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Get a Shade lighter under the shade of Nature!


There are desires and there are obsessions, separated only by a thin film of cultural fads. And more often than once, when it comes to skin lightening creams, the risks far outweigh the benefits, not to mention the exploits of certified dermatologists who, backed by their techniques are pretty much able to sell ‘clinically-proven’ skin lightening agents that promise a radical change in improving the user’s skin tone and complexion.

According to a study conducted by Business Analytic Center and published by Market Publishers Ltd., the worldwide skin whitening products market is forecast to exceed USD 19.79 billion by 2018, spurred by demand from APAC, middle east and Africa; APAC being the dominant region. Although, from a marketer’s point of view these statistics are encouraging, they do not account for the visceral damages that the users of such products suffer.  It is important to consider at this stage that there’s a rapidly growing segment of users who are turning to a more natural and organic way of bringing about a change.

Let’s face it. Consumers today are empowered with the internet and it would be foolish to assume that they would be willing to shell out hard cash for any skin whitening product that’s out there in the market. India has in recent times seen a range of organic and natural products flooding the market. It is hence imperative to have a thorough knowledge of how and why they’re received well by many of these discerning customers.

How to choose a skin lightening product

Primarily, when it comes to choosing a skin lightening/whitening product, the following considerations are made:

–          Primary Ingredients

–          Natural/organic vs. Synthetic/Inorganic

–          Side effects

–          Testing

–          Skin types and Tones

–          Manufacturer

–          Pricing

Consider this; it’s often the ingredients that go into the making of the cream that steals the show.  There have been enough surveys and research conducted to determine exactly which ingredients tend to pose harm and which ones are practically safe and side-effect free. For e.g. Hydroquinone is extensively used in skin bleaching creams. And any more than 2% of the composition could be potentially harmful for the skin. There have been known instances when chemical-based creams have caused allergic reactions on the skin, which is why it is highly suggested that one steers clear of bleaching creams.

On the contrary, ingredients that constitute organic or natural creams are usually herbs, plant extracts, and essential oils, etc. which are virtually side-effect free and quite arguably, lead to skin lightening over a period of repeat usage. For instance:

1)      Nutgrass root, Natural Vitamin E – help lighten/brighten skin, fade age spots and freckles, and tones the facial skin

2)      Organic lemon extracts, Japanese Mandarin, Licorice and Mulberry – are rich in anti-oxidants which help the skin to fight signs of aging and over time, reduce dark spots effectively and give a visibly brighter skin and an improved skin tone.

Do understand that most of these natural remedies take time to show results, but the fact that they’re so effective in the long run, makes it worth the wait.

3)       Kojic Acid – Although considered to be a natural alternative to hydroquinone and inhibits the production of the skin-darkening pigment, melanin.

4)      Carrot Oil – reduces pigment formation by blocking tyrosinase receptors on the melanocyte. This prevents the formation of melanin and keeps skin darkening under check.

5)      Bearberry Extract – an extract from the same plant, Arbutin (as it is otherwise known) also helps in controlling the formation of tyrosinase and eventually lighten the skin.

You can browse through the product catalog and search for skin lightening products at and read up further on each of them.

All these ingredients coupled with a whole lot more usually go into manufacturing skin lightening/whitening products. An understanding of these ingredients and their benefits would help one to make a better choice.

The best part about creams made with natural and organic ingredients is that they are virtually side-effect free with desired effects visible within a few weeks of usage.

Another important factor that many would consider paramount is most skincare products, including skin lightening/whitening creams are subject to testing prior to their official launch. Many manufacturers still use live animals for product testing which is a cause of discomfort for some. If you’re ever going to buy a product, do bear this injustice fact in mind.

In India, only a handful of players have the expertise to manufacture and provide organic and natural products; the operations of which are ethically and honestly carried out, and we rank right at the top of the charts.

In closing, since it has already been established that the best and perhaps the safest option is to opt for organic lightening crèmes (link above), it is also to a certain extent, within our hands to choose what’s right. After all, feeling bright and beautiful is at the heart of all animals.


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