of your skin. It cleans up your body and after you have exfoliated your skin, you need to ensure that you have applied a good quality moisturiser.

Here are some tips on how you should exfoliate: Natural Face Care,Tvam,TVAM Face Scrub Body Polisher - Almond & Honey
  1. Whenever you use a scrub to exfoliate, ensure that your body is wet. The scrubs spreads well in a wet body.  You can use a scrub even in the shower.
  2. Do not mix facial scrubs with body scrubs. Body scrubs are harsher and can damage the sensitive skin of your face. And the facial scrubs are milder so they may not really exfoliate your body well!
  3. While using a body scrub, take a generous amount and dab it on to your body. Use circular motions to exfoliate the dead skin. And once you are done with scrubbing, leave it on for at least 2-3 minutes.
  4. Elbows, knees , heels need that extra attention, so scrub a little more on those parts. If you have cracked heels, use a mild baby shampoo along with the scrub. Use a foot cleaner tool and massage your heels with it. Apply a nourishing body oil on your heels post the bath.
  5. Rinse off the scrub completely. You can follow the exfoliation regime at least twice a week for a softer skin.
  6. On the days that you do not use the scrub, you can invest in a good soap that has a mild scrub. The soap and scrub will clean the dirt and the grime really well.
Natural & Organic Skin Care,Auravedic,Auravedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish with Sandal TurmericUsing the right exfoliator
  1. Use gentle and natural scrubs that will not be very harsh on your skin. As I mentioned earlier have separate exfoliators for your body and face. You can buy some good natural and organic scrubs here.
  2. You can also try body polishes as well as face polishes. I have tried the Auravedic Sandal and Turmeric Skin polish that works wonders for any type of skin. You feel really refreshed post its use.
  3. Do follow it up with a good quality moisturiser that will keep your skin soft all through. Remember not to go overboard with the moisturiser because it is summer now! Too much of moisturiser may just make you sweaty! Natural Bath Salts,Omved,Omved Rosewood & Geranium Bath Salts
  4. Clean your feet : Excessive sweating can cause your feet to smell, so use a good quality foot soak that will not only ensure that you do not have smelly feet, but also relax those tired feet at the end of a hectic day.
  5. Don’t miss the lips! Use a mild scrub to exfoliate your lips regularly. If you can’t find a lip scrub, you can try this DIY scrub which is very easy to make.The Sugar and Cinnamon Lip Scrub. This is something that I tried out when I saw a cinnamon and sugar lip scrub in the market.  Take half a teaspoon of very fine sugar and one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix this with a teaspoon of olive oil. Scrub your lips with this to exfoliate them. Wipe it off with a tissue paper or with warm water. Your lips will feel moisturized.

About the author: My name is Pratibha and I am guest blogger with Natural Mantra. I have made a conscious move towards everything organic and natural. And I like to review products that fall under that category, mostly beauty products. I also share some DIY recipes that are absolutely simple and easy to make. Why make things at home?  That is because my days are crammed with working from home, managing the daily chores and two hyper active twin boys vying for my attention all the time.  I’d be lucky if I could save my sole lipstick from the ever inquisitive kid of mine who is keen to know how the lipstick fits in the case!!

I’ll be popping by time-to-time to share my two cents with you! You can also follow my blog here.
In our fast paced lives, a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a struggle, but it sometimes is. Our online e-commerce provides the largest selection of  natural, organic and eco-friendly products in India making it accessible and affordable to all. At you can choose from a wide selection of safe, healthy non-toxic products, all at one place delivered to your door! Not every product makes it to but the ones who do make it through our selection criteria.
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