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The #CleanRevolution of Natural Mantra, courtesy the #SwachhBharat initiative

From the Desk of the CEO


It is with great pride that we invite you to join the Clean Revolution initiative being launched today by Natural Mantra, as part of our #SwachhBharat efforts. Isn’t it true that sometimes, all such a great idea needs is a little catalyst!!!


#NarendraModi and #SwachhBharat

Looking Inwards

It’s been a while since we at Natural Mantra started on our holistic, natural and organic lifestyle movement. It was high time that people who believed in the wholesomeness of pure and natural living got a forum in which to share their ideas and information. Natural Mantra provided this community just such a forum, and even more!

Curating  a Lifestyle

All along, we had focused on providing a wide array of carefully curated organic and natural products. Our team of scouts scored the entire country with a fine tooth-comb and identified authentic, pure and natural products to feature on our e-commerce portal. This is an ongoing process that keeps expanding our categories and refreshing our range of products constantly.

Looking Ahead

On introspection, we realized that looking inward at keeping our Body, Mind & Soul was great and but not enough. In fact, some of our offerings include home cleaning and refreshing products that create a positive energy in and around our homes. It is time to take this Cleanliness Drive outside of our homes. Diwali Cleaning and the Prime Minister’s #SwachhBharat movement to #CleanIndia provided us with the right impetus to launch our own #CleanRevolution! This would include sensitizing on such facts as Dry and Wet Garbage, civic sense, exhorting fellow citizens to not throw rubbish around. Other activities will take on environmental, sound and light pollution, especially at times of festivals.

Join Us

Today we start the movement with a Clean our environment initiative at Marol area of Andheri east, Mumbai. Join us today and in our other activities soon. Keep a tab on our facebook page and twitter at for more activities on this effort.

Our aim is to promote the cause of holistic lifestyle and a clean world, clean home, clean India and a happy life!

Diwali cleaning starts from the country. Let’s Sweep It Clean!

Happy Diwali! 

Anand Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Natural Mantra




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Making #SwachchIndia not just a buzzword, but a busy word!

#CleanIndia, #SwachhIndia, #SwachhBharat – are these just buzzwords or do they mean what they say? It needs a #NarendraModi or a #Gandhiji to remind people of the #NeedForClean! But do you know that #CleanlinessIsNextToGodliness is not just a random thought? It was the Sama Veda that said:

“One, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.”

The wisdom of the ancients had recognized this many centuries back. This has been inculcated into a way of living that encompassed systems in society that lay due emphasis on cleanliness, on ayurveda to avoid pollution, and so on.

Clean Home

#CleanIndia #SwachchBharat

The call for ‘Swachh Bharat,’ given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, is clearly one of the most talked about topics on various websites and social networking platforms worldwide.


#SwachhBharat is a concept whose time has been overdue. Here’s another aphorism – Cleanliness Begins At Home! This is so true! The Raisond’Etre (or reason for being) of our site is our ardent desire to live in harmony with nature, depending as far as possible on natural and organic goods for a holistic, healthy and happy lifestyle.

#SwachchGhar before #SwachchIndia #SwachchBharat

#CleanHome before #CleanIndia

#CleanHome & #CleanIndia

Let us by all means #CleanIndia and make our country a #SawachchIndia. If every home keeps itself and its surroundings clean, if every locality does so by societal action, if every village and town and city and region and State and Country did so…is this not the way – not just to a #SwachchBharat – but to a #SwachchWorld?

Do check out all the ways you can keep your home and surroundings clean and clear of dirt, dust, pests and negative energies with a carefully curated range of Home products from



The Clean India account, created on Social Media  for the day, saw 301000  persons accepting the #SwachchIndia cleanliness drive. How many of them clean up at home?